Prepare for Wells Fargo Bank Teller Assessment Test

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  • 19 Mathematical/Numerical tests and drills
  • 3 Bank teller math tests
  • 2 Tables and graphs tests
  • Bank teller simulation, tutorial and study guide
  • Excel tutorial and practice tests
  • SJT tests and study guide
  • Personality tests and study guide
  • Interview preparation 


Wells Fargo is one of the most prominent American banks with operations across 35 countries, and banking and financial services found throughout the United States. According to the bank’s statistics, everyone in 500 Americans works for Wells Fargo. However, only one job opening is available for every 15 applicants.

The Wells Fargo Teller Assessment Test

After the application process for the teller position has been completed, the system automatically emails the candidate a link to the Wells Fargo Teller Assessment Test. The test is administered online by a third party affiliated with Wells Fargo and determines which candidates have the appropriate skills and bank teller competencies required to succeed in the Wells Fargo Bank. These skills include customer service, numeracy, attention to detail, and high verbal communication.

Passing the assessment test allows candidates to move forward in the Wells Fargo employment screening process to the interviews (phone, group, and personal) and background checks that follow. Those who do not pass the test are then unable to reapply for the teller position until another six months.

Becoming a Wells Fargo Teller

The application process for the Wells Fargo bank teller position is done online through the official Wells Fargo website where additional information can be found about current job openings. The bank searches for outgoing, team players as Wells Fargo teller job candidates, who will be introducing new products and services to customers, processing customer transactions and following detailed procedures- learn more about how to become a bank teller and requirements.

How Do You Succeed on the Wells Fargo Screening Test?

Our team of experts is here to help you begin your journey to your Wells Fargo career. To learn about the specific contents of the test and what the bank teller position requires, or to start practicing now for the test, access our bank teller practice package.


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