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What's Included

  • 21 mechanical aptitude practice tests, 333 Q&A
  • 10 spatial reasoning tests, 100 Q&A
  • 6 numeracy skills tests, 170 Q&A
  • Mechanical concepts: gears, levers, pulleys, tools, and more
  • Electrical concepts: circuits, sequences, signal flow
  • Spatial visualization concepts - 2D, 3D, etc
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips
  • Secured payment


JobTestPrep helps you in preparing for Walmart's Maintenance Technician recruitment processes. The preparation package is designed to offer you an in-depth understanding of the required online assessment tests.

Walmart Maintenance Technician Mechanical Test

Mechanical comprehension or reasoning tests assess a candidate's knowledge of machinery and other physical concepts. Common topics include forces and motion, energy, electrical circuits, voltages, and currents. The tests focus less on extensive academic knowledge, and more on a good understanding of the underlying concepts. More advanced tests may also require higher levels of analysis, including limited numerical calculations and an industry-specific context. Practicing mechanical reasoning questions is important, as becoming familiar with the structure of the test inspires confidence and results in higher test scores.


Online Preparation for the Walmart Maintenance Technician Assessment Tests

Pre-employment assessments are complicated and demand from job candidates an excellent performance both on tests and interviews. JobTestPrep has all required resources to prepare you for the Walmart’s hiring process. Practice with our test simulations, drills, study guides, and interview questions and let your recruiters put you at the top of the list of their preferred candidates.


Walmart Maintenance Technician Hiring Process

Walmart Maintenance Technician's hiring process has a few stages. After submitting your resume, you will be invited to complete the online mechanical assessment test. You might also be asked to complete further online aptitude tests, such as logical and spatial reasoning tests. Upon successfully completing the tests, you will participate in a competency-based interview.

Walmart Maintenance Technician Assessment Tests

JobTestPrep will prepare you for Walmart pre-employment assessment tests with our practice materials. Studying for these tests is essential to landing a job at Walmart.

Walmart Maintenance Technician Interview Process

In this stage, your Walmart Maintenance Technician interviewers are looking for you to give examples from your previous experience to back up your answers. Thus, ahead of the interview, review your resume and prepare a list of examples that can be used to demonstrate your skills against the competencies Walmart is looking for. Our Interview PrepPack™ can help you excel during the interview stage of Walmart Maintenance Technician's recruitment process.

What is the Purpose of Walmart's Aptitude Tests?

Many employers use aptitude tests as part of the hiring process because they provide employers with the opportunity to gain insight about your intellectual skills, work compatibility, and cooperation and interaction with others. Therefore, preparation for these tests is essential to get one step closer to the job you desire.

Are There Different Variations of the Situational Judgement Test?

Yes, the test does come in multiple forms, such as computer or paper-based. Walmart might only use text, while others throw pictures and video clips into the mix. Still other versions might use computer-generated avatars to create a scenario, to which you must respond usually textually. It is important to note that the SJT are usually not timed, it is important to answer them in a timely and accurate manner and watch for guidelines like "this question should take 10 minutes."

What Do I Need to Prepare for the Walmart Assessment Tests?

First and foremost, it is essential that you take the time to practice prior to taking your Walmart assessments. The wealth of practice materials offered by JobTestPrep will help you strengthen crucial job skills and build up your confidence. We can help you prepare for every step in the Walmart recruitment process whether it be aptitude tests or interview preparation.


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