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What Is The Ramsay Test?

Ramsay tests (commonly referred to as Ramsay Mechanical Tests) are a collection of professional tests assessing the knowledge and learning skills of applicants for technical and mechanical positions.

All tests are administered by Ramsay Corporation (Ramsay Corp) and are based on multiple-choice questions.

However, the most popular Ramsay mechanical tests used in candidate selection are the Amazon Maintenance Technician Test, the UPS Maintenance Mechanic Test, the Ramsay Multicraft Test, and the Ramsay Electrical Test.

Ramsay Tests - The Video Version

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Ramsay Mechanical Tests

If you got an email inviting you to a Ramsay test, you will MOST LIKELY take one of the following:


Amazon is the world’s most avid user of Ramsay tests, and its unique Maintenance Tech 2/Tech 3 test is living proof. This 2-hour, 75-questions test is tailored exclusively for Amazon's tests and has been one of the most secretive tests in the industry.

Maintenance technicians are required to know a lot about a wide range of topics. This is exactly what the Ramsay Maintenence Test (MultiCraft Test) assesses. With 60 questions in around 15-20 content areas, all to be solved in 1 hour, this test is a real challenge, even for highly experienced individuals.

The Ramsay ElecTest is designed specifically for the electricity and electrical maintenance fields. This 1-hour test contains 60 questions on 8 content areas, including motors, PLCs, schematics, AC/DC theory, etc.

This 20-minute, 36-item test is used for entry-level positions and assesses your understanding and ability to learn basic mechanical concepts.

A short, entry-level pre-employment assessment for various processing and manufacturing positions. Contains 52 questions in 4 topics: Inspection and Measurement, Process Monitoring and Problem Solving, Arithmetic, and Reading


Less popular Ramsay tests include the Ramsay PLC Test, Ramsay Basic Skills (Job Skills), Ramsay Electrical Test, and more.

For additional practice, check out our comprehensive Free Aptitude Tests Page.

Ramsay Test Sample Questions + Answers

Below are examples of questions adapted from actual Ramsay tests. Visit the Ramsay sample questions page for more questions.

Print Reading Sample Question

What will happen if the forward button is pressed and released after a while?

amazon ramsay maintenance test print reading sample question


Electrical Theory and Control Circuits Sample Question

Identify the relay type shown below:

amazon ramsay maintenance test electrical theory sample question
D. None of the Above 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

SPDT is a single pole double throw relay. The schematic diagram of an SPDT is shown below.

There are three terminals:

  • COM (common)
  • NO (normally open)
  • NC (normally closed).

When the relay is OFF, the COM terminal is connected with the NC terminal and when the relay is ON, the COM terminal is connected with the NO terminal. The schematic diagram of SPST (single pole single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw) are also shown below.

amazon control systems electrical sample question answer


Preventive Maintenance Sample Question

If dirt is not removed from the motor windings, it may cause:

A. Blockage of the ventilation process
B. Voltage and current imbalance
C. Single phasing
D. None of the Above
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

The dirt on the motor windings causes blockage of the air ventilation in the windings and therefore is the correct choice.

Voltage and current imbalance can be caused by loose connections.

Single phasing is an electrical supply-related consequence.


For more questions see our free Ramsay test sample questions and answers

Is the Ramsay Test Hard? (And 3 Tips on How to Study and Pass)

Ramsay tests are highly challenging and stressful for three main reasons:

  • A variety of topics
  • Complex questions
  • Short time to prepare

Let’s tackle each of them separately (and how to overcome them):

#1 – A Variety of Topics

Ramsay’s tests are conducted mainly to mechanics, technicians, and other technical positions. These jobs require vast knowledge over multiple realms, and Ramsay’s tests assess if you are up for the task.

As such, Ramsay’s tests contain anything between 15-20 topics, with dozens of sub-topics. Check out this topic list sent to candidates taking one of Ramsay’s maintenance tests:

Ramsay Mechanical Test Topic List


But here’s the secret:

Ramsay’s test questions are taken from a pool.

That means that questions tend to repeat themselves in different versions of the same test and even in different tests.

This allows experienced test-takers to study a list of commonly used topics, preparing for which will give you the best chances to pass your Ramsay test.

The ONLY Ramsay Test Prep Covering the Actual Ramsay Test

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  • Full-length mock tests for both entry-level (Ramsay MAT) and journey-level (Ramsay MultiCraft)
  • Based on Ramsay’s pool of topics (schematics and print reading, control circuits, etc.)
  • Ramsay-style formatted questions

#2 – Complex Questions

Although questions on the Ramsay test are multiple-choice, they will often combine knowledge of multiple domains, so memorization of separate data pieces is usually not a good strategy.

Instead, your preparation for the Ramsay test should aim to have a broad view of the topics and your test and be able to connect and integrate them.

Check out this sample question:

A voltage tester is placed between 4 and 5 in the illustration indicates full control voltage. This tells you that ___________.

Ramsay Mechanical Test Sample Question
  1. there is a faulty fuse
  2. the overload is good
  3. the overload is faulty
  4. the limit switch is faulty

This question combines knowledge of print reading with troubleshooting and testing procedures. As a technical employee, you will need to use your knowledge to solve daily problems hands-on - so, such questions are going to be very common in Ramsay tests.

