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Morgan Stanley Hiring Process

Morgan Stanley is one of the leading investment banks and financial services in the world, located in over 36 different countries with over 60,000 members of staff worldwide. It is unsurprising that their job vacancies are highly competitive and that Morgan Stanley's human resources have designed a challenging recruitment process for prospective candidates. Depending on the specific role that you are applying for, you may have to complete all of, or some of, the following job application stages.   

Morgan Stanley Application Process

The first stage of the Morgan Stanley recruitment process entails submitting an online application. The application process consists of four sections: Personal Information; Education and Experience; Preferences; and Additional Attachments. Once you have filled out all sections you will then be asked to review everything before you submit your application.

Morgan Stanley Online Assessment Tests

Candidates are often required to pass various online aptitude tests, such as the Morgan Stanley general reasoning test (GRT), the Morgan Stanley numerical reasoning test, or a logical reasoning test. The General Reasoning Test is a combination of numerical, verbal and logical reasoning questions. Reasoning aptitude tests specifically measure reasoning skills such as thinking logically, making good judgments, and processing information and data. Other online assessment tests may include the Morgan Stanley Situational Judgement Test (SJT), which assesses cognitive, behavioral and decision-making skills through hypothetical work-related scenarios. 


Online Preparation for the Morgan Stanley Assessment Tests

As one of the largest multinational financial institutions, openings at Morgan Stanley are highly coveted and therefore very competitive. Being familiar with the various tests and assessments comprising the Morgan Stanley recruitment process, we can help you improve your chances for success with our comprehensive practice tests and build your confidence in preparation for your upcoming Morgan Stanley assessment.


Morgan Stanley Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning tests present math word problems in the form of a story and require you to figure out and implement the correct method to solve the math problem. Being familiar with the style of questions can make all the difference under timed conditions. Brush up on your math skills and practice mathematical reasoning tests with JobTestPrep's comprehensive mathematical reasoning practice resources. 

Morgan Stanley Caliper Personality Test

Some of the Morgan Stanley job positions require you to take the Caliper personality test, which is available online and in pen and paper formats. This is a multiple-choice exam with 98 questions. While most applicants spend about one hour taking the Caliper personality test, there is no actual time limit. It is essential that you answer every question, as the Caliper test cannot be scored if there are any blank spaces on the answer sheet.

Morgan Stanley Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning aptitude tests present information in the form of tables and graphs and require you to interpret and analyze numerical data, work out percentages and ratios, and understand different charts. The Morgan Stanley numerical test assesses your ability to understand complex numerical data and how well you work under pressure. 

Morgan Stanley Internships and Graduate Programs

Morgan Stanley offers many different graduate schemes in different regions, including Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. These schemes include full-time opportunities, internships and off-cycle internships, such as the popular Morgan Stanley summer internship, and the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Internship. The specific recruitment process depends on each program and location, and may include the following stages:

  • Interview: The interview may take place via the phone, video conferencing or in person and will be either competency-based, strengths-based, skills-based or technical, depending on the position.  
  • Aptitude Tests: Tests may include a combination of numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, logical reasoning tests, accuracy tests and language proficiency tests.  
  • Assessment Center: The final part of the recruitment process may include a half-day Morgan Stanley assessment center with interviews, further tests, presentations and a group exercise.   

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor Assessment Test

If you are applying for the position of a financial advisor, or to one of the Financial Advisor Training Programs, you will most likely be given two assessment tests: a reasoning test and a financial advisor assessment test.

  • Reasoning Test: This test is typically the Siena Reasoning Test (SRT), which is designed to predict your ability to pass the Series 7 License, by assessing your capability to process information and make logical conclusions and decisions from given information.
  • The Financial Advisor Assessment test: This test has two sections. The first section is an interactive simulation where you are asked to choose the best solution in given scenarios. In the second section, you will answer questions related to your previous work and life experiences.

Morgan Stanley Interviews

After completing the online application and assessment test stages, you will be invited to start the interview stage. There are three kinds of Morgan Stanley interviews: a video interview, a recruiter interview, and an in-person interview.

  • Video Interview - You will be asked to complete an on-demand video interview. The interview can be completed at your convenience from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You will be asked 7 questions with 3 minutes to answer each question.
  • Recruiter Interview - If you have passed the assessments, you will be contacted by someone on the recruiting team to discuss your background, and the job opportunity further.
  • Face to face interview - Is usually held on-site with a manager. You will be asked S.T.A.R type of questions about your ambitions, experience, and how will you cope with work situations. 

Facing a series of interviews can be apprehensive, but we are here to help you prepare for any possible interview question. Learn more about the STAR method of interviewing, how to impress your recruiters and give the best impression of your skills and experience. We can help you prepare for the various Morgan Stanley interviews with our unique interview PrepPack™.

Prepare for your Morgan Stanley Tests

With a large variety of employment programs and job positions, Morgan Stanley offers entry-level positions for students and graduates, and more senior roles for experienced professionals and financial advisors. The challenging recruitment process may seem intimidating, but JobTestPrep is here to help you navigate the different stages and lead to you to career success. Start preparing today and ensure your best chances of success in attaining a job at Morgan Stanley.   

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