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The Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest are intended to assess your knowledge on a variety of subjects in mechanics and maintenance. While the MecTest focuses solely on mechanics, the MultiCrafTest contains topics on electiricty as well. They both contain 60 questions to be answered in 1 hour.

The ideal mechanic or maintenance employee is a multi-skilled laborer with knowledge in various subjects.

That is exactly what the Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest want to find - candidates with a broad knowledge in mechanics, electricity, and maintenance.

The MecTest and MultiCrafTest are similar in terms of the number of questions and time limit (60 questions in 60 minutes) but contain different subjects. The MecTest is a strictly mechanical test, with questions about hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, etc. The MultiCrafTest has fewer questions about mechanics, but is even broader than the MecTest and contains electrical topics as well (AC/DC theory, PLC, Motors, etc.)

For more important information about the Ramsay Maintenance test, check out the instructive video I've recently made:


Ramsay Maintenance Test Content

Both the MecTest and the MultiCrafTest include 60 questions. The tests are not limited in time, but you are expected to complete them in approximately 1 hour.

The subject list of both tests is as follows:

Ramsay MecTest


No. of Questions

Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Print Reading


Welding and Rigging


Power Transmission




Pumps and Piping


Mechanical Maintenance


Shop Machines - Tools and Equipment



Ramsay MultiCrafTest


No. of Questions

Hydraulics and Pneumatics


Welding and Rigging


Power Transmission, Lubrication, Mechanical Maintenance and Shop Machines, Tools, and Equipment


Pumps, Piping, and Combustion


Motors, Control Circuits, Schematics, and Print Reading


Digital Electronics, Power Supplies, Computers, PLC, and Test Instruments


Basic AC and DC Theory, Power Distribution, and Electrical Maintenance


How to Pass Ramsay Maintenance Tests

The MecTest and MultiCrafTest are knowledge-based tests, meaning that they require much more memorization than mechanical aptitude tests. There are three basic rules for success:

Rule #1 - Make the most of every question

Since the scope of the MecTest and MultiCrafTest is so vast, it is important to extract the most information from each and every question.

Although memorization is key with both the Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest, you should not merely memorize answers to practice questions hoping they will appear on the actual exam.

Whenever you encounter a question, try to make the most out of it. After understanding why the correct answer is correct, try and understand why the others aren't. Try considering other forms in which this question could have come and answer them in your mind.

At JobTestPrep, We do not only offer the correct answer, but full explanations so you can extract the most knowledge of each and every question.

Let's look at an example of a question taken from the Ramsay MecTest:

Which type of valve should be used when a precise, low flow is required?

  1. Check
  2. Needle
  3. Gate
  4. Both A and B
Memorization Explanation

The correct answer is B.

A needle valve is constructed as an elongated, narrow plunger inside a small port. This structure enables the valve to regulate the flow with high precision.

Knowledge Explanation

The correct answer is B.

A needle valve is constructed as an elongated, narrow plunger inside a small port. This structure enables the valve to regulate the flow with high precision. However, it is not capable of withstanding high pressure.

A check valve is a valve that enables flow in only one direction, using a ball, a piston or a spring-loaded flapper.

A gate valve operates by lifting a gate from the path of the fluid. These gates are planar and are mostly used with high-volume, unrestricted flow.


You can easily see that the knowledge expressed in the second explanation can be used to answer up to 3 or 4 other questions on the exam. It is therefore crucial to read the full answer explanation and utilize the knowledge it contains.

Rule #2 - Focus on the main issues

Make sure to focus on the main subjects of the exam – mostly hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical maintenance and welding.

Your chances of passing the Ramsay maintenance tests depend on your overall score and not on your scores on specific sections. (See some more explanation on Ramsay test scoring).

That is why you should focus your efforts on the main topics found in the test – hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical maintenance, welding, and rigging.

By leaning your focus toward studying these major subjects first, you can improve your chances of earning a high score.

That said, it's important to maintain a reasonable score on each subject, which brings us to the next point.

Rule #3 - Don't completely neglect a subject

Maintenance and mechanic jobs require knowledge on a variety of topics. Even with a high overall score, scoring too low in one area might not be a good sign for the employer.

It is true that maximizing your overall score should be your top priority with both the Ramsay MultiCrafTest and the Ramsay MecTest. However, remember that both of these tests are designed to measure your knowledge on multiple subjects – a trait often essential for mechanics and maintenance employees, who are often in charge of a multitude of technical, mechanical and electrical systems.

Neglecting to study a specific subject might result in a substantially lower score for it, and although your overall score might be high, employers are probably not too keen to take on a maintenance worker who knows absolutely nothing about a particular subject.

So, make sure you go over all subjects at least once.


The Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest are knowledge tests that focus on mechanical and electrical subjects. They are used mostly for mechanic and maintenance positions.

Jobtestprep offers a complete preparation pack for the Ramsay MecTest and MultiCrafTest. Included are 2 full-length simulations of each test, as well as 5 study guides for the substantial subjects of the exam.

Ramsay MecTest, MultiCrafTest and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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