Personality Test Sample Questions

JobTestPrep's free personality test allows you to experience a sample pre-employment personality test. You will also receive an analysis of your personality traits based on your answers. 

Ready for the comprehensive preparation solution? Our complete Personality Test PrepPack™ includes many other question formats as they appear in other popular pre-employment personality tests.

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Below are sample items from our personality test that reflect questions from a variety of personality tests on the market.

On the 16PF, you will find statements for which you must answer "Agree," "Neither Agree Nor Disagree," or "Disagree."


NEO-PI type questions ask you read a statement and state whether it is "True" or "False."


Hogan and CPI type questions ask you to choose if you "Agree" or "Disagree" with the statement.

OPQ-32 and DISC type questions ask you to choose one statement that describes you the most and one that describes you the least. 

Personality Test Study Guide

Our study guide helps you prepare for any personality test by providing you with tips and information on how to succeed as well as how to read instructions. In addition, we also offer a unique complementary study guide that is profession-specific. If you are applying for a certain position, this guide can help you understand what traits are specifically important for your desired position. We offer guides for the following professions: management, administrative, customer service, sales, technical, and more.

Prepare for Success

Practicing for the test with sample questions enables you to see how you would answer questions on the actual test as well as how your answers may work against you. It also allows you to practice techniques that will help you gain the score you need to get the job you want. Our practice tests are accompanied by a report that demonstrates your personality profile based on the answers you provided to the questionnaire. Ready for success? Start preparing with our Personality Test PrepPack™ today. 

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