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Schroders Online Assessment Overview

The Schroders Online Assessment constitutes the second step in the application process for both the Schroders Graduate Scheme and Internship program. This assessment, conducted by AON/cut-e, consists of three carefully designed mini-tests aimed at evaluating your logical reasoning skills, behavioral traits, and work-related personality attributes crucial for achieving success at Schroders.

Now, let's explore these assessments in more detail.


💡 Notice that Schroders has changed its test provider from SHL to AON/cut-e.

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ChatAssess is an innovative situational judgment test (SJT) designed to evaluate your workplace performance by assessing the essential behaviors necessary for your role.

Diverging from the conventional SJT format, this gamified iteration is crafted to not only captivate your interest but also simulate a realistic work environment, offering a glimpse into scenarios you may encounter upon successful completion of the assessment.

In a chat-like interface, you will encounter queries and tasks posed by your managers and colleagues. Your challenge will be to select the most appropriate response from a set of potential options.

Within a 30-minute time frame, you will face a series of 15-20 questions to tackle.

Let’s see how it looks –

Schroders Online Assessment – ChatAssess Sample Question

Schroders Online Assessment ChatAssess Example

Tip: Prior to delivering your reply, pause to assess the presented scenario. Reflect on your role within the organization, the pertinent variables, possible outcomes, and any alternative remedies that could be at your disposal.

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SwitchChallenge, alternatively referred to as cut-e Scales sx, assesses your deductive logical thinking and your capacity to grasp principles, identify patterns, and employ them to resolve problems.

During the assessment, you will encounter two or three rows of symbols. These rows differ from one another through a sequence of digit operators.

Your objective is to identify the appropriate operator that alters the upper row to align with the lower row.

You will have a total of 6 minutes to complete as many tasks as you can within the given time frame.

Let’s try one –

Schroders Online Assessment – SwitchChallenge Sample Question

What operator is required to transform the input sequence into the output sequence?
Schroders switch challenge example
A. 4321
B. 1342
C. 2341
D. 3142
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In this query, you'll find two rows of symbols with an absent operator.

This operator rearranges the sequence of symbols from the upper row to create a new sequence in the lower row.

The numbers in the operator correspond to the symbols' positions in the upper row before the operator's transformation.

To tackle this inquiry, start by examining the initial symbol in the lower row and locate its position in the upper row.

This position serves as the first digit in the operator.

The correct answer is (C).

Tip: Search for consistent patterns or variations in the positioning of symbols, and be mindful of the connections between symbols and their respective locations.


ADEPT-15 serves as a personality assessment tool aimed at delineating your behavioral inclinations, professional approaches, and mindset.

During the assessment, you will encounter statement pairs. Each pair will feature a scale spanning from "strongly agree" to "slightly agree." Your task is to select the statement that aligns more closely with your perspective and indicate the extent to which you agree with it.

You will be required to respond to 100 statements in total. There is no imposed time limit, and it typically takes around 30 minutes to complete the assessment.

Let’s see an example –

Schroders Online Assessment – ADEPT-15 Sample Question

Which statement do you agree with more?

Most of the time, I tend to hold a positive perspective

I enjoy collaborating with others towards a shared goal

Strongly Agree

slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

Tip: Prior to sending your response, pause to introspect about your own conduct, choices, and predispositions. Contemplate your usual reactions in professional circumstances and choose the answer that most closely matches your innate tendencies and the work-related conduct expected in the role you have sought.

💡 Learn more about Adept-15

Are you preparing to undergo the Schroders online assessment? JobTestPrep offers a specialized preparation PrePack designed specifically for the Schroders test. It includes comprehensive simulations and study guides for Aon's cut-e ChatAssess and SwitchChallenge assessments. Additionally, we will soon be adding ADEPT-15 preparation to our offerings.


Schroders Application Process

Schroders offers graduate schemes and intern programs:

  • Schroders Graduate Scheme

Candidates who are either in the final year of their degree or master's program or have recently graduated are eligible to apply.

Typically, the program commences on the third Thursday of September.

  • Schroders Internship Programme

Applicants in their last year of study (pursuing a degree or master's qualification) or have recently completed their studies.

The programme usually starts on the third Thursday of September

Applications for both programs open annually from September to November, and recruitment takes place on a rolling basis. Therefore, the earlier you submit your application, the more advantageous it is.

