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  • Predictive Index study guide
  • Additional materials:
    • Full-length personality test
    • One Personality Test Theory study guide
    • One bonus Motivation and Culture Fit study guide
  • Online access and practice 24/7
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The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment has been prevalent in the business world for the past 60 years. This pre-employment assessment is used globally by more than 8,000 organizations, from dental businesses to sports teams, and it has been translated into 70 languages.


What Is the Predictive Index (PI) Test?

The PI Behavioral Assessment measures six primary characteristics of personality:

  • Dominance: To what extent do you try to control your environment?
  • Extroversion: To what extent do you seek social interaction with others?
  • Patience: To what extent do you look for consistency and stability in your environment?
  • Formality: To what extent do you try to conform to formal rules and structure?
  • Decision-making: To what extent do you process information and make decisions?
  • Response level: To what extent do you maintain a high level of energy, activity, and stamina?

From the view of prospective employers, the goal of administering a PI Behavioral Assessment is predicting workplace performance. Candidates' responses on the PI indicate behavioral propensities.

Some of the dozens of industries that make use of the Predictive Index include financial services, manufacturing, business services, healthcare, hospitality, and transportation.

Tips for PI Test Results

You are painting your own behavioral picture with each of the adjectives you check or leave blank. Below are few tips To improve your PI test results: 

  • Consider every adjective from the point of view of your prospective employer.
  • Before taking the PI, research the employer and the tasks involved in a specific job.
  • Approach each adjective in accordance with the parameters of the job and the attitudes and goals of the company.
  • If the employer is focused, For example, on moral values and the job entails working with other individuals, "helpful," "calm," and "steady" are a few of the adjectives you should choose to describe yourself as well as to describe how you are seen by others.
  • Be consistent in your selection of adjectives.

Pass the Predictive Index for These Affiliates & Partners

Below is a table of the main Predictive Index certified partners. If a company or organizations using the PI test, invites you to take an assessment, it is highly likely that in addition to the Predictive Index Learning Indicator test, you will also be required to take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. Our dedicated PrepPacks™ can help you thoroughly prepare for the various assessments.

North County Health Chevron Meridian Aya Healthcare
InterContinental Hotels Group River City Bank JDA Software  Red Gold
Accord Management System Synergy CMC Nast Partners Proactive Signs
HHG Consulting Talent 20/20 Meaden & Moore Oliver Group
Advisa USA Advenir Holding Pte. Lts Cubo Consulting DayTu
AE Herman Associates Breakfree Strategies Hunter-Ross Esperta
Arcos Cascade Employers Association Greenwood MGMT Resources Focal Point Strategies
Human Consulting Group MCG Partners Outside in Leading SHIFT
Inspirit Growth MEA People Lynx Spark the Discussion
Predictive Results Predictive Insight Predictive Advantage Resource PI
Predictive Strategy Group Predictive Success Corp Predictive Advisors Predictive Excellence
Kinsey Management MindWire Praendex Synergy CMC
Intelytics Inc. Pegasystems Perspective Consulting Wipfli
Arcos Advisory Clavis Consultants The Confidant Group GVS Engage
Loyalia People Engines Humanostics The Cornerstone Group


 What Our Predictive Index Test PrepPack™ Includes

JobTestPrep's Predictive Index preparation pack is comprised of a comprehensive Predictive Index study guide, which is custom help for getting you through the Predictive Index test, one full-length personality test, and two other study guides.

Our Predictive Index study guide explains the underlying principles of the Predictive Index and outlines how to approach the test with confidence. It also describes, in great detail, the structure and specific characteristics of the Predictive Index assessment, while also providing exercises, reports, graphs, profiles, and in-depth explanations.

The Personality Test Theory study guide explains the purpose of personality tests, outlines popular personality test formats, provides information on how to analyze and break down personality test instructions (to ensure that you understand what each test is truly looking for or assessing), and provides you with personality test tips.

The Motivation and Culture Fit study guide is a bonus study guide that describes and outlines your compatibility and preferences to a job position and organization, based on your personality test results.

The personality test will give you an understanding of how personality tests look and how to use them to your advantage. Ensure your success on the Predictive Index test with JobTestPrep's PrepPack™

 How to Pass a Predictive Index Test?


How to Prepare for the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assesment Test?

The Predictive Index is one of many behavioral profiling tools used in the employment world. Employers stress honest answers in order to ensure the job is right for you. However, it is important to make sure that the descriptive adjectives you check are ones that employers would like to see you demonstrate.

JobTestPrep offers professional preparation to help you reach your maximum potential during the hiring process, but especially on assessments. Our Predictive Index PrepPack™ consists of personality test practice, three detailed study guides, and an in-depth report and profile. These materials provide you with an understanding of which traits employers are looking for and, of course, which traits applicants should avoid highlighting. Start preparing for success today.

 Format and Content of the Predictive Index Test

The PI Behavioral Assessment is available in three formats: paper–and–pencil, desktop, and internet-based. Though untimed, the assessment generally takes between five to 10 minutes to complete.

There are two pages on the assessment, each containing a list of 86 adjectives. One of the pages requires you to check the adjectives that reflect your behavior. The other set of those same adjectives are to be checked in accordance with how you think others perceive you and expect you to act.

The results of the PI Behavioral Assessment provide two patterns of an individual’s workplace behavior. 

  1. Self: A reflection of an individual’s natural drives and needs, as well as a description of how he or she naturally react in an environment or in certain situations.
  2. Self-Concept: A reflection of how an individual may be adapting his or her natural behaviors to the expectations of his or her current work environment.

Comparing "Self" to "Self-Concept" can reveal tension or synergy between an individual and his or her current workplace. This can be used to identify the root of observed behaviors and to help the company in both the hiring process and to improve work for current employees.

The following are some sample adjectives found on the Predictive Index: helpful, esteemed, calm, cultured, cynical, passive, and steady.

What Is the Predictive Index Learning Indicator Test?

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI) is a cognitive ability test that candidates are given in addition to the behavioral assessment in order to create a more detailed candidate profile. The purpose of the PI LI assessment is to measure your cognitive ability or your capacity to learn and adapt in the workplace. Our preparation pack includes simulated practice questions, answer explanations, and study guides. For more information, please see our PI LI cognitive ability page

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