SHL Numerical Reasoning Test Questions [2024]

What is the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

The SHL Numerical Reasoning Assessment evaluates your ability to comprehend graphs and tables, sort out relevant data to the question, and perform quick yet challenging calculations. With about 18 minutes to answer 10-16 questions (depending on your test version), you will have less than 2 minutes to answer each question, increasing the challenge each question poses.

Let's look at one example before you start your free practice:

Utensil Cost

SHL numerical example image 1


You recently moved and decided to buy new utensils. Calculate the percentage each type
of utensil will cost you, if you bought a total of 88 utensils. (rounding to the nearest whole
number only in the last step).

*Write whole digits only.

“Note: In the interactive format of the test you will have to adjust the pie chart based on
your calculations.

shl numerical example image 2


shl numerical example image

See full calculations here.

First, we can see that there is missing data regarding tablespoons, so to calculate the required percentages we must first retrieve the relevant data:

Number of tablespoons purchased: 88-25-28-22=9
Price of single tablespoon: $3.5+$0.5=$4

Now that we have all of the data we need, we want to calculate the total cost of each utensil so we can calculate the total cost of all utensils, and through that the percentage that each utensil accounts for.

Total cost of forks: 25*3=$75
Total cost of knives: 28*3.5=$98
Total cost of teaspoons: 26*2.5=$65
Total cost of tablespoons: 9*4=$36

Total cost of utensils: 75+98+65+36=$274

Now that we have calculated the cost of each utensil, we can calculate what percentage of the total cost each utensil is worth:

Fork cost percentage: (75/274)*100=27.37% ≈27%
Knife cost percentage: (98/274)*100=35.77% ≈36%
Teaspoon cost percentage: (65/274)*100=23.72% ≈24%

Note that we only need to calculate 3 percentages, and we can get the final percentage by subtracting the 3 we calculated from the 100% total:


SHL Numerical Tip: Since time is of the essence, and the questions require multiple calculations and interactive answers – start by understanding the question, before approaching the graph. There might be many distracting pieces of information, which should not be addressed – and starting from the graph will consume valuable time.
Note, that since the test requires answering in interactive format – practicing ahead in a similar way – just like our practice questions are built – will increase your chances of success.

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