Amazon Area & Ops Manager Assessment [Virtual Job Tryout]

What Is the Amazon Virtual Job Tryout?

The Amazon Virtual Job Tryout is an online assessment usually given to applicants after they pass the initial resume screening stage. Amazon’s Virtual Job Tryout includes several sections that are a mix of aptitude, behavioral, and personality tests.

What to Expect on the Manager In Operations Virtual Job Tryout and How to Dominate It?

The Manager In Operation Virtual Job Tryout takes about 45 minutes to complete, and requires a calculator, a pen or pencil, and scrap paper.

Here's a short video that dives into this test:

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You won’t have any on-screen timers during the test. So, make sure you set a stopwatch while you practice for the test, and when starting the actual exam.

Now, the Area Manager Virtual Job Tryout consists of 5 sections:

#1 Lead Your Team:

This section is a Situational Judgment Test in which you’ll be presented with eight work scenarios that Amazon’s managers may face daily. Then, you’ll have to choose your response from four possible options.

Here’s a sample question that resembles the question type you’ll see on this section:

Amazon Manager In Operations Assessment Sample Question

In our complete PrepPack, you’ll get a detailed explanation for each ‘Lead Your Team’ practice question. This will ensure that on the real exam, you’ll know how to answer them accurately.

#2 Manage Your Day:

As an operations manager at Amazon, you must have strong prioritization skills. The ‘Manage Your Day’ section will put these skills to the test using various situations and duties you’ll need to arrange by their urgency.

This test section includes only two questions and should take about two minutes to complete.

Take a look at this sample question from our PrepPack, which is similar to what you’ll see on the real test:

Amazon Area Manager Assessment Example Question


As always, a full step-by-step explanation will be given for each of these practice questions in the complete pack.

#3 Run Your Area:

On this section, you’ll need to analyze data presented in various reports, while using that data to make quick decisions. These reports are similar to the data used by Operations Managers in Amazon.

This section has eight questions and takes approx. 12 minutes to finish.

Test your skills with this ‘Run Your Area’ sample question:

Amazon Manager In Operations Virtual Job Tryout Sample Question


According to the data, which sentence is correct?

(A) Team 1 is the team with most tardies.
(B) There is an increase in today’s adherences compared to this week.
(C) The bigger the team is, the more tardies there are.
(D) Most teams have worst adherence today when compared to this week.

The correct answer and full explanation are waiting for you in the PrepPack. Diving deep into the detailed explanations will help you solve similar questions correctly and boost your final score.

#4 Tell Us Your Story:

In this Biodata section, you’ll be asked about your background and work experiences. This section has 17 questions, and it takes about two minutes to complete.

Some of the questions are straightforward, such as:

“In the last four years, how many different companies have you worked for?”

Some other questions examine certain behavioral traits, and may include statements like:

“How often do you offer suggestions to improve a process at work?”

In our PrepPack, you’ll also get a thorough Amazon Biodata study guide, to teach you the ins and outs of this section.

#5 Describe Your Approach:

This is a personality test that evaluates your preferred style and approach to work. It includes 47 questions and takes approx. 5 minutes to complete.

In this section, you should think of work situations and try not to spend too long on any one question (Amazon mentions this specifically).

Here’s an example that resembles real test questions:

Amazon Manager In Operations Virtual Job Tryout Example Question

How to Pass the Amazon Area Manager Assessment Test?

Amazon’s Area Manager / Operations Manager assessments are not the standard tests you’ve seen at school or college, or even in other companies’ hiring processes.

As these tests are used exclusively by Amazon, there’s hardly any reliable information about them online. That’s why it’s crucial to get familiar with their format and content in advance by practicing with the most accurate prep material you can find.

On this page, I’ve given you a taste of these assessments.

But our complete Manager In Operations VJT prep is the one thing that could really give you an edge on this tricky test.

