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What is the Bain Assessment Test?

Provided by Sova Assessments, the Bain Assessment test covers a variety of subjects, including math, verbal, abstract reasoning, situational judgment, and personality tests. The test isn't time-limited; however, answering speed is measured and affects the final score. 

Working under time pressure can be challenging, especially with diverse, high-difficulty questions. Therefore, Practice and Knowledge are vital to improving solving time, reducing anxiety, and acing the test.


The Bain Sova Test Subjects: 











Let's review each section so you'll familiarize yourself with the test (including sample questions).


Bain Assessment Test — Numerical 

The Bain & Company numerical test is business-oriented and aims to evaluate candidates' table and graph reading skills and ability to assess numbers and data logically. The test includes approximately 15 multiple-choice questions

  • Although there's no time limit — don't invest more than 30 minutes on this section.

As a calculator is allowed, avoid mental calculations and focus on understanding the questions and improving your solving time.


The sample question below is taken from our Bain Practice Test PrepPack and simulates the test's difficulty and format.



What was the total number of European large family cars sold in 2004?

A. 400 thousand
B. 1 million
C. 1.2 million
D. 2 millions
E.  2.2 millions
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (E)- 2.2 million.

•The graph presents the number of vessels carrying sold vehicles (minivans and SUVs) and not the number of sold vehicles.

As can be seen from the 2004 column in the graph, there were 20 × 100 vessels of sold minivans = 2,000 and the same number of vessels of sold SUVs (20 x 100 = 2,000 vessels).

500 minivans fit into one vessel. Therefore,
The number of minivans soled = 500 × 2,000 = 1,000,000.

600 SUVs fit into one vessel. Therefore,
The number of SUVs soled = 600 × 2,000 = 1,200,000.

Adding the number of large family cars sold in 2004 results in a total of 1,000,000 + 1,200,000 = 2,200,000 = 2.2 million.

The above question is one of the easiest questions in the actual Bain Sova test. Found it difficult? Strengthen your math skills by starting with easier questions like this and gradually progress to the next level with more challenging ones. If you solve it without a problem, make sure you also succeed with the more challenging exercises.  


Bain Assessment Test — Verbal 

The Bain & Company Verbal Reasoning Test assesses your reading comprehension and critical reasoning. Each question will begin with a text that you are to regard as your only information sources.

For each factual text, there are several possible inferences - conclusions that individuals might draw from the given facts. Your task is to examine each inference separately and determine its degree of truth or falsity. This section will include approximately 12 questions.

  • Although there's no time limit — don't invest more than 8 minutes on this section.

You will find 3 degrees of truth or falsity in the Bain verbal test:

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot say

 Let's see an example.

Verbal sample question:

A few years ago, WATSON, an IBM supercomputer, spectacularly beat its human rivals in a simulation of the American quiz show 'Jeopardy!', and since then, this computer has gotten even smarter. WATSON's components have shrunk from room-size to briefcase-size, and its processing speed has more than tripled. The sleeker, faster WATSON is now being put to commercial use with its first application to suggest treatments in cancer clinics. Many people fear WATSON exemplifies a trend toward the displacement of human workers by machines. However, just because a skilled job can be automated does not mean it will be. The relative cost of different types of workers matters for firms as they choose how to deploy new technologies.

Machines are not necessarily more cost-efficient than human workers, making the decision to use machines instead of humans uncertain.

Cannot say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

True. The passage states in its end: 'Just because a skilled job can be automated does not mean it will be. The relative cost of different types of workers matters for firms as they choose how to deploy new technologies'. It can be understood that the possibility that human workers will not be replaced by machines is because the human's relative cost is not necessarily more expensive (machines are not necessarily more cost-efficient). Therefore, the argument is True.


Tip💡: do not rely on personal opinions or general knowledge. Base your answer solely on the given text


Bain Assessment Test — Logical

The Bain & Company logical reasoning test is focused on abstract patterns and series.

There are two types of questions: patterns and series. Both instructions are very similar in phrasing and meaning, but the main difference is that one looks for logic rules relevant to the order of the frames, and the other does not. The sample question will focus on the series type, demanding that you understand changes from frame to frame and find the next item in the series.

This section includes approximately 15 questions, each with 6 optional answers.

  • Although there's no time limit — don't invest more than 14 minutes on this section.
Bain's Online Test


Bain Online Test


Which option below follows next in the sequence shown?

Drawing A
Drawing B
Drawing C
Drawing D
Draining E
Drawing F
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C).

In this series there is an object with three numbers and an object with four numbers alternately. There are four numbers in the last object in the question which means the next object should have three numbers.

In addition there is an object with a square in it and an object with a triangle in it alternately. There is a triangle in the last object in the question, which means the next object should have a square in it.

