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In the workplace, the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) acts as a leadership assessment and enables employers to recruit leaders. The CPI may also be used for leadership development, performance improvement, or selection and retention.

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The Myers-Briggs's CPI assessment, sometimes mistakenly referred to as the California Personality Inventory, was originally published in 1956. Created to help people gain a clearer picture of their personal and work-related characteristics, motivations, and thinking styles, the CPI is used to help individuals improve their performance. 

"Single Trait Practice"

Our "Single Trait Practice" for all 50 traits offers the following benefits:

  • You can work on each trait independently at your own pace and as you see fit.
  • You can practice each trait to understand its nature and optimize your answer accordingly on the real test.
  • You can save precious time by practicing only the trait for which you need to optimize your answer.
  • You can use our professional guide to receive the full answer breakdown for each one of the traits.
  • You can optimize the way you present yourself on every aspect of your personality profile.

Types of CPI Exams

There are two types of CPI assessments, CPI 434 and CPI 260. Both help develop leadership abilities by aiding people in gaining a better understanding of themselves and how they interact with others. These assessments also help organizations identify talent by measuring traits like creativity, leadership, amicability, and tough-mindedness.

CPI 434

  • Contains 434 items
  • Measures your social expertise and interpersonal style, maturity, achievement orientation, creative temperament, managerial potential, tough-mindedness, and more
  • Generates three reports: Profile, Narrative, and Configural Analysis

CPI 260

  • Contains 260 items selected from the full 434-item assessment
  • Measures your interpersonal qualities directly related to work and leadership, including dealing with others, self-management, motivation, and thinking style
  • Generates two reports: Client Feedback and Coaching Report for Leaders

Traits of the CPI

The scales measured can be grouped into six categories.

  • 7 Dealing with Others scales, focusing on the manner in which social participation is expressed
  • 7 Self-Management scales, assessing self-discipline and acceptance of societal rules
  • 3 Motivations and Thinking Style scales
  • 3 Personal Characteristics scales
  • 6 Work-Related Measures scales, assessing disposition at work
  • 3 High-Order Measures scales, assessing personal orientations
The CPI personality test is scored on the following 29 scales:
Dominance Capacity for Status Sociability Social Presence Self-acceptance Independence Empathy
Responsibility Social Conformity Self-control Good Impression Communality Well-being Tolerance
Achievement via Conformance Achievement via Independence Conceptual Fluency Insightfulness Flexibility Sensitivity Managerial Potential
  Work Orientation Creative Temperament Leadership Amicability Law Enforcement Orientation  

The last three scales are the High-Order Measures, which are referred to as Vector 1, 2, and 3. Each vector shows a correlation between specific traits.

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