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What Is the Amazon Control Systems Assessment?

The Amazon Control Systems Assessment is a professional knowledge test conducted to control systems technicians and team leads. The test is conducted exclusively for Amazon by Ramsay Corporation, the world's top provider for technical and professional assessments.

This Amazon assessment test will evaluate your level of proficiency in areas related to the job and requires both theoretical and practical knowledge of multiple topics to pass.

This requirement for broad knowledge is common in nearly all of Amazon’s technical assessments, as they expect their employees to be able to solve a variety of technical problems on the job.

Test Administration

Once you have successfully passed the resume stage, you will be sent a test announcement from Amazon. You will be requested to schedule a test and take it within 5 days (!) from the date of the announcement.

The test is conducted online, in a proctored environment provided by ADIA. Your screen and you in person will be visible to a human supervisor at all times.

You should receive your test results within 3 business days. If you have passed the test, you will be scheduled for an interview.

Test Content + Sample Questions and Answers

Unlike the Amazon Maintenance Technician Test, which covers both mechanical and electrical topics, the Control Systems Test focuses primarily on electrical aspects. There are 8 such topics overall:

  • Schematics, Electrical Print, and Logic Reading
  • Process Control and Networking
  • Electrical Theory
  • Mechanical Elements
  • Computers, PLCs, and DCS
  • Power Distribution
  • Motors
  • Automation and Robotics

The test lasts around 90 minutes and consists of multiple-choice questions with 4 answer options each.

Let’s get a glimpse into each of the topics (with solved sample questions):


Schematics, Electrical Print, and Logic Reading

This topic will focus on your ability to interpret and read schematics of various kinds: block diagrams, control schematics, and even some mechanical prints. This topic is a recurring topic in other Ramsay tests as well, such as the Ramsay Maintenance Test and especially the Ramsay Electrical Test (ElecTest).


Schematics Sample Question

What will happen if the forward button is pressed and released after a while?

amazon control systems print reading sample question
  1. M1 will start running and keep working even if the forward button is released
  2. M1 will start running and stop when the forward button is released
  3. M2 will start running and keep working even if the forward button is released
  4. M2 will start running and stop when the forward button is released
Answer and Explanation


Process Control and Networking

This section focuses on several categories of devices, such as I/O field devices and fieldbuses.


Process Control and Networking Sample Question

Manchester code is defined as a:

  1. Binary phase-shift keying (BPSK)
  2. Quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK)
  3. Differential phase-shift keying (DPSK)
  4. Hexadecimal phase-shift keying (HPSK)
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is A.

The Manchester code is a type of line code used for data encoding. It encodes data bits as follows:

  • High (1) – high (1), then low (0)
  • Low (0) – low (0), then high (1)

This encoding can also be opposite (i.e. High is encoded as low, then high, and vice versa), depending on the convention.

Since the Manchester code uses only two phases (0) and (1), separated by 180 degrees, it is a type of binary phase-shift keying (BPSK).


Electrical Theory

This section covers the basics of electricity, with topics such as parallel and series circuits, electrical concepts, basic control circuits, etc.


Electrical Theory Sample Question

Identify the relay type shown below:

amazon control systems electrical theory sample question
  1. SPST
  2. SPDT
  3. DPDT
  4. None of the above
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.

SPDT is a single pole double throw relay. The schematic diagram of an SPDT is shown below.

There are three terminals:

  • COM (common)
  • NO (normally open)
  • NC (normally closed).

When the relay is OFF, the COM terminal is connected with the NC terminal and when the relay is ON, the COM terminal is connected with the NO terminal. The schematic diagram of SPST (single pole single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw) are also shown below.

amazon control systems electrical sample question answer


Mechanical Elements

Mechanical components of electrical circuits are the center of this topic. These include, among others, solenoids, transducers, and pneumatic circuits.


