Bain & Company’s Sova Assessment Practice Tests

Secret Intel on Bain & Company

Statistically speaking, if you score higher on an aptitude test, you are more likely to obtain a better salary and enter the fast track to promotion. Essentially, by scoring in the top 20%, job applicants are more probable to be invited for an interview. Furthermore, the top 2% may not simply receive the job offer, but also a generous salary.

Bain & Company’s Test Breakdown

In Bain & Company’s Sova-styled test, you will complete 5 separate sections that include mathematical, verbal, abstract, SJT, and personality tests. Learn more below:

  • Mathematical: Many of the mathematical test questions are presented in tables and graphs. The purpose of this section is to test your ability to analyze numerical data.
  • Verbal: Here you will have to draw conclusions based on a written passage.
  • SJT: SJT, also known as a situational judgment test, will recreate work-related scenarios to get a feel for how you will react in the given situation. Thus, you will be presented a question or video then asked to rate a list of responses from best to worst.
  • Personality: The answering system in the personality test is similar to SJT in regard to rating. However, this test details your personal traits as seen in the workplace. You will rate various statements as very true, true, or false etc.


Bain & Company Numerical Tips

As stated above, the mathematical section of the test will likely be presented in the graph or table. Thus, the very first thing you should do is read the title. This will tell you the subject of the question, what information is found in the question and how it is presented. Then, don’t jump the gun and try to answer, rather scan and analyze the actual table. What is the purpose of the chart? Are there any themes? It’s important to pay close attention to the scales or table elements. Is the data broken down by hundreds, thousands, percentages, liters, or milliliters etc.? Another tip is to use estimation. You may be able to quickly eliminate a few answer-options and more easily locate the true answer by using this principle. Interested in testing your new skills? Try out this sample question:

Answer Explanation

Answer (A): The number of men swimmers (dotted column) in 04' is 80, in 05' it's 50 and in 06' it's 60. Thus, the number of men swimmers dropped between 04' and 05' and this answer is incorrect.

Answer (B): The number of women swimmers (dark column) in 03' is 30, in 04' it's 40 and in 05' it's 70. Thus, the number of women swimmers grew between 03' and 05' and this answer is incorrect (you can also see the dark columns in the diagram rising).

Answer (C): The number of children swimmers (striped column) in 03' is 80, in 04' it's 60, in 05' it's 40 and in 06' it's 30. Thus, the number of children swimmers decreased between 03' and 06' and this answer is correct (you can also see the striped columns in the diagram dropping).

Answer (D): The number of men swimmers (dotted column) in 03' is 20, in 04' it's 80 and in 05' it's 50. Thus, the number of men swimmers dropped between 04' and 05' and this answer is incorrect.

Bain & Company Verbal Tips

Most questions in Sova’s verbal section are answered by using true, false, or cannot say. It’s important to remember that if you do not think that the passage is explicitly true, then use cannot say. Don’t allow the test provider Sova to trick you into answering incorrectly! Furthermore, if any answer-option appears farfetched it is likely false.

Want to try it for yourself? Below is a sample question!

Companies wishing to increase their growing pace occasionally use the method of franchising which provides a new owner with the permit to use their business identity and in return to purchase products exclusively from the company. However, most companies will aim to minimize the use of this method and often prefer the expansion of the companies' own branches. Companies who have previously used franchising learned the essential need to monitor the business operation of the franchised branch. Difficulties arise from franchisees and companies disagreeing on business policies such as customer care, service delivery efficiency and quality of human interaction. Inadequate attention to the monitoring of franchisees on the part of the companies is typically the cause of subsequent problems.

Answer whether the following sentence is True/False/Cannot Say:

Franchising is likely to become the most popular method of increasing business expansion.

Answer Explanation

The text states clearly that most companies will, '… aim to minimise the use of this method'. Therefore, franchising is not likely to become the most popular method of increasing business expansion.

The answer is False.

Bain & Company Abstract Tips

When dealing with abstract problems the best tactic is to look for a pattern. For example, do all the elements have the same color? When does the color change? Are the elements rotated in any way? If so, which direction? By how many degrees? Are there numbers involved? Do they increase or decrease? Do any of the elements affect the other elements or is there a relationship between them?

If you cannot quickly reach an answer, estimating what is irrelevant may help you obtain the right answer faster. It also helps to identify details that you are sure of and quickly rule out an answer that does not fit the pattern. If the elements are too complex with details, choose one feature at a time to more easily find the correct answer.

Note: Some element features are purposely placed at random to confuse the tester.

Feeling confident? Why not test your new knowledge by solving this sample question below.

Choose the image that completes the pattern:

Answer Explanation

The correct answer is: 

This sequence follows two rules:

(1) The star shape switches between the left bottom corner and the other corners: In the odd frames (frames 1, 3 and 5) it is in the left bottom corner, and in the even frames (frames 2 and 4) it moves to one of the other corners.

(2) The diamond shape alternates between the bottom left corner and upper right corner.

Therefore, the frame we are looking for should show both the diamond shape in its upper right corner and the star shape in one of the corners other than the left bottom one. Hence, the correct answer is 5.

Solving Tip: Do not be misled by the fact that the star and diamond shapes are in the same corner every two steps in the given sequence. Addressing each shape separately will show you that they can be joined twice in a row.


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