Prepare for the Kolbe Personality Test

Kolbe System

There are several interconnected Kolbe System personality tests instinctive reactions, problem-solving approaches, and preferences to predictable job performance in specific positions. Every company and job carries a particular set of values, energy, challenges, and karma. The Kolbe theory involves the match-up of instinctive organizational character with the candidate who possesses that same instinct set.

Through exam study tools, you can learn to discern the focus behind Kolbe test questions. This will provide you an understanding of the instincts sought by prospective employers. There is an ambiguity gap in Kolbe exams; you can fill that chasm by providing the necessary applicant profile through your selection of answers.

Working on personality practice tests with question and answer analysis, provides test-format and question-type familiarity and insight that helps improve the potential for successful exam results.

Kolbe Index A, B, and C

The Kolbe A, B, and C Index trilogy sets in motion the basic Kolbe assessment. Kolbe A Index detects instinctive traits that define how candidates deal with work-related problems, adapt to change and initiate problem-solving responses.

Kolbe B Index highlights the applicant’s natural interests and expectations. Comparing Indexes A and B, provides a view of the friction that may arise when placing the specific candidate into a particular position.

Supervisors complete Kolbe C Index, which identifies the energy and challenges necessary for effective performance of the job. The candidate whose Kolbe A Index results most closely match his/herKolbe C Index results, is the right fit for the position.

Four Modes, 12 Problem-Solving Behaviors – The fundamentals of Kolbe tests consist of four primary instincts that determine problem-solving actions. Each of the four instincts are assessed through three specific modes of behavior:

  1. Fact Finder – focused on acquiring information, judicious, precise, thorough – a) explain; b) simplify; c) strategize
  2. Follow Thru – focused on organizing data, methodical, systematic – a) adapt; b) maintain; c) systematize
  3. Quick Start – focused on whatever it takes to get the job done, creative, catalyst for change, acceptance of risk and diversity of thought, flexible – a) modify; b) innovate; c) stabilize
  4. Implementer – focused on handling space and objects, arts & crafts maker, construction worker – a) envision; b) restore; c) protect

Kolbe RightFit Exam

Using the Kolbe Index system, Kolbe Rightfit is primarily administered as a screening and candidate selection tool. As a screening device, RightFit highlights those applicants who are qualified, and who therefore should continue on in the hiring process. When utilized in the actual employee selection, RightFit presents the profile of the candidate who is most likely to enjoy the role and successfully perform the job.

Rightfit Format and Content

Expect a multiple choice, online test format. This exam requires you to answer each of the 36 items presented, choosing your “Most” and “Least” likely response to each one sentence statement or scenario. There are four alternatives that follow every item.

A few sample questions:

  • If I were told to hurry finishing a project, I would
  1. hurry to finish it
  2. take my time to get it right
  3. discuss the rush
  4. enlist a co-worker to help
  • If I felt that something could be made to benefit whole populations, I would
  1. design it
  2. investigate it
  3. build it
  4. sell it
  • If I were trying to solve a problem, I would depend on my
  1. experiments
  2. ability to organize
  3. skills
  4. research

Preparing for Kolbe Personality Tests

Be sure to review the values and goals of your prospective employer, along with the job description, before beginning the process of test preparation. This will give you an idea of what instinctive characteristics the employer is seeking. You can decrease your exam anxiety and increase testing speed by practicing on sample personality tests. JobTestPrep has worked to provide a complete Kolbe personality test preparation system designed for a successful exam experience. You can start getting ready with the Online Pre-Employment Personality Test practice.

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