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  1. Working at Walmart
  2. Apply for a Career at Walmart in 4 Steps
  3. Submit a Resume

    ATS Compatibility

    Content and Format

    Job Customization

  4. Assessment Test

    Personality Profiling


    Numerical Reasoning

    Leadership Tests

    Mechanical Tests

  5. Interview

Working at Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest private employer with around 2.3 million employees. Only the armies of the U.S and China employ more people. Despite the recurring discourse regarding Walmart’s employment terms, it is still one of the most sought-after employment opportunities in the country.

With a strong corporate ladder offering numerous advancement and training options you can go, according to Walmart, “as far as hard work and talent will take you”.

Don’t buy it? Here are some statistics that might be able to persuade you:

  • 75% of store management teams started as hourly workers.
  • 215,000 Walmart employees were promoted to higher-paying positions in 2019 alone. That is 9% of Walmart’s entire workforce.
  • Store managers at Walmart make around $175,000 annually. That income will put you at the top 5% of salary earners in America!

Continue reading to find out how to start your long-term, successful career in one of the largest companies on the planet.

Apply via

The first thing you’ll have to do is to apply via Walmart’s employment portal at

The initial registration process will take about 45 minutes to an hour. After that, applying for additional positions is much quicker. You don’t have to complete the entire process in one sitting. You can always save your progress and return to the registration later.

The forms you are required to fill are rather self-explanatory, yet there are some points you should be familiar with in advance. Let’s go over the entire process from start-to-finish.

What Will You Need?

To make your registration quicker, prepare the following in advance:

  • Social security number
  • Resume (required for salary jobs, optional for hourly jobs)
  • 3-year residence history (for drivers)
  • Job history with employer names and dates
  • If you were referred by a Walmart employee, their name and ID for possible future bonuses for both of you.

Apply for a job in Walmart in 4 steps:

Step 1: Search for a Job
Step 2: Set up an Account
Step 3: Fill in Walmart’s Forms
Step 4 – Review Your Information

Step 1 – Search for a Job

This part is simple enough. Start by typing a search term you are interested in. You can narrow down the search by career area (e.g. stores, drivers, corporate, etc.) or by location.


On the next screen, select the job that best suits you.

Note: Many of Walmart’s hourly jobs are “clustered”, that is, there is one job posting for all of Walmart’s cashiers, for various locations:


On the left-hand side you can set your preferences for your job search:

  • Brand (Walmart, Sam’s Club,, etc.)
  • Employment type
  • Rate (hourly or salary).

On the following page you will be presented with helpful pre-application information:

  • Job description
  • Minimum qualifications (in some cases, you will be asked to prove your qualifications for certain roles during registration – e.g. an electrician’s license).
  • Benefits
  • FAQs

Apply at the top of the screen:


Once you hit “apply”, you will be redirected to one of two websites: BrassRing or Workday. These are Walmart’s ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), and they will be the first gatekeeper in your application process.

Step 2 – Set up an Account

Assuming this is the first time you are applying at Walmart, you will be requested to set up an account.

Start by selecting “Don’t have an account yet?” at the bottom of the sign-in area:


Follow the instructions and fill in your personal data. You may also register via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. If you’re applying for an hourly position, it’s probably okay to use any of those three. For salary-based jobs we recommend sticking with LinkedIn.


Because for most of us, potential employers might find things on social media profiles that will make them LESS likely to hire, not more. Refrain from voluntarily providing that information, it is something they can find easily enough. However, personal websites and professional profiles like LinkedIn or ResearchGate can be helpful.

On this platform, you will need to select “Create Account” to begin your account registration:workday-login

Follow the instructions provided to set up an account. Unlike BrassRing, Workday does not enable you to create an account via social networks. You can, however, apply with your LinkedIn account once you have finished creating your account.

