Predictive Index Test Bundle - Cognitive & Behavioral Assessment

About Predictive Index

Predictive Index (or PI for short) is a leading psychometric assessment company from the United States which was founded over sixty years ago in 1955. Although Predictive Index began as a company that offers behavioral assessment tools (PI Behavioral Assessment), they have since grown and now also offer a leading cognitive assessment tool (PI Cognitive Assessment) as well as a tool used by organizations to internally analyze their positions and the attributes they’re looking for in applicants (Predictive Index Job Assessment).

These three assessments together mean that Predictive Index offer tools for comprehensive, in-depth analysis when it comes to a company’s HR needs, and it’s no surprise that these are used by some of the job market’s leading employers, including IBM, Canon, Nissan, and more.

The Predictive Index Test is as tough as it is respected, so being well prepared is crucial. Our test development team have learned the tests in and out to make sure that we can offer accurate and thorough Predictive Index prep which guarantees you get the score you need.



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