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What Is the California Psychological Inventory (CPI Test)?

The CPI test, also called the Myers-Briggs CPI, is used to assist recruiters in hiring decisions. The test evaluates a candidate's personal and work-related behavior, including Dealing with Others, Self-Management, Motivations and Thinking Style, Personal Characteristics, and Work-Related Measures.

The following job positions require taking the CPI Test

  • Manager Jobs - CEOs, Vice Presidents, Executives, Senior Managers, Senior Directors, and Operation Managers.
  • Engineers Jobs - Software Engineers.
  • Sales and Marketing Jobs - Sales Directors, Product Managers, CMOs.
  • Civil Service Jobs - Pilots, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Entry Level Police Officers.
  • Financial Jobs - Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, and CFOs.

CPI Exam Format

There are two types of CPI assessments, CPI 434 and CPI 260. Both help develop leadership abilities by aiding people to gain a better understanding of themselves and how they interact with others.

These assessments also help organizations identify talent by measuring traits like creativity, leadership, amicability, and tough-mindedness.

CPI 434 Test

  • Contains 434 items.
  • Measures your social expertise and interpersonal style, maturity, achievement orientation, creative temperament, managerial potential, tough-mindedness, and more.
  • Generates three reports: Profile, Narrative, and Configural Analysis.

CPI 260 Test

  • Contains 260 items selected from the full 434-item assessment.
  • Measures your interpersonal qualities directly related to work and leadership, including dealing with others, self-management, motivation, and thinking style.
  • Generates two reports: Client Feedback and Coaching Report for Leaders.

Please note that JobTestPreps PrepPack™ is customized in a way that provides excellent, all-encompassing practice for any type of California Personality Inventory question that may appear on the actual test.

Using our CPI practice resources and study guides will dramatically improve your chances of passing the California Psychological Inventory test and placing you at the top of the eligibility list.

California Psychological Inventory CPI Practice Questions

Here are some sample questions that test for managerial positions.

The practice test starts with the option of choosing the position type you’re applying for, as shown in the image below


CPI Personality test practice question


The relevant questions for the position will appear after choosing the correct profile. Here are a few examples:

  • I believe all human beings are worthy of respect.
  • I find it fascinating to create and master new interests.
  • I rarely yield to my desires.
  • I'm a big fan of exploring new theoretical and conceptual learning.
  • I aim to attend work or study despite feeling unwell.

Each question should be ranked from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

After answering all the questions on the test, you will get a report that gives you a look at how you rank for different personality traits relevant to the position you are applying for.

Feel free to try this Free Personality Sample Test to further familiarize yourself with the preparation.

CPI 434 Scores

The CPI personality test is scored on the following scales:

  • Dominance, Responsibility, Achievement via Conformance, Capacity for Status.
  • Social Conformity, Achievement via Independence, Work Orientation, and Sociability.
  • Self-control, Conceptual Fluency, Creative Temperament, and Social Presence.
  • Good Impression, Insightfulness, Leadership, and Self-acceptance.
  • Communality, Flexibility, Amicability, Independence.
  • Well-being, Sensitivity, Law Enforcement Orientation, Empathy, Tolerance, and Managerial Potential.


The scales measured are grouped into six categories.

  • 7 Dealing with Others scales, focusing on the manner in which social participation is expressed.
  • 7 Self-Management scales, assessing self-discipline and acceptance of societal rules.
  • 3 Motivations and Thinking Style scales.
  • 3 Personal Characteristics scales.
  • 6 Work-Related Measures scales, assessing disposition at work.
  • 3 High-Order Measures scales, assessing personal orientations.

How to Prepare for The Test?

Our "single trait practice" for all California Psychological Inventory test traits offers the following benefits:

  • Isolation - Each trait can be worked on independently at your own pace.
  • Deep Understanding - Each trait can be practiced in depth so that you can understand its nature and optimize your answers accordingly.
  • Weak Points - Spend your time practicing only those traits for which you need to improve.
  • Full Explanations - Using our professional guide, you will receive detailed explanations for each trait.



What is the purpose of the California Personality Inventory?

The California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™) assessments are powerful tools for helping individuals improve their interpersonal skills performance; Meaning how other people see and judge a person's leadership style.

Is It Possible to Fail A CPI Test?

CPI is a personality test, so the answer is no. It's hard to fail a test that does not include any right or wrong answers. The test has a built-in mechanism that catches test-takers who pretend to be more than they are in order to pass the test.

How hard is the CPI test?

In a nutshell, the test is challenging. In personality tests, you are not answering questions correctly or incorrectly, but rather displaying your personality within the context of workplace responsibilities.

What is the CPI 462?

The CPI Structural Scales - CPI-462 is an old version of the CPI 434. According to the theory, there are four types of personalities Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma that can be illustrated using a grid defined by two dimensions:

V1 Dimension Scale - Measures the degree to which he or she is more externally or internally focused.
V2 Dimension Scale - Measures an individual's level of norm-favoring or norm-questioning.

Based on this, we can identify four types of personalities, each with its own features

  1. Alpha personality types tend to be more proactive, dependable, and extroverted.
  2. Betas are reserved, responsible, and moderate.
  3. Gammas are adventurous, restless, and pleasure-seeking.
  4. Deltas are withdrawn, private, and to some extent disaffected.

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