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The Personality and Preference Inventory (PAPI 3), created by Cubiks, the industry’s leading personality assessment. The PAPI 3 helps assess a candidate or employee by exploring his or her personality and preferred working style, and helps employers identify, select, and develop the type of employees a company needs.

The PAPI 3 is available in a wide range of languages and various types of assessments. Two specific test types are the leadership roles test and the sales position test. The PAPI 3 can be used for all types of interviews and conversations.

Start practicing with JobTestPrep and ensure your success. 

Prepare for Cubiks PAPI

By learning about and familiarizing yourself with the reasoning and theory of a personality test, you remove the element of surprise. You also gain insight into the different ways you can highlight your best features and your compatibility to a desired position.

Our PAPI-style personality practice test offers a thorough insight into the inner workings of the test itself—the theory, possible pitfalls, and tips to succeeding. We offer professional preparation to help you reach your maximum potential on the assessment. The PAPI PrepPack™ consists of a complete PAPI-styled personality test and three in-depth study guides on how to prepare for the PAPI test and how to interpret the results of your PAPI-style practice test. These materials provide you with an understanding of which traits employers are looking for and, of course, which traits applicants should avoid. Start preparing for success today.

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"Single Trait Practice"

Our "Single Trait Practice" for all 50 traits offers the following benefits:

  • You can work on each trait independently at your own pace and as you see fit.
  • You can practice each trait to understand its nature and optimize your answer accordingly on the real test.
  • You can save precious time by practicing only the trait for which you need to optimize your answer.
  • You can use our professional guide to receive the full answer breakdown for each one of the traits.
  • You can optimize the way you present yourself on every aspect of your personality profile.

PAPI Personality Traits

The PAPI 3 measures 22 work personality dimensions divided into seven key areas linked to the Big Five.

The seven key areas, which are divided into different work dimensions, are:

  • Engagement
    • Need to be upwardly supportive
    • Work focus
  • Impact & Drive
    • Need to achieve
    • Need to influence
    • Leadership role
    • Need to be noticed
  • Organization & Structure
    • Need to finish a task
    • Need for rules and guidelines
    • Attention to detail
    • Planner
    • Need to be organized
  • Interaction
    • Need to relate closely to individuals
    • Social harmonizer
    • Need to belong to groups
  • Work momentum
    • Need to be direct
    • Work tempo
    • Ease in decision-making
  • Composure
    • Emotional restraint
    • Optimism
    • Core composure

What Our Cubiks PAPI PrepPack™ Includes

JobTestPrep's Cubiks PAPI PrepPack™ is comprised of one full-length PAPI-styled test and three study guides, ensuring you are fully prepared and understand the material at hand.

Our PAPI Theory study guides break down the PAPI scales, the format and appearance of PAPI items, and the key features of the PAPI Needs and Roles scales.

The Professional Profile study guide outlines, in great detail, the job position and role you are best suited for, based off of your personality test results. In order to figure this out, you must first take the PAPI test, and then compare your PAPI results with the Professional Profile study guide traits. From there, you will be able to decipher what your report (traits) should look like for various professions.

The Motivation and Culture Fit study guide is a bonus study guide that describes and outlines your compatibility and preferences to a job position and organization, based on your personality test results.

Ensure your success on the PAPI test with JobTestPrep.  

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