The Pymetrics Digits Game - Full Guide [2024]
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In 2022 Harver – the talent acquisition and talent management company – purchased the Pymetrics games. They added these gamified tests to their platform with data-driven recruitment solutions to enhance their innovative Harver Assessments.

What Is the Pymetrics Digits Game?

The Pymetrics Digits Game is one of 12 Pymetrics games. It presents you with a sequence of flashing digits, which you will then need to repeat in the correct order.

  • The first sequence contains 4 digits.
  • If you repeat the sequence correctly, it will increase by one.
  • If you repeat it incorrectly, it will decrease by one.
  • The game will terminate after 3 wrong answers.
Pymetrics Digits Memory Game

What Does the Digits Game Measure?

The main aim of the Digits Game is to test your short-term memory.

However, it will also analyze your in-game behavior to see how you react to the challenge. In the world of Pymetrics, that is referred to as Methodical vs. Biased to Action.

Let’s see what each means.



A methodical attention style means that you are thorough, restrained, and prefer to avoid errors. In the Pymetrics Digits game, this will be reflected by a cautious and slow game style.


Biased to Action

A Biased-to-Action attention style means that you are not deterred by mistakes and stand on your feet quickly. In the Pymetrics Digits game, this will be reflected by a quick game style, with less fear of mistakes.

What Is a Good Score in the Pymetrics Digits Game?

As in all Pymetrics Games, Pymetrics does not publish official test standards and scores.

However, from the research of around 1000 test-takers who used JobTestPrep’s accurate simulation of the Pymetrics Games, we can give you some interesting facts:

  • The average test-taker memorizes a maximum of 8-9 digits.
  • To score in the top 20% of test-takers you should memorize around 11 digits.

How Can I Improve My Score in the Pymetrics Digits Game?

The research I’ve mentioned above shows some important insights as to the best ways to prepare for the Digits Game:

  • Mere repetition of the test practice does not guarantee an increase in your score.
  • Candidates who did improve were able to increase their maximal memorization sequence by 3 digits on average.
  • It is likely that these candidates have combined practice with memorization tricks.


Combine Accurate Practice with Memorization Tricks to Amp Up Your Performance

  • Accurate simulation of the Pymetrics Digits Game and other 11 Pymetrics Games.
  • Infinite test attempts
  • Detailed score report
  • Tips to form your best game strategy

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While very simple in structure, there is more to the Pymetrics Digits Game than meets the eye. Not only your memory but your behavior is also assessed here. To truly succeed in this test, as well as in all other 11 Pymetrics Games, you need to practice effectively and with intent.

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