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What Are Ramsay Mechanical Tests?

Ramsay mechanical tests are a selection of tests used as pre-employment screening tools. These tests are administered by Ramsay Corporation and are geared specifically towards technical, industrial, and mechanical positions.

Ramsay Corporation offers over 300 selection tests, ranging from the most basic mechanical concepts to more advanced in terms of knowledge level and on-site experience.

The 3 most common Ramsay mechanical tests used in the US today are:

  • Ramsay MAT
  • Ramsay MecTest
  • Ramsay MultiCrafTest

Take a closer look at the Ramsay tests with the following video:


Which Ramsay Mechanical Test Will You Take?


Apprentices and applicants of entry-level positions will take the Ramsay MAT, whereas applicants for journey-level positions will take the MecTest or MultiCrafTest.


While many of our customers are familiar with the name Ramsay, they are not always sure which test they should practice for. The information provided below is designed to clear up the confusion.

  • Applicants for apprenticeships and entry-level positions will take the Ramsay MAT (Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test). Learn more about this specific test on this page.
  • Applicants for journey-level positions and above will most likely take the Ramsay maintenance tests, officially named Ramsay MecTest (does not include electrical concepts) and the Ramsay MultiCrafTest (includes electrical concepts). Learn more about these specific tests on this page.









Common Positions

Apprentices, Mechanics, Millwrights

Maintenance and Repair


Mechanical aptitude

Mechanical knowledge

Mechanical & electrical knowledge





Question format

Multiple choice w/image

3 answer choices per question


Images are rare

4 answer choices per question

Time Limit

20 minutes

Untimed: Recommended time to complete is 60 minutes.


Why Is It Important to Score High on a Ramsay Test?


The Ramsay mechanical test will be one of the initial stages of your application process. As with many pre-employment tests, the Ramsay test poses as a screening tool helping employers sift through dozens (or even hundreds) of applicants to find the most suitable person for the role

There are three main reasons why you should score as high as possible on your Ramsay exam:

Reason #1 - Qualification Score


Any candidate with an "unqualified" score on the Ramsay mechanical test will be immediately disqualified from the selection process


As soon as you get your test score, Ramsay Corporation will determine one basic fact:

Are you qualified for the job?

The criteria for qualification is based on a minimum score determined by Ramsay and the employer, based on the job requirements and candidates' past performance.

Ramsay Mechanical Test

Source: Ramsay Corporation's Technological Solutions Brochure

Any candidates with an "unqualified" score will be immediately eliminated from the screening process.

You do NOT want to receive an "unqualified" score.


Reason #2 - Your score will be compared to that of your fellow applicants


Only the top 20-30% of qualified test-takers will be called for an interview. The candidates with the highest scores will be contacted first.


Employers typically shortlist applicants who score in the top 20-30%. This means that 70-80% of applicants will not be considered for an interview. After the assessment process, employers often contact the shortlisted applicants for additional steps in the recruitment process.

If a suitable applicant is not found from the employer’s top picks, they will rarely reach out to lower scoring candidates for interviews.

After you have been deemed qualified, Ramsay Corporation will provide your prospective employer with a score report, showing your score in relation to the scores of other candidates. The higher you are on the list, the more likely you are to pass the initial screening and land an interview.

That is your local score.

Ramsay Mechanical Test Prep

Source: Ramsay Corporation's Technological Solutions Brochure


Usually, employers disqualify the bottom 70-80% of test-takers, and only the top 20-30% make it to the next stage. Then, naturally, the employer will initially contact those on top of the list and try to pick the next employee from there. If no match is found, the employer will attempt candidates with lower scores.

The higher you are on the list, the more likely you are to pass the initial screening and land an interview.


Reason #3 - Your score will be compared to that of EVERYONE who has ever taken the exam


Ramsay's database contains scores for all the candidates who have ever taken their exams. Scoring high in regard to this national data can open many doors for you in terms of job offers.


Your national score data will be shared with prospective employer, showing where you fall relative to all candidates who have ever taken the exam.

This is your national score.

You have scored high on the national level? Now, THAT can open some doors for you.

Ramsay Mechanical Test Guide

Source: Ramsay Corporation's Technological Solutions Brochure


By now you can probably understand why receiving a high score is so crucial. But, how can you ensure your success? Continue reading to find out more regarding the 3 most popular Ramsay tests and the steps you can take to beat the competition.

Ramsay MAT (Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test)


The Ramsay MAT is a short mechanical aptitude test. It contains 36 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. Questions appearing on the test include those involving household objects, power tools, maintenance and basic physics.


The Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test is designed to assess your ability to learn the skills required for a mechanical, industrial or maintenance position. It is not a knowledge-based test, but rather a test denoting your potential.

As such, the Ramsay MAT is used for screening entry-level positions like apprentices, millwrights, and machine operators.

Ramsay MAT Content and Structure

The MAT test is very short compared to other mechanical aptitude tests and contains 36 multiple-choice questions to be solved in 20 minutes.

There are four main topics covered on the MAT:

  • Household objects
  • Production and maintenance
  • Hand and power tools
  • Science and physics

Although these subjects may seem to greatly differ from those found on other mechanical aptitude tests (e.g. the Bennett or the Wiesen tests), they lean on the same physical principles.

Which liquid is heavier?

Ramsay Mechanical Test Help

Get a more detailed overview of the Ramsay MAT, including sample questions and methods of success.


Ramsay Maintenance Tests


Ramsay's MecTest and MultiCrafTest, often referred to as Ramsay maintenance tests, are Ramsay Corporation's two most popular mechanical knowledge and skill exams. They assess knowledge on a very broad set of topics in mechanics and electricity. Each contains 60 questions to be answered in 1 hour.


These two tests, sometimes colloquially referred to as Ramsay maintenance tests are Ramsay’s most popular tests for journey-level positions. That is, they will test you on your knowledge and skill as required for mechanical and maintenance jobs. 

Since these tests cover a very broad variety of subjects, they are most commonly used for roles where mechanical knowledge in multiple areas is required (e.g. maintenance positions).

The MecTest and MultiCrafTest are identical in terms of the number of questions and time limit, but have one major difference: whereas the MecTest deals solely with mechanics, the MultiCrafTest also includes electrical questions.

Update: As of 2020, The MecTest and MultiCrafTest also have a scrambled version to enhance test security. We have revised our PrepPack™ accordingly.

Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest Content and Structure


Both the MecTest and the MultiCrafTest include 60 questions. The tests are not limited in time, but you are expected to complete them in approximately 1 hour.

Subject lists:

Ramsay MecTest


No. of Questions

Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Print Reading


Welding and Rigging


Power Transmission




Pumps and Piping


Mechanical Maintenance


Shop Machines - Tools and Equipment



Ramsay MultiCrafTest


No. of Questions

Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Welding and Rigging


Power Transmission, Lubrication, Mechanical Maintenance, and Shop Machines, Tools and Equipment


Pumps, Piping, and Combustion


Motors, Control Circuits, Schematics, and Print Reading


Digital Electronics, Power Supplies, Computers, PLC and Test Instruments


Basic AC and DC Theory, Power Distribution and Electrical Maintenance


Which type of valve should be used when a precise, low flow is required?

  1. Check
  2. Needle
  3. Gate
  4. Both A and B


Get a more detailed overview of the Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest, including sample questions and methods of success.

Employers Using the Ramsay Tests

Some of the largest employers in the US use Ramsay mechanical tests for screening potential candidates for mechanical and maintenance positions:






Johnson & Johnson

Coca Cola


Owens Corning


Ramsay and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.


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