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Logiks Verbal (Advanced)


1. Ryanair and Aer Lingus are by far the most important carriers operating out of Ireland, competing on 46 routes. The vice president of the European Commission has prohibited, because of the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed takeover of the Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus by the low-cost airline Ryanair. The market investigation showed that there was little prospect that any new carrier would enter the Irish market after the merger. Ryanair proposed several remedial arrangements during the process, including the divestiture of Aer Lingus's 43 overlap routes to Flybe and the cession of take-off and landing slots to British Airways at London airports. The commission, however, established that this set of measures wasn't sufficient due to the size of the Flybe Company and its status in the aeronautical industry.

Which one of the following solutions was offered by Ryanair to the argument raised by the vice president of the European Commission?

A. Downsizing the number of routes.

B. Discontinuing the Dublin-London route.

C. Sharing certain routes with other airlines.

D. Instituting some remedial arrangements.


The vice president of the European Commission argued that 'there was little prospect that any new carrier would enter the Irish market after the merger' and therefore 'Ryanair proposed several remedial arrangements… divestiture of Aer Lingus’s 43 overlap routes to Flybe and the cession of take-off and landing slots to British Airways at London airports.'

Basically, Ryanair tried to offer remedies in order to alleviate the vice president's concern: (1) transferring routes to Flybe; (2) relinquishing take-off and landing slots. These remedies imply that Ryanair were offering to reduce the number of routes they control. Therefore, the correct answer is (A).

Distractor (B) is incorrect since relinquishing slots does not necessarily mean giving up the Dublin-London route altogether.

Distractor (C) is incorrect since Ryanair offered to surrender some of its routes, not share them with others.

Distractor (D) is incorrect because it misses the point of the question: the question asks what specific action was offered as a solution by Ryanair, whereas distractor (D) merely expresses the idea that Ryanair offered solutions.

The correct answer is (A).


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Logiks Numerical (Advanced)


2. Examine the chart below and answer the following questions:

Logiks Numerical (Advanced Question)

A yogurt is considered not healthy if it meets one of the following conditions:

  1. The percentage of saturated fat (of total fat) is higher than 50.
  2. The amount of cholesterol in mg is higher than 10 for every 100g of product.

How many healthy products are shown in the table?

A. 1 

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

F. Cannot Say.


Only one product - "Cisco" – is considered nutritious.

In order to solve this problem each product in the table should be examined for one of the conditions indicated in the question. It is recommended to first choose a condition that is easier to examine – percentage of saturated fat, since the data for examination is displayed in adjacent rows. 

The table shows that only products of "Salty", "Cisco" and "Tempo" meet the first condition. 5/11, 4/10, 7/15 respectively.
Now check the second condition for the above products. The table shows the amount of cholesterol in each product (in mg) and the net weight. 

"Salty": 11mg in 100 = 11mg in 100g – doesn't meet the condition.
"Cisco": 18mg 200 = 9mg in 100g - does meet the condition
"Tempo": 16mg of 150 = 10.6mg in 100g – doesn't meet the condition.


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Logiks Abstract (Advanced)



Logiks Abstract (Advanced) Q3

Choose the image that completes the pattern

Logiks Abstract (Advanced) Q3 options


Each frame has a set number of shapes of the following types: a hexagon, a pentagon, a quadrilateral, (not necessarily a square), and a circle. Sometimes parts of the shapes overlap. Sizes and orientations are changeable from frame to frame. Every frame, the outermost shape becomes the innermost one in the following frame. The second outermost shape becomes the outermost one as the former outermost shape moves toward the inside of the picture. In the third frame, the outer shape is a diamond and the second outermost shape is a circle. The correct answer is 3 as the innermost shape is a diamond and the outer shape is a circle. Note that one side of the hexagon overlaps with one side of the pentagon.

The correct answer is:

Logiks Abstract (Advanced) A3


These question types are designed to will improve your ability to think in patterns and determine which figure matches the pattern and continues the series. Click the Get Started Now button to see more Logiks Abstract (Advanced) practice questions.

Logiks General Advanced Score

The score breakdown is as the following: a total general ability score, speed score, and accuracy score. The grade for each section is between 0-100.

Also, the scores you receive on the test are then compared to a norm group, and your overall ranking is compared to that norm group.

Meaning the goal of the exam is to find out whether you are below or above average compared to other candidates in each of the sections and in your ability to solve the test accurately and quickly.

The key to acing this exam is to practice with an accurate test-like preparation, that replicates not only the type of questions you’ll encounter on the test but also its tight time limit.

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What Is the Difference Between the Logiks (advanced) and The Cubiks Logiks General (intermediate)?

The main difference is the length of the exam the Logiks General Advanced test takes 20 minutes to complete and includes a total of 30 questions.

The Logiks General Intermediate takes 12 minutes and includes a total of 50 questions.

If we break it down further into sections here are the main differences:

The intermediate test mainly includes analogies questions while the advanced test includes a passage that tests your reading comprehension.

The Intermediate test mainly includes problem-solving and word problems questions while the advanced test includes numerical questions that require an understanding of tables and graphs.

Both Intermediate and advanced exams include next-in-series question types. For more information, see the Cubiks Logiks General (intermediate) page.

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