Online, Thorough Ramsay Practice Tests to Overcome Test Complexity

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  • Detailed explanations to ALL questions (Over 300 practice questions)
  • Become more professional – Know why wrong answers are wrong.
  • Become more knowledgeable - Questions combining content from various realms.
  • For maintenance technicians - A special focus on troubleshooting

#3 – Short Time to Prepare

You will usually have no more than 5 days to prepare for your Ramsay test. That is very little time, especially considering the test’s vast breadth. Therefore, your practice will need to be highly focused and personalized to achieve a high score.

Focused, Precise Preparation for Ramsay Tests

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  • Topic-based practice tests - Address your weaker areas first
  • Introductory and final test simulations to accurately measure your performance
  • Get familiar with Ramsay-style questions

What Score Do You Need on Your Ramsay Test?

Short answer:

There is no definite score for all Ramsay tests, but it is safe to say that a score of at least 80% is required to pass.

Longer answer:

There are no clean-cut passing scores for Ramsay tests, for two main reasons:

  • The passing score depends on the position you apply to, the standards set by the specific employer, etc.
  • Each Ramsay test has a different difficulty level and number of questions

However, Ramsay does provide several clues, based on which we can estimate the passing score of Ramsay tests.

  • The average score of the Ramsay MultiCrafTest, one of the company’s most popular tests, is somewhere around 37/60.
  • To score at the top 80% of test-takers, which is approx. 1 standard deviation (10.4) above average, you should score 47-48 correct answers out of 60.
  • That number is around 80% correct answers (which isn’t always the case when calculating percentiles).

So, to sum it up, you should aim at a score of at least 80% on your Ramsay test to move on to the next level.

Learn more about Ramsay test scores

Note:  Your sub-scores (score per section) are also taken into account, and if you scored too low on a topic that is particularly important for your position you may not pass, even if your overall score is in the passing range.

What Companies Use Ramsay Tests?

  • Amazon – The multinational giant is the world’s biggest user of Ramsay tests. The most popular of them is by far the Maintenance Technician Assessment, but other technical positions at Amazon also require a Ramsay assessment, such as the Control Systems Tech Assessment, or the RME Apprenticeship Assessment.
  • JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) – A commercial real estate services company with over 90,000 employees. The company employs thousands of maintenance technicians, each of which is required to take a Ramsay MultiCraft test before getting a job.
  • Walmart – Walmart maintenance personnel are also required to take a Ramsay test – Walmart’s Maintenance Technician Assessment as part of their hiring process. The test usually revolves mostly around mechanics but includes some electrical sections as well.
  • CBRE – Another real estates services firm using Ramsay’s MultiCraft test to assess their maintenance technicians.
  • Goodyear – the 60,000-employees tire and rubber manufacturer uses different Ramsay tests for different positions. Process operators take the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test, whereas maintenance technicians take the MultiCraft test.

Which Positions Require a Ramsay Test?

Multiple positions require a Ramsay test. Although the exact test you might take depends on your employer, the following summarizes what test you are expected to take in each position:

Other Ramsay Tests


The Ramsay Electrical Test (Electrical Maintenance Test)

One of Ramsay's most popular assessments is the Electrical Maintenance Test (aka ElecTest). It is used to screen candidates for electricity-focused positions (electrical maintenance technician, electrician, etc.) and is dedicated entirely to electrical topics.

The test is untimed (yet you are expected to solve it in approximately 1 hour), and contains 60 questions in 8 categories:

  • Motors (8 questions)
  • Digital and Analog Electronics (9 questions)
  • Schematics, Print Reading, and Control Circuits (10 questions)
  • Basic AC/DC Theory and Electrical Maintenance (6 questions)
  • Computers, PLC, and Test Instruments (9 questions)
  • Power Supplies (5 questions)
  • Power Distribution and Construction/Installation (6 questions)
  • Mechanical and Hand/Power Tools (6 questions)


The Ramsay MAT-4 Test (Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test)

The Ramsay MAT-4 Test (commonly named Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test) is taken by applicants for entry-level positions.

It is a short test (36 questions in 20 minutes), covering 4 categories:

There are four main topics covered on the MAT:

  • Household objects
  • Production and maintenance
  • Hand and power tools
  • Science and physics

Learn more about the Ramsay MAT-4 Test


Ramsay Basic Skills Test

The Ramsay Basic Skills Test is taken by candidates applying to manufacturing and process monitoring positions (e.g. operators, process technicians, etc.).

It contains 52 questions in 4 categories, where each category is timed separately.

  • Reading - 16 questions in 16 minutes
  • Arithmetic - 14 questions in 10 minutes
  • Inspection & Measurement - 10 questions in 8 minutes
  • Process Monitoring & Problem Solving - 12 questions in 14 minutes

Learn more about the Ramsay Basic Skills Test

Official Resources

Ramsay Tests Catalog (Online Version)

Ramsay Technical Manual + Scoring (PDF)

FAQs on Ramsay Tests (from the Ramsay Corporation Website)




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