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What is the Ramsay Maintenance Test?

The Ramsay Maintenance Test (AKA Multicraft Test) assesses knowledge in a variety of mechanical and electrical fields as part of the hiring process of maintenance mechanics and technicians. It contains 60 questions to be answered in 1 hour, and is considered a challenging journey-level test.

All major employers' maintenance tests are variations of the Ramsay MultiCraft test, one way or another. That includes the Amazon Maintenance Technician Assessment, the Walmart Maintenance Test, and the UPS Maintenance Mechanic Test

Note that the Ramsay Test given to potential maintenance mechanics and technicians is not to be confused with the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT-4) (as many info sources out there conflate the two).

The Ramsay MAT is a much simpler test that contains questions about things like gears, basic physics, and everyday working tools.

The Ramsay Multicraft Test - Video Version

Play Ramsay multicraft test video
Ramsay multicraft test video


The Ramsay Multicraft Test

The Ramsay MultiCrafTest Test (A6), conducted to journey and above-journey level candidates, is one of Ramsay’s most popular and professional tests, and most large employers using Ramsay tests, such as Amazon, Walmart, or the USPS, use it or some variation of it.

According to Ramsay Corporation, the test provider, the Multicraft Test “assesses technicians for proficiency in mechanical and electrical knowledge and skills”.

It contains, as the name suggests, a variety of topics – ranging from motors and hydraulics to PLCs and electrical diagram reading.


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Ramsay Multicraft Test Structure and Content Areas

The test contains 60 questions in 7 topics (content areas):



Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Welding and Rigging


Power Transmission, Lubrication, Mechanical Maintenance and Shop Machines, Tools, and Equipment


Pumps, Piping, and Combustion


Motors, Control Circuits, Schematics, and Print Reading


Digital Electronics, Power Supplies, Computers, PLC, and Test Instruments


Basic AC and DC Theory, Power Distribution, and Electrical Maintenance


While untimed, you are expected to complete the test within approximately 1 hour.

The test topics and questions on the Ramsay Multicraft Test, (as in all of Ramsay Corp’s tests) are taken from Ramsay’s secret pool of questions.

Why secret? I’m getting there.

Ramsay’s Secret Pool of Questions

Ramsay Corporation’s tests are some of the most confidential tests in the entire testing world. Every employer using them is required to adhere to a very strict proctoring and identification process for their candidates.

But what’s the catch?

That high confidentiality allows Ramsay to basically use one big pool of questions for all their tests.

And that’s exactly what they do. They scramble the questions, mix them up – but in the end – it’s all from the same source.

And they even say so themselves.

If you take a closer look at the Ramsay product catalog (as I did), you will see right away that test topics repeat themselves in many, many tests.

So, whether you are taking the Ramsay MultiCraft test, the Ramsay Mectest, or the Ramsay Maintest, you are very likely to encounter very similar topics and questions. Therefore, practicing with a large pool of questions covering relevant test topics is your safest bet for success.

How to Ace Your Ramsay MultiCraft Aptitude Test

Becoming a maintenance technician in many leading companies means facing a highly competitive and selective hiring process, and the MultiCraft Aptitude test is a crucial step you must pass to attain that goal. Many test takers miss out because they fail to realize that just like with any aptitude test, preparation is essential.

Our specialized and highly accurate prep pack was developed based on extensive research and expertise, providing you with the most accurate practice tests and study guides available. Make sure you take the necessary steps to rise above the competition and get that high score you need. 

Ramsay Multicraft Test Practice Questions (with Answers)


Print Reading Sample Question

What will happen if the forward button is pressed and released after a while?

Ramsay maintenance test print reading sample question


Power Transmission Sample Question

Which bearing can sustain axial as well as radial loads?

Cylindrical roller bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Thrust ball bearing
None of the above
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

Cylindrical roller bearings (A) use rods rather than balls. They can provide better performance than ball bearings and are used for systems with radial loads.

Tapered roller bearings (B), on the other hand, can provide radial loads as well as uni-directional thrust loads.

Thrust bearings (C) are designed to deal mainly with axial load.


Electrical Theory Sample Question

An instrument is measuring a physical quantity that changes frequently with time. The instrument should have _____________ damping.


