Korn Ferry Talent-Q Tests Preparation

If you are looking for information regarding the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, you can find it here.

There are two Talent Q tests you may take. Let's go over each one of them.

Talent Q Tests: Elements Vs. Aspects

These two Talent Q test variations are nearly identical. Both have three sections and the first two, Numerical and Verbal, are the same in either version. (Although the difficulty levels may differ between them. These sections are harder in Elements than in Aspects).

The last section is what separates them. In Talent Q Elements, the third section is logical reasoning. And in the Talent Q Aspects, the third section is error checking.

The Elements tests are designed for graduate, professional, managerial and executive-level recruitment. The Aspects Tests are designed for volume recruitment for positions on the front line, customer service and in sales roles.

This PrepPack will help you prepare for your test, even if you don't know exactly which of the two tests you are going to take.

Talent Q Elements Test:

Here is a great video explains all you need to know about the Talent Q Elements Test:

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Talent Q Elements Logical Reasoning - Sample Question: 

Talent q sample questions
Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is alternative #2.

The pop-up: All the cells in the matrix contain three out of the four following symbols: ‘#’, ‘♥’, ‘○’ and ‘♫’. Only one of the alternatives fits this rule – #2.

The complete logic: The symbols form a sequence which “moves” one step to the right every time we go down from one cell to the cell below it (in a similar way, we can say that the sequence “moves” one step to the left every time we move from one cell to the cell to its right).

Applying this logic to the missing cell, we now know that the middle and right symbols should be ‘○’ and ‘♫’, accordingly, and the left symbol should be ‘♥’. Thus, the correct answer is #2.



Talent Q Aspects Test:

The Talent Q Aspects test is designed to test skills that you will need on the job: reading text, reading tables and charts, and paying attention to detail while under pressure (error checking).

These three skills can all be improved significantly with focused practice. Whether or not you did well in school, it’s essential to practice because the aspects tests are different from tests you took in school and time pressure is a major factor.


Talent Q Aspects Error Checking Test - Sample Question

In the table below, is the information in the two columns the same? 

Talent Q Aspects
Answer & Explanation

Yes, All items are identical.


Talent Q Scoring

Your raw score in the Talent Q  tests is determined by all of your correct answers while taking the difficulty level of each question into account.  

Then, your score is compared to the appropriate comparison group:
  • Professional, graduate and managerial    
  • Customer service, administrative and similar (non-graduate)   
  • Composite (everyone from the Talent Q database )

Your final score then falls into one of 5 grades by comparing your score against other candidates in your comparison group:

E- Well below average D- Below average C- Average B- Above average A- Well above average 

This means that it is not enough to do well on the test, since you will need to surpass your competitors' scores as well.

Talent Q Practice

One of the things that makes Korn Ferry Talent-Q unique is the amount of irrelevant information thrown into the mix to throw you off-kilter. Additionally, the test much be completed with breakneck speed, so it is essential to prepare.

 Talent Q All-Inclusive PrepPack™

In this all-Inclusive PrepPack™ you will find 21 full-length tests and 24 guides tests covering all aspects of your Talent-Q Talent Q Elements or Aspects tests.

You will get an in-depth, well-rounded understanding of this unique and challenging test, helping you to surpass your competition and get the job.

Our team of experts verify the effectiveness of the test and couple it with feedback from test-takers like you that have previously tried this product.

We ensured that you are getting the most thorough and up-to-date materials available anywhere online.


Babatunde A. - Talent Q All inclusive Pack PrepPack Verified Buyer

The PrepPack was very helpful, as it gave me a proper idea as to what to expect on the assessment. It also helped douse most of the tension I had.  The customer care was efficient.



About Talent Q and Korn Ferry

When the Hay Group-Korn Ferry announced its purchase of Talent Q in 2014, it became clear that the use of the test would greatly expand among companies conducting hiring processes.

The two companies brought together amazing talent to expand operations to over 50 countries, including 40 languages, encompassing over 1,000 companies in a cross-section of fields.

Just last year, the company furthered its evolution by consolidating to a single brand name “Korn Ferry” to offer integrated and robust solutions to better meet the needs of its clientele.

If you are looking for information regarding the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, you can find it here.


Talent Q FAQs

What is the passing score for the Talent Q Logical test?

Although there is no pass/fail score for this test, your score is compared to that of other candidates applying for the same job position.

Usually, you have to score at or above the 80th percentile to continue in the application process.

Can this test be taken more than once?

The Talent Q Logical test is usually only given once during each job application process.

What is the duration of the Talent Q Logical test? 

The Talent Q Elements Logical test has a time limit of 75 seconds per question.

What does the Talent Q Elements Logical test consist of? 

This test presents a total of 12 questions which are shown as matrices.

A matrix is presented as a table with cells containing symbols that make up a pattern across the rows and columns of the matrix.

Can the skills measured by the Talent Q test be improved?  

Yes. With proper practise and resources, you can enhance your logical and analytical skills to locate the underlying pattern in each sequence of cells within the given period of time.

Korn Ferry, the company that administers the Talent-Q tests say as much on its website:

"Putting time into practising the kinds of questions featured in ability tests is the best way of maximising your performance and boosting your confidence."

What if I am not able to answer all the questions in the time given? 

You don’t need to worry about answering every single question. The goal is to get as many questions correct as possible, so skipping the harder questions to get more right can help you in the long run.

Where will the Talent Q Logical test be held? 

You will be required to take the exam either on-site at the company’s location or online while sitting in a quiet area without distractions.

Can I ask questions during the test?

On test day, you will most likely not get a chance to ask questions.

Upon receiving an invitation to complete the Talent Q Logical test, you should ask any questions you have before your test day.

Are there breaks during the test?

It is not common to have breaks during the test, so make sure to be entirely prepared before sitting down to start.



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