Full Guide To the McKinsey SHL Test (Numerical & Verbal) 2024

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  • 14 Extra Practice - Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • 8 SHL - Style Numerical Reasoning Tests
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During the recruitment process, you will encounter the McKinsey Numerical and verbal assessments, which are conducted online and managed by SHL. To enhance your likelihood of advancing to the next stage of the hiring procedure, utilize JobTestPrep's comprehensive preparation package designed explicitly for McKinsey's online assessments.

What Are the McKinsey SHL Tests?

The SHL numerical reasoning assessment comprises 18 questions that must be completed within a 25-minute timeframe. This assessment involves presenting numerical data in either tabular or graphical format, followed by multiple-choice questions pertaining to the data. Responding to these questions typically necessitates performing calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions.

Similarly, the SHL verbal reasoning assessment consists of 30 questions to be completed within 19 minutes. In this assessment, you are presented with a brief text followed by several subsequent questions. Each question presents a statement that requires swift analysis to determine its truth, falsehood, or inability to be determined based on the provided text.

The numerical and verbal assessments together consume approximately 45 minutes of your time. Be sure to allocate additional time for reading and comprehending the instructions.

Tailored Tests for You

Access customized McKinsey practice exams designed to align with the content of SHL tests. Our McKinsey test preparation program offers a comprehensive learning experience, including full-length practice tests, detailed explanations, score reports, instructional tutorials, and downloadable PDF guides. Begin your practice today to enhance your prospects of excelling in McKinsey's examinations and securing your desired job.

How to Successfully Pass Your McKinsey SHL Tests

The McKinsey SHL assessment score is norm-referenced, meaning it's evaluated in relation to other test-takers, and it follows a typical bell-curve distribution. Only those who achieve scores in the top percentile of this distribution will progress to the next phase of the recruitment process.

It's crucial to thoroughly prepare for this test because a lower assessment score can significantly diminish your chances of securing your desired job. Preparing for McKinsey's SHL aptitude tests is particularly essential as your performance is benchmarked against a group of individuals with similar educational backgrounds. Given that many candidates invest time in test preparation, it's advisable to dedicate as much practice as possible to distinguish yourself from the competition.


CEB SHL normal bell curve

To enhance your likelihood of advancing to the next phase, make use of our SHL numerical and verbal preparation package.

The Recruitment Process

Following the completion of the numerical and verbal reasoning McKinsey exams, you may also be required to undergo the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. The subsequent diagram illustrates the various stages of the recruitment process:

McKinsey's Recruitment Process

McKinsey's Recruitment Process

McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST)

The McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST) is a distinctive assessment designed to evaluate your proficiency in resolving business issues through deductive, inductive, and quantitative reasoning. This test consists of 26 questions, and you have a 60-minute time frame to respond to as many of these questions as possible.

Throughout the PST, you will encounter three scenarios rooted in real McKinsey client cases. Information pertaining to each scenario is presented through text, tables, and exhibits, all displayed in shaded sections distributed within the scenario. Your task is to identify the best solution to the problem presented, using only the provided information.

A portion of the questions focuses on assessing your numerical reasoning skills. These questions involve the analysis of tables and graphs, requiring you to interpret the information or perform calculations and then select the correct answer from the given options. Other questions resemble verbal reasoning inquiries and evaluate your ability to comprehend and interpret written information. Lastly, the third type of question gauges your deductive reasoning, specifically your capacity to draw conclusions based on the presented information. You can find more resources for practicing deductive reasoning tests here.

It's important to note that electronic devices, including calculators, are not allowed during the PST. Although scratch paper will not be provided, you can utilize the blank space within the test booklet for calculations and note-taking. After completing the test, the booklets will be discarded and will not impact your PST score.

The McKinsey Problem Solving Test poses a significant challenge for many candidates, as it requires assimilating a substantial amount of information and using it to arrive at accurate conclusions within a time-sensitive setting. To enhance your foundational skills essential for success in the McKinsey Problem Solving Test, you can utilize our PrepPacks™.

McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (PEI)

The McKinsey interview process comprises two key components. The first segment is the personal interview, during which your CV is thoroughly examined. Any aspects of your CV that piqued McKinsey's interest are open for discussion. For instance, if you mentioned your role in overseeing a youth group, you will be expected to provide detailed insights into your responsibilities, the challenges you encountered, and the strategies you employed to overcome them. Likewise, all your qualifications will be scrutinized, and you will be prompted to elucidate your rationale for selecting a specific academic course and how you believe it will benefit your future.

Here are some illustrative McKinsey interview questions:

1. Share an experience when you successfully resolved a conflict.
2. Describe a situation in which you effectively managed a challenging team member.
3. Why do you believe your qualifications make you an ideal fit for a consulting role?
4. Narrate an instance when you demonstrated professionalism in your work.

McKinsey Case Interview

Following the personal experience interview, the next step is the McKinsey case study interview. During this phase, you will be presented with a specific case scenario, akin to those encountered in the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. Your task is to collaboratively tackle the challenges and potential solutions with the interviewer, carefully analyze various possible courses of action, and ultimately arrive at a decision on the most optimal approach. Your performance in this interview will be assessed based on your capacity for creative problem-solving and your lateral thinking abilities. It's important to bear in mind that you will also be evaluated in the context of the company's core values, so aim to incorporate these values into your responses. If you're interested in our assistance with case study preparation and role-play exercises, please explore how we can support your preparation.

Here are some valuable pointers for the case study interview:

1. Take notes of critical information; you can use the paper provided for this purpose.
2. Don't hesitate to seek clarification if anything is unclear, as this demonstrates your commitment to making well-informed decisions rather than rushed ones.
3. Following successful completion of all the application stages, you'll be invited to additional interviews that are less formal in nature. These interviews primarily assess your cultural fit with the company.

Prepare for Success

The McKinsey hiring process can be quite demanding and definitely necessitates thorough preparation. With JobTestPrep's specialized McKinsey test prep materials, helpful tips, and comprehensive guides, you can be confident that you'll excel at each phase. JobTestPrep is dedicated to supporting your success with our meticulously crafted and designed PrepPacks™.

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