Home Depot Interview and Assessment Test Preparation

What is the Home Depot assessment test (RMA)?

The Home Depot pre-interview screening tests examine skills and experience, self-assessment, and basic math concepts. The tests you will be required to take as a part of the Home Depot RMA assessment are:

  1. Situational Judgement Test (SJT) – This test is designed to test your skills and experience through a series of 50 questions. In this test, you should answer each question by reflecting on what you would want to see in an employee if you were the employer. The SJT skills assessment highlights applicants who have retail experience and knowledge of home improvement equipment. You will rank your ability to perform fundamental tasks, such as using a cash register, by means of a five-category format from beginner to expert. Your answers on this assessment can help convince Home Depot that you are knowledgeable and passionate about home improvement.
  2. Hogan–style personality test – Work habits and employee attitudes are the focus of the Home Depot personality test. In this test, you will be presented with numerous True/False and Agree/Disagree questions, that are designed to test your exhibited behaviours in the workplace under ordinary, everyday circumstances. While choosing your answers, keep in mind that Home Depot is looking for employees who are loyal to the company, patient and helpful with customers, cooperative with co-workers, honest, dependable and pleasant. 
  3. Basic Math Concepts – On the Home Depot math test you will find word problems that require mathematical reasoning and calculations at the junior high level. You can prepare for the Home Depot math test as well as the other two assessments with JobTestPrep. Practice tests, along with an in-depth analysis of exam formats and questions are key to walking into your Home Depot assessment test with confidence. We offer a thorough pre-employment exam preparation package, That includes RMA and interview preparation and is guaranteed to help you pass the Home Depot assessment tests.


Home Depot RMA Test Preparation with JobTestPrep

Take every step of the hiring process seriously. You have taken the time to apply for the job. Now, make the effort to properly prepare for the Home Depot pre-interview screening tests and interview. Our Home Depot assessments PrepPack™ was designed to help you pass your Home Depot Retail Management assessment test (RMA) and interview with confidence. Start preparing today to enhance your results.

Home Depot Hiring Process

The Home Depot hiring process begins with applying for a Home Depot job position by completing an in-store or online application. Carefully fill in your personal information and any relevant previous retail or home improvement experience. After your application is processed, you will most likely be required to take the Home Depot Retail Management assessment test (RMA). The Home Depot RMA test was developed by Kenexa Prove It, and includes three basic assessment tests. It is aimed to match a specific position with the employee that best fits the parameters of the job. If you pass all of these tests, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview. The interview will conclude the application process and determine if you will start to work at Home Depot

Home Depot Interview

The focus of the Home Depot interview is on actual job situations and how you would handle them. Your answers in the face-to-face interview should contain specific and relevant examples from past experiences, both professional and personal. Home Depot is not looking for hypothetical responses.

Keep your answers detailed and concise. Utilize the following format throughout the course of your interview:

  • Situation
  • Action
  • Result

When responding to one of the interviewer's questions with a particular previous experience, quickly state the situation, the action you took to alleviate the problem, and most importantly, the positive outcome that resulted from your actions.


Home Depot RMA Sample Questions and Answers


This problem require quick numerical formulation of verbal data and basic calculation abilities. Please read carefully the word problem below and choose the correct answer:

A research conducted on a sample of 2500 flu patients has found that 28% felt better after up to 2 days following the initial medication, 22% felt better after up to 4 days and the rest did not feel any improvement.

How many did not benefit from the treatment?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

It is evident when reading the question carefully that 50% of flu patients felt an improvement when taking the medication (28 + 22 = 50). This means that half of the patients did not feel any improvement. Note that the question refers to the number of patients that did not feel any improvement rather than the percentage - 50% of 2500 = 1250.

The answer is 1250


Read the following scenario and instructions carefully before making your choice. Pay attention to the question before selecting your answer.

It’s a rather quiet day at the store, and your team supervisor has asked you to help in another department today. However, when you return from your lunch break you pass by your department and see that there is only one team member at the register and a long line has formed.

What should you do?

A. Help your team member at the register.

B. See if there is a line at the department to which you were assigned today, and if not - go help your team.

C. Tell the supervisor of the department you are helping today that you are going to help your team member at the register for just a few minutes and will return as soon as the situation settles.

D. Inform your personal team supervisor about the situation at the register in his department and return to the department you have been assigned to today.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer
Best response: D
Subject: Company larger goals
Competencies: Proactivity, conscientiousness, working under supervision

Explanation: In the situation presented your current responsibility (helping in another department) conflicts with the circumstances existing in your usual workplace (your team needs help).

Helping at the register of your own department (answer choice A) shows proactivity, yet you are neglecting your obligation to the department to which you have been assigned today.

The response in answer choice B shows consideration of the overall situation, in both your own department as well as in the department to which you have been assigned. However, you make a decision to go back to your old department without asking the supervisor you are working for today if this is acceptable. A supervisor has a better perspective of the situation and her decision may be different than yours; moreover, when making this decision, you show no respect for her authority.

Informing the supervisor that you are leaving (answer choice C) is better than leaving without saying anything at all, yet it shows no respect for her authority to decide whether or not you should go.

Informing the supervisor about the situation at the register (answer choice D) lacks a proactive attempt to help. However, it is a very reasonable response and definitely better than leaving the department in order to help at your own department’s register without talking to the supervisor of the department to which you have been assigned today. This response shows respect and conscientiousness.

The ideal response would be a combination of answer choices B, C and D – checking the situation in the department you are assigned to prior to asking the supervisor for permission to go and help in your department. However, we are not given this response as an option. Of the given responses, answer choice D is the best as it shows respect for the authority of the supervisor of the department to which you have been assigned today.


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