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The 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) is a personality test with 16 personality traits. The 16PF is used for various kinds of testing, including pre-employment and promotion testing. 

Get Ready for 16PF Questionnaire

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What is the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire?

The 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) is a personality test that was developed over several decades by Dr. Raymond Cattell. He postulated that an individual's personality can be summarized into 16 personality factors. The theory behind this test also corresponds to the Big Five Model.

Understand each Trait of the 16PF Questionnaire Exclusive to JobTestPrep

One of the best ways to pass any test is understanding the material. In order to understand personality traits, we developed questions for each one of the traits. Thus, enabling you to identify the traits in real time in the test and when asked in an interview. Our professional guide explains what will be the optimized range of answers to use for each one of the traits. All in all, by purchasing our personality test and practice material, you get an exclusive and holistic learning experience which puts you on the top list of candidates for the job you applied for. 

General Format of the 16PF (Fifth Edition)

  • Contains 185 multiple-choice items
  • Written at a fifth-grade reading level
  • Untimed
  • Takes between 35–50 minutes to complete with paper and pencil
  • Takes about 30 minutes to complete with computer version

The 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire asks about specific, everyday situations in order to assess your daily behavior, interests, and opinions. 16PF test questions identify and evaluate your abilities for future employers.

You are asked to rate each statement on a five-point scale from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree" or from "very inaccurate" to "very accurate." Some examples:

  • My thoughtfulness and charitable nature are my foundation.
  • I like to solve complex problems.
  • I continue until everything is perfect.
  • I am not especially interested in abstract ideas.

Understanding Your 16PF Scores

How Your Answers Are Scored

Each item on the 16PF test has three options, and each answer choice is scored differently. The approval answer choice (True/Agree) is ranked as a 3, the question mark answer choice (?/Neither Agree Nor Disagree) is ranked as a 2, and the anti-approval answer choice (False/Disagree) is ranked as a 1. After you have completed the 16PF, your answers will be scored and summarized in a report.

A Personalized Profile Based on Your Score Report

The score report outlines your personality-based strengths and weaknesses. The traits measured include learning methods and problem-solving skills, stress coping, interpersonal and work styles, and overall professional effectiveness. The information contained in the report states what you believe and value most about your life, as well as what you want it to include in the future. 

A Personal Career Profile

Your results also depict the general career areas that will most likely appeal to you based on your personality. There are seven career areas included in the report: Influencing, Organizing, Helping, Creating, Analyzing, Producing, and Adventuring. These areas are listed in a chart comparing your personality to the profession that is best suited for it. In addition, you are provided with a description of each career orientation area.

16PF Sample Question

Below is a sample question from our personality practice test, which is styled like the actual 16PF test. Becoming familiar with the types of questions found on the exam will help you when you take the actual 16PF.


The 16 Personality Factors

As a job candidate, your 16PF test results are scored using the 16 Personality Factors, sometimes called the 16 Primary Personality Factors. These factors are used to determine whether or not your personality matches the job description.

Factor Scale

1. Warmth

Reserved vs. Warm

2. Reasoning

Concrete vs. Abstract

3. Emotional Stability

Reactive vs. Emotionally Stable

4. Dominance

Deferential vs. Dominant

5. Liveliness

Serious vs. Lively

6. Rule-Consciousness

Expedient vs. Rule-Conscious

7. Social Boldness 

Shy vs. Socially Bold

8. Sensitivity 

Utilitarian vs. Sensitive

9. Vigilance

Trusting vs. Vigilant

10. Abstractedness

Grounded vs. Abstracted

11. Privateness

Forthright vs. Private

12. Apprehensiveness

Self-Assured vs. Apprehensive

13. Openness to Change

Traditional vs. Open to Change

14.  Self-Reliance 

Group-Oriented vs. Self-Reliant

15. Perfectionism

Tolerates Disorder vs. Perfectionistic

16. Tension  

Relaxed vs. Tense

Types of 16PF Reports

Your 16PF test results are scored according to the job for which you are applying. Among the most important personality traits for potential employers are problem-solving, conflict management, communication, team-building, decision-making, and leadership. JobTestPrep offers you a personal, customized report of your personality test based on the specific job you want.

There are multiple reports available for the 16PF for a variety of careers. Each report analyzes specific traits for different professional contexts. Some of the available 16PF reports are the Career Development Report, the Teamwork Development Report, the Management Potential Report, and the Psychological Evaluation Report.

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