Mechanical Elements Sample Question

If a solenoid does not have enough force to actuate a device, you may:

  1. Reduce the permeability of the core
  2. Increase current
  3. Stretch the return spring
  4. None of the above
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.

A solenoid is an actuator constructed of a high permeability core inside a conductive helix. When current flows through the helix, the core is induced with a magnetic field causing it to move and actuate the device. In order to return to an un-actuated position, the solenoid requires a spring or a different external force.

When the solenoid requires additional force, a higher current may be used to generate a more potent magnetic field. Reducing the permeability of the core will result in a lower magnetic field. The strength of the spring return has no effect on the actuating force of the solenoid.


Computers, PLCs, and DCS

This section covers the basics of hardware programming – Ladder logic, registers, I/O, etc. The demand for PLC knowledge is growing in recent years, so much so that Ramsay has an entire test to assess it in particular - the PLC Test.


Computers, PLCs, and DCS Sample Question

What is the equivalent Boolean expression for the PLC program below?

amazon control systems plc sample question
  1. C(AB+D)
  2. C+D(A+B)
  3. C+(AB)D
  4. ABCD
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is A.

Below are the steps of analysis:


Power Distribution

From UPS and transformers to relays and fuses – all components of the power distribution system are covered in this section.


Power Distribution Sample Question

In a 110V electrical system, there are three appliances: appliance A (550W) appliance B (770W), and appliance C (330W). Given that all appliances operate simultaneously, what is the minimum required fuse rating?

  1. 30A
  2. 25A
  3. 20A
  4. 15A
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is C.

The minimal fuse rating should be higher than the normal operating current of the system. Since an electrical system is connected in parallel, the total current in the system when all three appliances are working is the sum of all three.

The current consumption of each appliance is calculated by:

I = P/V


  • I = Current [Ampere]
  • P = Power [Watt]
  • V = Voltage [Volt]


  • Appliance A consumes 550/110 = 5A
  • Appliance B consumes 770/110 = 7A
  • Appliance C consumes 330/110 = 3A

The total current in the system is 5 + 7 + 3 = 15A

In order to withstand normal working conditions, the minimal fuse amperage rating must be greater than 15A, thus 20A.



This section deals with the various types of electric motors and how they are operated and controlled.


Motors Sample Question

In induction motors, the difference between the synchronous and asynchronous speed of the rotor is referred to as:

  1. Single phasing
  2. Slip
  3. No-load speed
  4. None of the above
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is B.

Induction motors which are also called asynchronous motors work on the principle of induction which is inducing a current in the rotor by changing the magnetic field of the stator.

We can differentiate two definitions of speed in induction motors:

  • Synchronous speed – The speed of the changing magnetic field.
  • Asynchronous speed – The speed of the rotor (which is different from the synchronous speed).

The difference between these two is called slip. Therefore, B is the correct choice.

As for the other answers, single phasing (A) occurs when one of the motor terminals is loose or disconnected making the motor run on a single-phase. No-load speed of a motor (C) is the maximum speed of a motor when there is no load applied.


Automation and Robotics

This section briefly touches on the basics of robotics and automation. HMI and control, control, and safety protocols constitute most question topics.


Automation and Robotics Sample Question

A teach pendant is mainly used for:

  1. Safety purposes
  2. Memory storage
  3. Energy saving
  4. Robot programming
Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is D.

Teach pendants are devices used for programming the application of industrial robots. They are usually provided as an integral component of the robot as a whole. They are considered one of the most fundamental types of robot HMI (Human Machine Interface).

JobTestPrep's Amazon Control Systems Tech/Lead Preparation Course

The Amazon Control Systems Prep Course currently contains study material for the following sections:

  • Mechanical Elements
  • Motors
  • Electrical Theory
  • Electrical and Mechanical Print Reading
  • PLCs

The Amazon Control Systems Prep Course currently DOES NOT contain study material for the following sections:

  • Computers and DCS
  • Power Distribution
  • Process Control and Networking
  • Automation and Robotics

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