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What Is a Checking Test?

A checking test is a type of clerical assessment where the test taker is shown two or more prompts and asked to identify discrepancies between them in a short time. The purpose of the checking test is to assess candidates’ ability to compare information swiftly and accurately. 

  • Data checking and Error Checking

You may also see checking tests being referred to as an Error Checking Test or a Data Checking Test. There is a subtle difference in connotation, with data-checking tests typically being more rapid-fire and involving prompts that are less complex.

In any case, the assessment offered by SHL is simply named “Checking Test”. It bears similarities to both data and error checking tests. Examples demonstrating the question style can be found below.


Checking tests are helpful for entry-level positions that require data entry, like bank tellers or phone salespeople. They are sometimes administered alongside other clerical tests like the typing skills test.

Besides SHL, a mathn error checking test is provided by Criterion Partnership and Saville.

What Is the SHL Checking Test?

The SHL Checking Test is a brief aptitude test in which candidates are shown a sequence of characters and asked to select the identical sequence from a list of five possible answers. The sequences can be numerical, alphabetical, or alphanumerical.

The test is also sometimes referred to as the SHL Verify Checking Test.

Here is a rundown of the important aspects of this assessment:

  • The test contains 5 sections, each with 5 multiple-choice questions.
  • In the first section, you are given 8 seconds per question. The time limit gradually tightens and is reduced to 5 seconds by the last section.
  • Overall, the test takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.
  • A question cannot be passed over and redone. Once an answer is submitted, the test continues.
  • Each sequence is up to nine characters long.
  • There is only one right answer to each question,
  • After the timer runs out, the test continues automatically. Therefore, if you are down to the last second, it is better to guess than to do nothing.

SHL Checking Test - Example Questions and Answers

Below are two examples that demonstrate what SHL checking questions look like. The first is timed 8 seconds, and the second is timed 5 seconds.

Try to answer within the timeframe, but do not be overly concerned with it as this test needs practice.

Sample Question #1

Which sequence is identical to the following:


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

This sample question is being sneaky by replacing the O with a Q in the last distractor (E). These letters are very similar to one another. You can expect curveballs like this in the real assessment.

To deal with this, it is often helpful to start by ruling out obvious errors, allowing you more time to focus on the serious contenders.

The correct answer is D

Tip: With alphabetical sequences like these, test takers often find it helpful to devise a system for pronouncing them. This works because audible short-term memory is stronger than visual short-term memory. For example, you might choose to add a vowel after every two consonants unless there is already one there.

Sample Question #2

Which sequence is identical to the following:


A. 78132097
B. 98132097
C. 78132897
D. 78139207
E. 78332097
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Notice that in distracter B the digits have not been changed but rather rearranged: 920 instead of 209. This is another way to confuse candidates who find all characters present but fail to pay attention to their ordering.

The correct answer is B.

Tip: It is sometimes helpful to break the sequence down. In this case, for example, 7813 and 2097. Testing the first will help you eliminate A and E while testing the second will help you eliminate C and D.

SHL Checking Test Preparation

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Practice for Other SHL Aptitude Tests

SHL Assessments are one of the most common providers of cognitive and personality tests worldwide. Their psychometric tests are designed to ascertain job candidates on a side range of competencies and capabilities.

SHL’s Verify Assessments are their most popular and combine a number of different fields. They also offer more specific examinations in numerical reasoning, deductive reasoning, calculating, mechanical comprehension, and verbal reasoning.

The company also offers a personality test known as the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and a behavioral assessment known as the SHL Situational Judgement Test.

You can learn more about any SHL test by taking a free sample test online.

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How are SHL assessments scored?

SHL tests are graded using percentile rank rather than absolute rank. This means that your SHL test score will reflect how well you do in relation to other test takers.

Is the SHL Checking Test hard?

The SHL Checking Test is brief. Its difficulty, therefore, lies not in having to focus intensely or crouch over a computer for a long time. Instead, the difficulty stems from having to perform a task that, without practice, is a bit unnatural and unintuitive. This is why preparation is essential, so you can be at your best on test day.

How do I pass the SHL Checking Test?

To pass your checking test, it is recommended that you answer sample questions and prepare yourself well. Samples are available on the SHL website as well as on our SHL Prep Pack.

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