Once you have submitted your application on Schroders' website, you will proceed through a multi-step process, which includes:

  1. The Schroders Online Assessment
  2. A Video Interview
  3. An Assessment Centre
  4. Final Round Interview (exclusive to graduate program applicants)
  5. Receiving an Offer.

Schroders Video Interview

If you have done well on the Schroders tests, you will receive an invitation to an online pre-recorded video interview to be completed in your own time. Video interviews differ from regular interviews in that your answers are recorded via webcam and reviewed by a senior member of the company only later.

The Schroders video interview is administered through the HireVue platform, and it comprises 4-6 questions – a mix of firm-oriented, business-oriented, competency, and motivation-based questions.

You will be given 30 seconds to prepare your answer and 2 minutes to record it.

💡 Practice with JobTestPrep's interview preparation resources to impress your interviewer.

  •  Tips for Schroders Video Interview

  • Ensure that the lighting and sound quality are optimal, and ensure your face remains fully visible. It would be unfortunate to encounter technical issues that could jeopardize your video interview.

  • The interview questions have a strict two-minute time limit, so practice speaking in front of a camera beforehand to avoid exceeding the allotted time during the actual test.

  • The interview will consist of competency-based questions. This presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm for the field of asset management in general, and your interest in working with Schroders specifically.

  • While it may feel challenging initially, make a conscious effort to maintain eye contact with the camera rather than the screen during the interview. Although this may feel uncomfortable initially, practice will lead to improvement.

  • Schroders Video Interview Questions

1. Is luck a factor in shaping investment choices and judgments?
2. What topics or activities pique your curiosity, and how do you actively engage with them?
3. Could you describe the role and responsibilities of Schroders' Compliance Department?
4. What criteria do you use to gauge whether you possess adequate information for a sound investment decision?
5. If you had a pension fund, would you opt for stock or bond investments? What rationale underlies your choice?
6. Share an instance when you had to make a decision concerning a topic about which you lacked knowledge. What consequences resulted from that decision?

Schroders Assessment Centre

The uniqueness of the Schroders assessment centre lies in its tailored approach, which varies based on the specific job position you are seeking. Regardless of the role, all candidates will undergo a competency-based interview conducted by either an HR representative, a manager from the relevant business unit, or a senior executive within Schroders. Additionally, participants can expect to engage in various job simulation tasks during the assessment centre, including group exercises, presentations, and case studies.

Typically, the assessment centre spans an entire day and takes place at one of Schroders' office locations. This day offers a valuable opportunity for networking and establishing connections with both senior staff members and recent graduates within the organization.

Candidates who successfully navigate the assessment centre will receive an invitation for a final interview at Schroders' offices. This interview will be conducted by senior members of the business area to which you are applying. Its purpose is to gain a deeper understanding of your background and thought processes. The interview will encompass competency-based questions, inquiries about your personal life, and discussions about the specific program you are interested in pursuing.



Schroders Final Interview

The final interview at Schroders pertains exclusively to applicants for the graduate program. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to meet with a senior team member who is directly engaged in the specific business area connected to the program you are seeking. You will be queried about your application, prior experience, and future aspirations, while also receiving additional information about the program's expectations.

Furthermore, this serves as an ideal occasion for you to pose any queries you may have and gain insight into the program's requirements once you have been admitted.



How Hard Is It to Get Into Schroders?

Gaining admission to Schroders' graduate scheme and internship program is a challenging endeavor. The application process at Schroders involves multiple stages, starting with an online assessment that assesses your logical reasoning, work-related behavior, and personal attributes. To secure a spot at Schroders, you need to not only successfully complete the assessment but also achieve an outstanding score that sets you apart from other applicants.

What Test Does Schroders Use?

Schroders has transitioned its test provider from SHL to AON/cut-e for the online assessment, which now consists of three mini-tests:

1. Chatassess: A Situational Judgement Test

2. SwitchChallenge: A deductive logical thinking assessment

3. ADEPT-15: A personality questionnaire

How Do I Prepare for Schroders’ Video Interview?

In anticipation of a pre-recorded interview, it is crucial to undertake several essential steps. Begin by conducting thorough research on the company and the specific job you are seeking. Gain a deep understanding of their core values, objectives, and recent accomplishments.

Additionally, practice responding to typical interview inquiries and utilize self-recording to evaluate your body language and presentation. Furthermore, acquaint yourself with HireVue, which is Schroders' video interview platform, and perform equipment testing in advance to guarantee a seamless recording experience.

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