Walmart Maintenance Technician Test Prep (2021)
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What Is on the Walmart General Maintenance Technician Test?

The Walmart maintenance tech test is a computerized multiple-choice assessment given to candidates for maintenance roles who pass the initial online screening. It follows an initial screening test, named the Walmart Supply Chain Associate Assessment.

This test is an in-house version of the Ramsay maintenance test. Here’s a short video I made to help you learn more about the Ramsay test:

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The Walmart maintenance assessment takes about one hour to finish and you’ll be able to use scratch paper, a pencil, and a calculator.

You’ll be tested on a wide range of topics, from general building maintenance to reading schematics and blueprints.

Here’s a sample question taken from our complete practice pack, which resembles some of the questions you’ll likely see on the real test:

Walmart General Maintenance Test Sample Question #1

The static head in the following system is:

Ramsay Maintenance Test Sample Question

A. 12 ft

B. 5.5 ft

C. 6.5 ft

D. 4 ft

Check out the full solution here:

The correct answer is C.

Static head (also called pressure head) is the internal energy of fluid due to the hydrostatic pressure it exerts.

When referring to pumps, that energy is practically the difference between the suction head (the elevation of the fluid entering the pump) and the discharge head (the elevation to which the pump should displace the fluid).

In our case, the suction head is 5.5 feet and the discharge head is 12 feet. Therefore, the static head is:
Static Head=DischargeHead−SuctionHead=12–5.5=6.5[ft]Static Head=DischargeHead−SuctionHead=12–5.5=6.5[ft]

Note that if the discharge is free (open to the atmosphere), the discharge head is measured in respect to the pipe end.

According to many test-takers, what makes the Walmart maintenance tech test even harder is the fact that some of the answer choices are very close to each other.

You could be totally confident with a certain answer, but then you see another option that also seems correct. Let’s see it in action with the following sample question:

Walmart General Maintenance Test Sample Question #2

The main advantages of a single-plate clutch over a multi-plate clutch are:

A. No need for cooling, faster engagement
B. Higher torque transmitting capacity, faster engagement
C. No need for cooling, higher torque transmitting capacity
D. No need for cooling, higher torque transmitting capacity and faster engagement

Did you spot the right answer?

Here's the solution:

The correct answer is A.

Since a multi-plate clutch consists of multiple plates, it is characterized by a higher torque transmitting capacity (there are more connecting surfaces compared to a single-plate clutch). However, that multitude of plates causes two disadvantages compared to single-plate clutch:

Firstly, the additional contact surface causes additional heat, and therefore needs liquid-based cooling mechanisms that are not required in the single-plate clutch.

Secondly, since the torque transmission passes through a number of plates, the clutch engagement is slightly slower than in the single-plate clutch.

In our complete Walmart maintenance tech test prep, every question comes with a detailed explanation, like you’ve seen above. These explanations will help you choose the right answer every time, even if the answer choices seem tricky.

How to Pass the Walmart General Maintenance Test and Get That Job

Practicing smart is your key to success in this maintenance assessment test.

Even if you’re already working as a maintenance mechanic or technician, you’ve probably forgotten some of the theoretical knowledge you’ll be tested on. Let alone if you’ve never worked in maintenance or learned these topics before.

So, practicing as much as you can is your first priority to land this job opportunity. And to help you do that, our test experts created a proven practice for the assessment.

It includes practice tests and drills covering all the test’s topics, from basic subjects to the more advanced problems. All the tests are timed, allowing you to practice under time pressure, and get you ready for the actual test.

Get the Complete Walmart General Maintenance Test Practice

Gain instant access to dozens of practice tests, step-by-step explanations, solving tips, study guides, and more (created by certified engineers).

Walmart General Maintenance Technician Interview Questions

Once you successfully pass the Walmart maintenance assessment test, you’ll get an invitation for an interview, which is usually the final hiring step.

This interview will be pretty short and straightforward. I gathered some examples for questions you may be asked during this interview, so you can prepare beforehand:

  • Why do you want to work at Walmart?
  • Why should we hire you for this job?
  • What’s your best and worst quality?
  • Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to help someone
  • Why is working at Walmart so important to you?

Walmart General Maintenance Test FAQs

I scored “competitive” on the Walmart DC maintenance assessment test. What does this mean?

When you complete the test, your result will be termed "Competitive" for a successful exam, and "Non-Competitive" for an assessment that has not passed.

I learned these maintenance test topics long time ago and already forgot some of them. Can this practice help me refresh my knowledge?

Of course! Every practice question is coupled with a thorough explanation that includes all the general knowledge needed to solve the problem. Moreover, you’ll get study guides that dive deep into mechanical and electrical concepts so you’d be able to get a good grasp of the material.

I have job experience in maintenance, but I think I’m a bad test-taker. Can you help me with that?

Yes. JobTestPrep has been helping over 1 million job candidates pass their assessments since 1992, so we have vast experience in this area. Your practice will be packed with dozens of solving tips to answer questions efficiently and improve your test-taking skills. Also, you’ll get timed simulations to teach you how to work well under time pressure.

What to do if I encounter technical difficulties or need a practice advice?

If you encounter technical problems with your preparation pack, you can always contact our helpful customer support via email, chat, or phone and they will answer you shortly.

If you have any professional questions or you need any advice regarding your upcoming assessment test, feel free to send me an email at I’ll be more than happy to help you.



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