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Damping in instruments is caused by the resistance or the friction in the measuring elements. Higher damping causes slow responses which are not desirable for systems with higher response rates.

In order to measure the physical quantity at higher rates, the instrument should have less damping.


More Ramsay test sample questions and answers


How to Practice and Pass the Maintenance Ramsay Test - 3 Rules

Maintenance or Multicraft tests are knowledge-based tests, meaning that they require much more memorization than mechanical aptitude tests.

While it is a challenging task to go over the enormous scope of literacy they entail, here are three basic practice rules for success:


Rule #1 - Make the Most out of Every Question


Since the scope of the Ramsay Multicraft Test is so vast, it is important to extract the most information from each and every question.

Although memorization is key with Ramsay Tests, you should not merely memorize answers to practice questions hoping they will appear on the actual exam.

Whenever you encounter a question, try to make the most out of it. After understanding why the correct answer is correct, try and understand why the others aren't. Try considering other forms in which this question could have come and answer them in your mind.

Let's look at an example of a question adapted from the Ramsay Multicraft Test:


Which type of valve should be used when a precise, low flow is required?

Both A and B
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Memorization Explanation

A needle valve is constructed as an elongated, narrow plunger inside a small port. This structure enables the valve to regulate the flow with high precision.

You can easily see that the knowledge expressed in the second explanation can be used to answer up to 3 or 4 other questions on the exam. It is, therefore, crucial to read the full answer explanation and utilize the theory it contains.

In-Depth Explanation 

A needle valve is constructed as an elongated, narrow plunger inside a small port. This structure enables the valve to regulate the flow with high precision. However, it is not capable of withstanding high pressure.

A check valve is a valve that enables flow in only one direction, using a ball, a piston or a spring-loaded flapper.

A gate valve operates by lifting a gate from the path of the fluid. These gates are planar and are mostly used with high-volume, unrestricted flow.


Rule #2 - Focus on the Main Issues


Make sure to focus on the main subjects of the exam – mostly hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical maintenance and welding.

Your chances of passing the Ramsay tests depend on your overall score and not on your scores on specific sections. (See some more explanation on Ramsay test scoring).

That is why you should focus your efforts on the main topics found in the test – hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical maintenance, welding, and rigging.

By leaning your focus toward studying these major subjects first, you can improve your chances of earning a high score.

That said, it's important to maintain a reasonable score on each subject, which brings us to the next point.


Rule #3 - Don't Completely Neglect a Subject


Maintenance and mechanic jobs require knowledge on a variety of topics. Even with a high overall score, scoring too low in one area might not be a good sign for the employer.

It is true that maximizing your overall score should be your top priority with the Ramsay Maintenance Test. However, remember that this test is designed to measure your knowledge over multiple topics – a trait often essential for mechanics and maintenance employees, who are often in charge of a multitude of technical, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Neglecting to study a specific subject might result in a substantially lower score for it, and although your overall score might be high, employers are probably not too keen to take on a maintenance worker who knows absolutely nothing about a particular subject.

So, make sure you go over all subjects at least once.

The Ramsay MecTest

The Ramsay MecTest is another popular Ramsay mechanical aptitude test. Unlike the Multicraft test which contains mechanical and electrical ideas, the MecTest focuses strictly on mechanical concepts.

Like the Multicraft Test, the MecTest contains 60 questions and should be solved in around 1 hour.

The prep pack offered on this page includes three specialized Ramsay Mectest practice tests that cover all the mechanical concepts you need to practice. Since the Ramsay maintenance test includes everything you will find in the Mectest as well as electrical questions, you can also use the seven simulations in the prep pack to further sharpen your skills.   




Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Print Reading


Welding and Rigging


Power Transmission




Pumps and Piping


Mechanical Maintenance


Shop Machines, Tools, and Equipment


Our Ramsay Test Preparation Includes: 

  • 7 Ramsay Maintenance/Multicraft - Style Practice Tests
  • 3 additional MecTest simulations
  • A pool of over 300 Ramsay-style questions
  • 5 Study guides for prevalent topics
  • Get a glimpse

Please note: There is an overlap between the MecTest and MultiCrafTest practice tests, since a candidate is not requested to take both.


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