How to Ace the Home Depot Assessment

What is the Home Depot Assessment?

The Home Depot Assessment is a crucial step in the application process for various positions within the company. Developed by SHL, it functions as an adaptive personality test, designed to identify candidates who align with Home Depot's values and predict your performance in a future job by judging based on your past experience.

The assessment consists of a 53 questions in one section, each providing five answer choices. Your task is to select the option that best describes you. The estimated time to complete the test is 17 minutes, but you can take up to 72 hours to submit and revisit the test within that timeframe – there's no built-in timer.

Remember, the assessment adapts to your previous answers, tailoring questions to gain a deeper understanding of your suitability for different roles within Home Depot. So, be honest, insightful, and consistent in your responses!

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How to Pass the Home Depot Assessment Test

Many candidates struggle with answering confidently since there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. When you answer the questions on this assessment, you need to remember the character you would like to project to your employer, while also being honest and consistent.
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Home Depot Assessment Questions and Answers

The assessment questions focus on four main values:

  • Professional Experience - Your previous work or academic experience.
  • Customer Focus - Ability to interact with customers in a retail environment. 
  • Responsibility - Your ability to consistently meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work independently.
  • Learning Potential - Adaptability and eagerness to learn in a dynamic environment.  

Sample Question 1

If a customer asks a question and I am unsure of the answer, I would… 

A. Seek assistance from my manager to answer correctly. 

B. Offer a placeholder answer and clarify later if needed.

C. Change the subject to something I know.

D. Engage the customer to explore the answer together.

E. Honestly admit my uncertainty and commit to finding the information. 

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is E. 

Honestly admitting uncertainty and committing to find the answer reflects integrity and dedication to Customer Focus. It shows that you prioritize accurate and helpful information over giving a potentially incorrect quick response.

💡Tip: Stay consistent! Similar questions assess your reliability, so answer carefully and avoid contradictions. Aim for a personality profile that makes sense.

Sample Question 2

When a customer requests something outside my job role I...

A. Locate and introduce the appropriate colleague to the customer.

B. Escalate to my manager for comprehensive assistance.

C. Provide the necessary contact information to the customer.

D. Attempt to handle the request to the best of my ability. 

E. Politely explain the limits of my job responsibilities.

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is A.

The best response aligns with Home Depot's value of Responsibility. Locating and introducing the right colleague ensures the customer's needs are addressed by the most qualified person, reflecting your commitment to Customer Focus and effective teamwork within Home Depot.

 💡Tip: When answering, keep in mind the position you are applying to and the Home Depot main values. Recruiters are looking for a specific profile that will match the job requirements. 

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What Is the Hiring Process at Home Depot?

The hiring process depends on the individual Home Depot store. Contact your local store to find out which positions are available. You can apply online through the official Home Depot website

You can apply to more than one position, without having to take the test multiple times. 

After applying, you will receive an invitation to take the test. Once you have submitted, you will be contacted depending on the jobs available that match your test answers. 

What Is the Home Depot Assessment Test?

The Home Depot Assessment is a recruitment test aimed to identify your values and experience. It is an online adaptive personality test that helps match candidates to available positions.

The assessment includes 53 questions, each with 5 possible answers. You must choose the answer that best describes you and your experience. 

How Long Is the Home Depot Assesment

The test is designed to take approximately 17 minutes, but you have the flexibility to complete it at your own pace and revisit it as many times as needed within the 72-hour window. 


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