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What Is the Pymetrics Tower Game?

The Pymetrics Tower Game is one of 12 Pymetrics games.

This game's purpose is to assess your strategic planning abilities.

It features one round of play, which goes as follows:

  • You will be presented with three towers, each one consisting of several colored disks stacked vertically, and a diagram displaying what all three towers should look like by the end of the assignment.
  • You will need to organize the disks according to the diagram using the least number of moves.
  • You can only move the top disk of the tower at a time, and only one disk can be changed place with each move.

You have 2 minutes to complete the game. At any point, you will have the option to undo a move or to clear the board and restart the game.


Pymetrics Tower Game

Resemblance to the Tower of London & Tower of Hanoi Games

The Pymetrics Tower Game is based on a game called Tower of London, which is related to another well-known problem-solving game called Towers of Hanoi.

In both games, the goal is to rearrange a set of objects stacked on three poles from their initial position into a specific order. Apart from that, however, the games differ in rules and objective.

In the Tower of London, all the objects are the same size but differ in color. The game's goal is to rearrange the objects according to an example that is provided.

In the Towers of Hanoi, the objects differ in size and have varying diameters. At their opening position, all the objects are stacked on one pole in order of decreasing size, with the smallest on the top. The goal of the game is to move the entire stack from one pole to another in the same order of smallest to biggest.

What Does the Tower Game Measure?

The Pymetrics Card game measures strategic planning abilities – the process in which you make a plan and mentally define the steps you are going to take before taking them.

This process includes two stages:

  • First, you need to understand the given task and what you are required to do to accomplish it.
  • Next, identify potential obstacles and outline the optional strategies to overcome them. Once you figure it out and your plan is ready, you can take the first step toward achieving your goal.

What Is a Good Score in the Pymetrics Tower Game?

Pymetrics does not publish official information on this question.

However, after researching the subject, playing the actual assessment several times, and reviewing feedback from our customers, we concluded that the smallest number of steps that can be taken to solve the task is nine.

What Is the Best Pymetrics Tower Game Strategy?

The game measures two factors:

  • The number of moves made to finish the task
  • The planning time before making the first move.

This initial time reflects the amount of planning you invested in the task before making any move. Waiting a few seconds shows that you can plan and form a strategy before taking action.

This ability is desirable in candidates and shows they are organized and not hasty when given an assignment.

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This innocent-looking game is actually an assessment of the way you think and plan when given a task. To succeed on this test, you need accurate practice that also includes planning strategy tools.

In 2022 Harver – the talent acquisition and talent management company – purchased the Pymetrics games. They added these gamified tests to their platform with data-driven recruitment solutions to enhance their innovative Harver Assessments.

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