Morgan Stanley Hiring Process

Depending on the position you are applying for, you may have to complete some, or all of the following stages. 

Morgan Stanley Online Assessment Test

The assessment test is a timed exam that measures various aspects of your capacity to reason. Reasoning capabilities are categorized as thinking logically, making good judgments, and processing information and data. These reasoning-based skills are particularly important for functioning effectively in the complex and information rich work environments that characterize business today.

The assessment test you will be given varies based on the position you are applying for.

If you are applying for the position of a financial advisor, or to the Financial Advisor Training Program, you will most likely be given two assessment tests, a reasoning test and a financial advisor assessment test.

  • The reasoning test, typically the Siena Reasoning Test (SRT), is meant to predict your ability to pass the Series 7 License, by assessing your capability to process information and make logical conclusions and decisions from given information.
  • The Financial Advisor Assessment test has two sections. The first section is an Interactive Simulation where you will choose the best solution in the given scenario. In the second section, you will answer questions related to your previous work and life experiences.


In addition to online tests, Morgan Stanley utilizes additional platforms in order to evaluate their potential employees.

The first stage of the recruitment process entails submitting an application. The application process consists four sections: Personal Information; Education and Experience; Preferences; and Additional Attachments. Once you have filled out all sections you will then be asked to review everything before you submit your application.

Business Plan

The business plan is to be completed at home, and is used to explain your targeted marketing strategy and prospecting plan for developing a client base.

Morgan Stanley Interviews

After completing the online application and assessment test you will have two kinds of interviews: a video interview and a recruiter interview.

Video Interview - You will be asked to complete an on demand video interview. The interview can be completed at your convenience from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You will be asked 7 questions with 3 minutes to answer each question.

Recruiter Interview - If you have passed the assessments, you will be contacted by someone on the recruiting team to discuss your background and the job opportunity further.

Prepare for Morgan Stanley

As one of the largest multinational financial institutions, openings at Morgan Stanley are highly coveted and therefore very competitive. Being familiar with the various tests and assessments comprising the Morgan Stanley recruitment process, we invite you to improve your chances by practicing with out practice tests. These will allow you to develop your logical reasoning skills and build your confidence in preparation for your upcoming Morgan Stanley assessment.

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