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In 2022 Harver – the talent acquisition and talent management company – purchased the Pymetrics games. They added these gamified tests to their platform with data-driven recruitment solutions to enhance their innovative Harver Assessments.

What Is the Pymetrics Cards Game?

The Card game is one of 12 Pymetrics games.

It assesses your risk-taking, pattern recognition, and learning abilities through several rounds that go as follows:

  • You will have to draw cards from four different decks, one card at a time, each time from whichever deck you like.
  • For each draw, you can earn or lose money. Your objective is to win the largest amount possible by the game's end.
  • You can do this by recognizing patterns, but be careful! It's not as simple as some decks are all good and others all bad. Decks that make you a large amount of cash can also cost you dearly.
  • You will not know if a card grants or deducts money until after you draw it.

The game will terminate after a predetermined number of card-drawing rounds.


Pymetrics Card Game Example

What Does the Card Game Measure?

The Pymetrics Card game measures three traits: risk-taking, pattern recognition, and learning abilities.


How much risk you are willing to take if you want to earn more money than you lose?

A candidate who mainly draws from a deck that seems to grant consistently mild rewards but also smaller penalties will be considered cautious. In comparison, a candidate who primarily draws from the deck that makes more money but also dishes out more substantial losses will be considered adventurous.

Pattern Recognition

Though it may seem like it, the frequency of earning and losing money is not random, and each deck displays its own distinctive pattern. While playing the game, you'll be able to recognize the different patterns. The earlier in the game you do so, the sooner you can start choosing strategically how often to draw from each deck.

Learning Abilities

Your learning ability is measured by the speed and flexibility of acquiring and implementing new knowledge and skills. This game assesses how long it takes you to recognize the pattern of each deck and how quickly you can apply it for your gain.

What Is a Good Score in the Cards Game?

Pymetrics does not publish official information for this question, partly because the answer varies between positions and organizations.

However, after researching the subject, playing the actual assessment several times, and reviewing feedback from our customers, we concluded that the highest possible is around 6000.

What Is the Best Pymetrics Cards Game Strategy?

There is no preferred strategy for the Pymetrics Card Game, and it depends on the position's profile and the organization's culture. For certain roles, you should display cautious behavior, while others necessitate a more adventurous style.

If you don't know the position's requirements, you can look at the job ad or the job description on the organization's website.

Practice and Learn Pattern Recognizing Tricks to Ace the Cards Game

JobTestPrep offers a Pymetrics Preparation Pack, which includes:

  • Accurate simulation of the Pymetrics Cards Game and other 11 Pymetrics Games.
  • Infinite test attempts
  • Detailed score report
  • Tips to form your best game strategy

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Although it seems random and impossible to crack, the Pymetrics Card Game is a highly complex assessment tool that measures your learning abilities and behavioral characteristics.

With proper preparation and strategy, you can sharpen your natural skills and money gains.

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