The Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1– Full Guide
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In 2022 Harver – the talent acquisition and talent management company – purchased the Pymetrics games. They added these gamified tests to their platform with data-driven recruitment solutions to enhance their innovative Harver Assessments.


What is the Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1?

The Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1 is one of two Money Exchange Games in a series of 12 Pymetrics games. This game assesses your trust and risk-taking abilities.

The game has one round of play, which goes as follows:

  • You are randomly paired with another participant.
  • You are given $10.
  • You are given the option to transfer any amount out of your ten dollars to your partner. If transferred, the amount will triple.
  • Your partner is given the option to transfer any amount of his money back to you.
  • You are asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how fair your partner was in his transaction.


Pymetrics money Exchange Game 1

What Does the Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1 Measure?

The Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1 game measures trust and risk-taking abilities.


How much do you trust your colleagues?

Trust is an essential element of any workplace relationship, and it is affected by several variables, such as consistency of actions, quality of work, and commitment to shared goals. In the Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1, this will be reflected in the amount of money you are willing to transfer to your partner.


How much risk you are willing to take with an unfamiliar partner?

A candidate who chooses to transfer a large amount of money will be considered either adventurous, a good team player, or both. In comparison, a candidate who chooses to transfer a small amount of money, if any, will be considered either cautious, a soloist, or both.

Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1 vs. Money Exchange Game #2

The Pymetrics assessment test includes two money exchange games. While they might look similar, the difference is in their structure and in the measured traits.

  • Money Exchange Game #1 features one round, and it assesses your trust and risk-taking abilities tendencies by asking you to transfer any amount of money to your partner.
  • Money Exchange Game #2 assesses your altruism tendencies. In this game, both you and your partner are given money, but only one of you receives an extra amount that can be transferred between you and your partner.

What Is the Best Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1 Strategy?

There is no preferred strategy for the Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1, and it depends on the characteristics of the position.

  • If the role involves working in a team, you should be more trusting and give more of your money to your partner.
  • On the other hand, if the role requires risk assessment and consideration of your resources, you should be more cautious and give less money to your partner.

Keep in mind that the rank you give to your partner is a display of your sense of fairness. Always make your choice according to what you deserve based on the amount you transferred and not based and what you would like to receive.

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Although simple in structure, the Pymetrics Money Exchange Game #1 requires careful thought before making a move. Your choices throughout the game provide an assessment of your behavioral characteristics and how they materialize in your working environment. With focused practice, you can formulate the proper strategy for your needs in the specific position for which you applied.

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