That’s because it was created around three powerful prep tools:

  1. Accurate practice questions mirroring the question types you’ll see on the real test. Because when you know exactly what to expect on every test section and how to handle it, nothing can catch you by surprise.
  2. Detailed explanations and solving techniques to help you develop and master the specific skills needed to score high. This means that we’ll teach you only what’s crucial to know to ace this test.
  3. Realistic time constraints and useful strategies to help you perform well under time pressure. Because as you remember, Amazon expects you to work quickly on this assessment. So, we’re here to ensure you can answer questions fast, while staying super accurate.

Ready to start prepping? Let's do it.


Depending on your job ID and location, you might get another assessment after passing the Manager In Operations Virtual Job Tryout. It’s called the Amazon Work Style Assessment.

The Amazon Work Style Assessment – How to Master this Tricky Work Style Survey

Amazon’s Work Style Assessment, also known as a Work Style Survey, takes about 15 minutes to complete. Its main purpose is to evaluate certain qualities and work styles to see if they fit Amazon’s unique culture.

Here’s a sample question from the real test:

Amazon Work Style Assessment Sample Question


As you can see, you don’t have an option to stay neutral and you must choose a distinctive answer.

Now, Amazon expects you to answer these questions using its famous 14 Leadership Principles.

These are core principles that every Amazonian (Amazon employee) follows and relates to every day.

In fact, almost any Amazon behavioral assessment is based on these highly valued principles one way or another.

That’s why you must master the Leadership Principles before starting any of Amazon’s assessments.

Apart from studying these principles, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with common personality test questions, the traits they evaluate, and what happens “behind the scenes.”

In the complete Managers In Operations prep kit found on this page, you’ll also get a professional personality practice test (created by certified psychologists).

You will cover all popular questions and statements that appear in personality tests like the Work Style Assessment.

Plus, you will discover the best methods for answering each statement, emphasize certain qualities, avoid potential pitfalls, and more.

Amazon Area Manager & Operation Manager Assessment FAQs

What Is an Area Manager at Amazon?

As an Area Manager at Amazon, you will lead a team of Amazon Associates in a Fulfillment Center. Your primary focus will be coordinating your team to ensure that the highest levels of safety, quality, attendance, and performance are maintained throughout the shift. Additionally, you will need to ensure that your team has all the necessary tools to succeed in any task during the shift.

What Does an Operations Manager at Amazon Do?

Managers in operations work each day to improve and set new standards in speed and quality and ensure the company's products meet customers' expectations.

Managers spend their days working closely with Fulfillment Centers’ associates. They help them achieve their individual and team goals, monitoring process efficiency, and communicating with site leaders to prioritize the workflow.

Additionally, operations managers are responsible for training and developing associates and providing the help they need to succeed at Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.

How Do I Prepare for the Amazon Area Manager Interview?

The best advice would be to study Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles hard. Amazon puts a premium on these unique values, and almost every assessment and interview question is centered around them. Moreover, during some of your interviews, there will interviewers whose only job is to evaluate your answers based on these principles.

What Should I Wear to An Amazon Area Manager Interview?

Wear comfortable and casual clothes. Note that some positions in the Fulfillment Centers may ask you to avoid arriving with specific clothing for safety reasons. Nevertheless, most of Amazon's office workers wear everyday clothing to work.

Is It Hard to Become an Area Manager at Amazon?

Becoming an Amazon Area Manager is quite tricky. You must first pass an initial resume screening, then one or two online assessments (including the Manager In Operations Virtual Job Tryout). Once you pass the assessments, you’ll be invited to participate in several interviews. When you ace them, you’ll get a job offer.

How Many Hours Do Amazon Area Managers Work?

Amazon Area Managers work between 10 to 12 hours per shift. During Holiday and peak seasons, you’ll be expected to work more than 12 hours per shift.

Do You Need a Degree to Be a Manager at Amazon?

For entry-level manager positions, you don’t have to hold a degree. But from a certain Tier level (usually Tier 3 or 4), you’ll need to obtain a degree.

How Much Does an Operations Manager at Amazon Make?

The average Amazon Operations Manager earns $87,355 annually.

How Much Does an Area Manager at Amazon Make?

The average salary for an Amazon Area Manager is $58,258 per year.


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