There is also a third feature in this series, the sum of numbers get smaller in two as the series goes on. The sum of the last object is six so the sum of the numbers in the next object should be four.
(C) is the only object that fits these features.

How to solve this question:
There are many features that you need to pay attention to. You can start with the one that stands out the most - the presence of a triangle and a square alternately. The last object in the given series is a triangle, so the next object should have a square in it. If you are looking for an object with a square in it, you are left with options (A), (C) and (E). Now you need to understand the meaning of the numbers. You can check different features that might be relevant - the sum of the numbers, the amount of numbers, order of numbers, and type of numbers (even or odd).

In this question, you need to calculate the sum of the numbers, what gives you a clue about calculating the sum of numbers in the objects of the question itself. You can see that the sum of numbers gets smaller by two as the series goes on, and the sum in the last object of the given series is six so you need to look for an object where the sum of the numbers is four. You are left with options (C) and (E). Then you need to understand the difference between them. You can see there is a difference in the amount of numbers. You can then examine whether this difference is relevant and discover that in the question there is an object with three numbers and an object with four numbers that change alternately. The last object in the given series has four numbers, meaning the next object should have three numbers. Answer (C) fits this rule.

Gaining familiarity with these types of questions is the best way to prepare, steadily learning what to look for in each one. Our  PrepPack includes hundreds of fully solved questions explaining know exactly how to answer each question you encounter. 

  Tips for Bain Assessment Test Reasoning Sections

1. Remember — your score is impacted by your solving time. Don't get stuck on a single question.  Check our timing recommendation for each section, divide by the number of questions, and make that your time allowance.

2. Make sure you have scratch paper and a pen for calculations. write in as much order as you can so you don't confuse your calculations.

Bain Assessment Test — Situation Judgment Test

The purpose of SJT is to analyze your personality. Some believe that there's no wrong answer to a situation judgment question and that you should remain truthful. While straying too far from your true inclinations is unadvised, some answers are definitely preferable to others.

The best practice is to research the company you are applying to and learn its core values. Here, you can try to duplicate what they are looking for.

Bain's Situational Judgment test includes a scenario with 4 possible responses. You will be asked to rank TWO of the options, one as the BEST and one as the WORST.

SJT sample question:

You work in a company that supplies internet services and products to households and offices. You work as a technician, going to houses and offices and taking care of complex problems. Lately, your manager has decided to take advantage of the fact that you meet clients face to face and tells you that you need to try selling additional products to clients that you visit. However, you do not like the idea, as you see yourself as a technician and not as a salesperson. Today you are taking care of network problems at a customer's home. You are waiting with the customer for a program to be fully downloaded, which should take about half an hour. You realize that you are supposed to offer the client additional products.

What would you do in this situation?

Response #1: Do not try to sell him any additional products as selling is not really a part of your role. Spend the time checking other technical aspects of the client’s internet connection to make sure everything works perfectly after you leave.

Response #1: This response demonstrates a lack of resilience, creativity, and a sense of rebellion as you completely disregard your manager's request. While it is true that your role is technical, it is important to be flexible when other aspects are added to the job and to find a creative way to incorporate them. Failure to do so will reflect badly on you in the future and is, therefore, an extremely negative response. This should be labeled as WORST.

Response #2: In view of the fact that you know nothing about sales, use the time to browse the internet on your laptop, trying to learn about salesmanship from related sites, which will enable you to do better when you get another chance.

Response #2: This response displays a sense of flexibility to accommodate to your manager's new demands; however, the decision to use the time at your client's house to learn about salesmanship is inappropriate and reflects a poor work ethic. This response isn’t the worst response, but it is not the best one either.

Response #3: Initiate a conversation with the customer, trying to lead the conversation in a way that will enable you to understand their needs and introduce them to some of the products that you think they might be interested in.

Response #3: You show flexibility by conforming to your manager's new demands. Although you do not feel comfortable acting as a salesperson, you demonstrate resilience and creativity by finding your own way to attempt to make a sale by incorporating some important sales aspects: making a connection, understanding the client's needs, and telling them about their options. This should be labeled as the BEST response.

Response #4: Check the client's browser history to learn what products they already have as part of their current contract, and which items they have yet to purchase.

Response #4: This response shows a motivation to comply with your manager's new demands; however, this action is not directed toward making a sale and is unlikely to yield any result. Therefore, this isn't a good response.


Master the Bain Sova Test

Our PrepPack™ offers multiple practice tests for all sections of the Sova-made test, including numerical, verbal, abstract, SJT, and personality. 

dramatically improve your chances of getting that job at Bain by solving practice tests that simulate the formatting and difficulty of the actual test.

