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Game-Based Assessment Example- The Balloon Game

Arctic Shores Balloon Game Example

Source - JobTestPrep Pymetrics practice test. 


About this game: you can find the Balloon game in both the Pymetrics and Arctic Shores game assessments. In this game, you have to pump the balloon and choose when to exchange it with money, so that you earn as much money as possible. Each pump increases the amount of money, but can also potentially burst the balloon, losing the money accumulated so far.  

The challenge here is choosing the best exchange timing, without bursting the balloon. So, even though it seems simple- this task requires learning and recognizing different explosion patterns, to take calculated risks and maximize your earnings.



There are many different types of game assessments, each involves unique challenges. Go to your relevant game assessment page to discover its challenges and practice acing its games:


Game-Based Assessments in Top Leading Companies   

Company Name Game Assessment in use 
PwC Arctic Shores games
Shell HireVue Assessment 
Unilever Pymetrics games & HireVue video assessment
IBM Cognify games
KPMG Arctic Shores Assessment games
Deloitte Pymetrics games & HireVue video assessment
Procter and Gamble  Procter and Gamble Interactive Assessment

Game-Based Assessments - Find Your Practice


The Pymetrics games are a series of 12 online games used to screen job applicants in many leading companies such as Unilever and JP Morgan. These games assess 91 varied cognitive and behavioral traits, based on the way you behave when playing each game. These are the tests:


For full practice tests for the Pymetrics Assessment visit our Pymetrics Assessment page

For samples and explanations about the Pymetrics games visit our free Pymetrics Games practice Page. 


Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores tests are a collection of 10 games, used to select job applicants for many organizations such as PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG. These games assess 34 cognitive and behavioral traits, such as resilience, information processing, creativity, and emotional intelligence. 


To learn more about each game and its challenges visit our Arctic Shores Assessment page



The SmartPredict assessment is a popular assessment comprised of 4 short, gamified tasks- the switch challenge, grid challenge, digit challenge, and motion challenge. It is used by large-scale companies such as Procter and Gamble (P&G), Morgan Stanley, and more.


Take a look at the SmartPredict games, and get full practice simulations on our SmartPredict Assessment page.



HireVue provides various types of interactive assessments used to evaluate job candidates. Among them, the HireVue game-based assessment is comprised of 11 games that assess cognitive and interpersonal skills. In addition, HireVue provides an automated pre-recorded video interview platform and job simulations, used by companies such as Shell, Unilever, and Deloitte.


If you have any more questions about the HireView Assessment, feel free to send us an email and we will do our best to help within 24 hours.



Cognify games are a collection of 6 online mini-games that assess cognitive skills related to three main categories: Problem Solving, Numerical Reasoning, and Verbal reasoning. These tests are provided by Criteria and used in the hiring process of many organizations such as IBM and the Australian Police.


To learn more about this assessment visit our Cognify Page.



The Emotify assessment is provided by Criteria as well and is often given in addition to the Cognify tests, to assess emotional intelligence. In this game, you will be asked to choose emotional responses to different scenarios.


To learn more about this assessment visit our Emotify Test Page.


Procter and Gamble

The P&G Assessment consists of three interactive gamified challenges- the Switch Challenge, Grid Challenge, and Digit Challenge, along with the Procter and Gamble PEAK Performance Assessment. These tests evaluate various cognitive skills such as numerical reasoning, spatial orientation, memory, and more to identify suitable candidates for leading positions at P&G.


For full P&G practice tests visit our P&G assessment page.

To try sample questions visit the free P&G practice test. 



Both the ATSA and FEAST assessments are used to select Air Traffic Control candidates (the FAA uses ATSA for American candidates, while the FEAST is used mainly in Europe and in Canada).  These assessments involve interactive gamified tasks, that assess multi-tasking- the ability to divide your attention and make quick decisions.


Learn more about the ATSA and the collision simulation.

Learn more about the FEAST tests.


Can't find your game-based assessment? Please send us an email and we will be happy to help with any questions.


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