How to Write a Resume That'll Get You a Walmart Job

The 4 Principles of a Solid Resume for Walmart

For some positions at Walmart, you will need to provide a resume. In most hourly positions such as truck driver, cashier and stocker you will not be able to provide a resume, so if you’re applying to any of these positions, it’s best to not bother to make one.

However, for hourly management positions, such as assistant manager trainee and department manager, it is optional. In salaried positions like an emerging store manager, a resume is required.

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Your resume is one of the most important parts of your application process. Everything the company will know about you will ultimately come from this document. 

Make sure to follow these key points when writing your resume for Walmart:

Make It ATS-Compatible

BrassRing and Workday’s resume parsers will be the first barrier standing in your resume’s way. They will parse, analyze and grade your resume long before it is even seen by a human eye. Following the KIT Protocol will help you score as high as possible on the ATS.

KIT stands for:

  • Keywords – Implementing keywords appearing in the job posting into your resume. Learn more about the keyword implementation process.
  • Integrity – Be honest. Don’t make things up or exaggerate.
  • Technicality – Make sure your file is technically compatible with ATS (file type, not using headers, etc.

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Make your CONTENT original, and your FORMAT standard

When it comes to content, having a resume with original, attractive descriptions of your past experience is highly recommended. It catches recruiters’ and managers’ attention and sets you apart from the crowd. And that is basically what a good resume is all about.

Be sure your resume as clear and standard as possible:

Maintain the Standard Form

The average recruiter will look at your resume for about 7.5 seconds (assuming it has passed the ATS) before deciding whether to take it to the next stage. This means that not only the content itself needs to be clear and concise, but also that the recruiter finds what he or she is looking for, FAST.

Adhering to the common practices of resume structure will guarantee that recruiters quickly find what they’re looking for and will be less likely to lose patience.

The standard resume contains the following elements:

  • Contact details
  • Personal statement
  • Job experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Here you can find explanations, guidelines, and examples for each of these parts.

Use Simple Design

Closely related to the tip above, make sure that your resume is strictly text, and is plain boring in appearance.

  • Do not include a picture of yourself. Not only it’s incompatible with ATS, but it’s also rather sensitive due to the possibility of allegations of discrimination.
  • Do not use any other type of graphic. These are unreadable by ATS.
  • Use plain black-and-white text, with bold or underline to emphasize important points. Unless you’re applying for a graphic designer position, flashing colors and creative layouts will cause more harm than good.

Customize It for the Job

This has always been an important thing to note when submitting a resume. In recent years, however, it is becoming a major issue in the ATS-dominated screening process. The ATS resume parser will basically take the job posting you’re applying for and compare it to the keywords contained within your resume.

Take the job description from Walmart’s website and use it as a reference when constructing your resume according to the aforementioned KIT Protocol.

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from a job description for an assistant manager trainee position at Walmart:

walmart resume keywords

The underlined words are all keywords to consider when writing your resume. These mostly include skills, related experience, and job requirements.

It can indeed be rather difficult customizing your resume for each and every job you apply for but doing so will greatly increase your chances of passing the initial screening.

Consider Walmart’s Core Values

Each company has its own set of core values – the norms and principles according to which the company sets its vision. Walmart is no exception. Getting familiar with Walmart's values can assist you in understanding which type of employee the company is seeking, and which strengths to emphasize in your resume.

These are important to know even if you apply for a job in which a resume is not required. Understanding Walmart's expectations of its employees will help you better present yourself in an interview and emphasize your skills which are most valuable for your employer and position.


Service to the Customer

Being first and foremost a brick-and-mortar retailer, customer-focus runs through Walmart's veins. This quality is crucial for front-end positions like cashiers and sales associates.

Most required in positions: all positions, but mainly front-end positions such as cashiers, sales associates, and fresh food associates.

Suggested keywords for your resume/interview: support, service, customer needs, listening, communication.


Respect for the Individual

When it comes to workplace relationships, Walmart holds the following in high regard: your ability to cooperate with other employees, an openness to learning from and teaching others, as well as good personal relationships in the workplace. Walmart views each as a critical component in its organizational culture.

Most required in positions: junior management positions such as department and associate managers, HR positions.

Suggested keywords: guidance, collaboration, honesty, trust, feedback.


Strive for Excellence

Let's face it, after all, is said and done, Walmart is a for-profit business. Can you create value for the company? You're hired. Show them that you are capable of high-level performance, responsibility and strategic planning.

Most required in positions: junior and senior management positions, professional corporate positions.

Suggested keywords: goal setting, decision making, responsibility, own, flexible, success.


Creating an impeccable, Walmart-tailored resume is no easy task. But if you want to make sure you pass that stage, in which over 90% of candidates are eliminated, you have to put in some effort.

Make sure your resume is ATS-compatible, that it takes Walmart's core values into consideration, and that it is standard in form but not in content.

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