Last but not least, learn with multiple study guides and video tutorials regarding the Sova personality test, and interview preparations are also included

 Bain Assessment Test — Sova Personality Test

The personality test by Sova aims to give the Bain recruitment team a deeper understanding of your behavior in a work environment.

You will be required to rank statements on a scale of 5 from 'Least like me' to 'Most like me’.

Several statements are included on each page of the personality test, and you cannot rank multiple statements with the same score.

Let's have a look at a sample question set:

I'm quick to revise my opinions when situations evolve.

1 - Least like me 2 3 4 5 - Most like me

Ensuring every detail is correct occupies much of my time.

1 - Least like me 2 3 4 5 - Most like me

There is a wide circle of people I can rely on for assistance.

1 - Least like me 2 3 4 5 - Most like me

Receiving substantial support from my surroundings is important to me.

1 - Least like me 2 3 4 5 - Most like me


 Such personality test holds several hardships:

1. Your answers must show a balance between your natural inclinations and the company's requirements and values.

2. Each set of questions contains several statements that you might want to rank similarly, complicating your decision-making.

Tip💡: Before your test day, be sure to understand the company's core values and the competency best suiting the position. You can find more information about Bain and Company's core values below.

Worried about the Sova Personality Test?

Don't be.

Our Bain & Co Prep Pack also includes a researched Sova Personality Test Guide, along a practice test and simulation.

We recommend the following study plan:

  1. Read the Personality test guide
  2. Solve the practice test and get your results, see how they align with Bain's core values and way of work
  3. Read the theory again to sharpen ay important detail you may have forgot
  4. Solve the simulation

This method will improve your fit for the position.

Bain Recruitment Process

The Bain & Company online application is fairly straightforward. You are asked to provide basic details followed by questions about your academic career.

There is also an opportunity to upload a CV and cover letter.

The next stages following the Bain Sova Test is the Case Study and experience Interviews.

Read on to find out more about them.

Bain & Company Case Study Interview

The initial round of case study interviews occurs in an assessment center and includes two distinct interviews: a market-sizing case study interview and a broad case study interview.

Get more info on Bain's interviews right here: 

Market Sizing Case Study

This Bain interview begins with a few basic competency questions such as 'When was a time you failed?' or 'What is your greatest strength?'

In the remaining time, the assessors then ask you to analyse a common industry such as TVs or cars.

Broad Case Study

This interview is performed by a manager and consists solely of a case study.

The case is more detailed than the previous one and you are asked to analyse data and perform calculations at this point.

If you are successful in the first round, you will be invited to the second round of case study interviews.

Much like the first, the second round is held in an assessment centre and consists of three interviews: a case study, an experience and a written interview.

Case Study Interview

This is the third case study interview you encounter during your Bain interview process.

The assessor presents you with an issue and you must break down the problem into parts and identify possible solutions. The focus here is your problem-solving skills so there is no right answer.

Assessors are looking at your thought process and if it is suitable for Bain & Company. Make sure to get your Bain case interview practice.

Experience Interview

The experience interview is a more traditional CV based interview.

This Bain interview questions will most likely be regarding your CV, work experience and behavioural questions.

The aim of the interview is to get a better picture of how you work and to learn more about you.

Written Interview

The interview is very similar to the case study interviews you have previously done.

The only difference is that you give written rather than verbal answers. You are provided with a 20-30 slide PowerPoint presentation that describes a situation you may encounter with clients.

In approximately 55 minutes you must review the slides and write a short synopsis and give your recommendations. It is a good idea to practise written case studies before this interview to help with time management and giving good, concise answers. 

Following this preparation, you must give a 45-minute presentation where you discuss your recommendations with the interviewer. The interviewer may challenge your suggestions in order to simulate a real client situation.

Get advice on how to handle a written exercise on our advice page and to practise presentations with our presentation preparation pack.

The 2 part interview process is the most important stage as it is where Bain & Company assessors can get a full picture of how you work. Bain & Company makes a conscious effort to provide and warm and welcoming environment and the assessors are known for being friendly.

Preparation and confidence are your keys to success in this section and you can use JobTestPrep’s interview preparation pack for your Bain interview prep, and get yourself ready. 

Bain Values

One of the most important attributes for success in Bain & Co SJT and Personality assessments is to get familiar with Bain's core values and keep them in mind while answering behavioral questions and throughout the different interviews.

The four core values of Bain & Co are:

  • Passion & Commitment - for results aligned with client's success.
  • Honesty & Openness - speak in a straightforward language and be open to new perspectives.
  • Practical - take actions and deliver results.
  • One Team - working together toward achieving great things.

Although pretty straightforward, showing Bain that you follow their core values naturally and unpretentiously is not an easy task.

That is why you should invest as much time and energy in preparing for your personality test as you would for the cognitive tasks. 

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