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The Purpose of the HBRI

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) is one of the Hogan Assessments that assesses your reasoning skills, enabling employers to understand your unique problem solving styles, capabilities, and weaknesses. This inventory is used specifically in the business community as the HBRI identifies reasoning abilities and problem solving styles that predict success in business. The HBRI can be utilized for your initial job placement as well as throughout your career. 

The HBRI Focus

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory assesses your problem solving ability and your ability to make business decisions. The HBRI especially focuses on your ability to look back at your past efforts to identify problems, and your skill solving these problems so as not repeat them. 

What Does the HBRI Measure?

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory measures your reasoning ability in order to predict your performance in the field. The HBRI assesses two elements of reasoning:

  • Tactical Reasoning - your problem solving capability and your ability to deduce practical conclusions upon learning facts. Those who are disciplined, steady, and precise tend to achieve high scores in this area
  • Strategic Reasoning - your ability to detect gaps, logical flaws, and errors in graphs, memos, written reports, data tables, diagrams, and numerical projections. Those who score high in this area tend to be curious and interested in feedback.

Prepare for the HBRI

JobTestPrep can help you prepare online for your HBRI Hogan test. Studying in advance allows you to get valuable feedback on your performance. Increase your confidence on testing day by familiarizing yourself with the HBRI test. JobTestPrep is developing practice tests to ensure you achieve high scores and impress potential employers.

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Coming Soon – Hogan HBRI

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