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With 21 full-length tests and 24 guides, this is a great place to start preparing and getting to grips with Talent-Q tests. In this PrepPack™, you will find tests covering numerical, verbal, logical, as well as combination tests. All of these are aimed to give you a complete practice so you will be ready for your Talent -Q tests.

Talent Q Sample Questions

Numerical sample question:

The correct answer is more, by 485.

To determine how many more or less employed graduates there were in 1990 than in 2000, you should calculate the number of graduates employed in both 2000 and 1990 and subtract the figures.

The number of employed in 1990 = Private + State = 1,475 + 1,610 = 3,085.

The number of employed in 2000 = Private + State = 1,250 + 1,350 = 2,600.

As you can see, there were more employed graduates in 1990 than in 2000.

The difference in the number of employed in 1990 and 2000 = 3,085 – 2,600 = 485.

Verbal sample question:

The question deals with the economic effects of ICTs and only them (as opposed to other possible effects that ICTs have). The economic effects of ICTS can be found mainly in the second half of the first paragraph. Let us identify them: ICTs ‘provide access to information which can in turn...’: (1) create earning opportunities (2) improve access to basic services (3) increase the impact of education and health interventions (4) give the poor a voice to demand government support and reforms. Therefore, the correct answer is: F, as creating earning opportunities means improved business opportunities. Note that E isn't correct since the passage goes on to discuss the inequality created by ICTs. A isn't the correct answer because although it is an ICT effect, it is not an economic one.

Abstract sample question: 

The correct answer is alternative #2.

The pop-up: All the cells in the matrix contain three out of the four following symbols: ‘#’, ‘♥’, ‘○’ and ‘♫’. Only one of the alternatives fits this rule – #2.

The complete logic: The symbols form a sequence which “moves” one step to the right every time we go down from one cell to the cell below it (in a similar way, we can say that the sequence “moves” one step to the left every time we move from one cell to the cell to its right).

Applying this logic to the missing cell, we now know that the middle and right symbols should be ‘○’ and ‘♫’, accordingly, and the left symbol should be ‘♥’. Thus, the correct answer is #2.

If you are looking for information regarding the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, you can find it here.


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