Procter & Gamble Virtual Job Preview Preparation

In this PrepPack™ you will get instant access to eight full-length Talent-Q-style tests. As well as this, there are an additional eight basic math tests that will give you extra practice and skills that you need to succeed. Moreover, there are 13 situational judgement tests (SJT's), in- basket exercises and a number of different study guides and video tutorials. 

Why Should You Buy This PrepPack™?

There are many different candidates applying for one particular job. This is why aptitude tests are used. They are not there to find the best candidate, they are used as a sifting tool in order to weed out the worst candidates. All of this is done automatically by a computer system. To get even half a foot in the door, you need to perform at a high level on these tests. For this reason, it is imperative that you are fully prepared for it. This is why we have created this PrepPack™ which, to the best of our knowledge, resembles the tests that you will be sitting and is a great preparation tool. 

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