Note: Sometimes, Workday will not enable you to apply directly from Walmart’s website, and you will need to apply again via Workday. It’s therefore recommended to either:

  • Search your job directly via Workday, OR
  • Copy the job’s requisition number from Walmart’s website in case Workday “throws you out”:


Once logged in to Workday, you can apply through LinkedIn.

Step 3 – Fill in Walmart’s Forms

The system will guide you through several screens where you will be required to fill in your personal data. When going through each of these pages you should:

  • Read them carefully. Some of them are Yes/No questions and are preliminary terms for employment.
  • Respond honestly. Your data is stored in Walmart’s servers for future reference, and dishonest answers to questions might result in future blacklisting.
  • If you were referred to the job by a friend who works at Walmart, mention them. It may result in a bonus for him or her, or even both of you.


  • Fill in the WOTC questionnaire. The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a tax credit available to employers who hire from certain target groups such as veterans, food-stamp recipients, etc. If you belong to one of these groups, Walmart is financially incentivized to hire you. This option will not appear for all positions, but if it does, be sure to complete it.


Step 4 – Review Your Information

On the last screen of the application, you will be able to review all of your information before submitting it.

Note: you CANNOT change the application once you’ve submitted it, so make sure you haven't left anything out.

Submit a Resume

For some positions at Walmart, you will need to provide a resume. In most hourly positions such as truck driver, cashier and stocker you will not be able to provide a resume, so if you’re applying to any of these positions, it’s best to not bother to make one.

However, for hourly management positions, such as assistant manager trainee and department manager, it is optional. In salaried positions like an emerging store manager, a resume is required.

walmart submit resume

Your resume is one of the most important parts of your application process. Everything the company will know about you will ultimately come from this document. To learn how to write a high-quality, job-specific resume, visit this complete resume writing guide.

Make sure to follow these key points when writing your resume for Walmart:

Make It ATS-Compatible

BrassRing and Workday’s resume parsers will be the first barrier standing in your resume’s way. They will parse, analyze and grade your resume long before it is even seen by a human eye. Following the KIT Protocol will help you score as high as possible on the ATS.

KIT stands for:

  • Keywords – Implementing keywords appearing in the job posting into your resume. Learn more about the keyword implementation process.
  • Integrity – Be honest. Don’t make things up or exaggerate.
  • Technicality – Make sure your file is technically compatible with ATS (file type, not using headers, etc.

Want to Make Sure Your Resume Contains all the Relevant Keywords for Walmart?

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Make your CONTENT original, and your FORMAT standard

When it comes to content, having a resume with original, attractive descriptions of your past experience is highly recommended. It catches recruiters’ and managers’ attention and sets you apart from the crowd. And that is basically what a good resume is all about.

Be sure your resume as clear and standard as possible:

Maintain the Standard Form

The average recruiter will look at your resume for about 7.5 seconds (assuming it has passed the ATS) before deciding whether to take it to the next stage. This means that not only the content itself needs to be clear and concise, but also that the recruiter finds what he or she is looking for, FAST.

Adhering to the common practices of resume structure will guarantee that recruiters quickly find what they’re looking for and will be less likely to lose patience.

The standard resume contains the following elements:

  • Contact details
  • Personal statement
  • Job experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Here you can find explanations, guidelines, and examples for each of these parts.

Use Simple Design

Closely related to the tip above, make sure that your resume is strictly text, and is plain boring in appearance.

  • Do not include a picture of yourself. Not only it’s incompatible with ATS, but it’s also rather sensitive due to the possibility of allegations of discrimination.
  • Do not use any other type of graphic. These are unreadable by ATS.
  • Use plain black-and-white text, with bold or underline to emphasize important points. Unless you’re applying for a graphic designer position, flashing colors and creative layouts will cause more harm than good.

Customize It for the Job

This has always been an important thing to note when submitting a resume. In recent years, however, it is becoming a major issue in the ATS-dominated screening process. The ATS resume parser will basically take the job posting you’re applying for and compare it to the keywords contained within your resume.

Take the job description from Walmart’s website and use it as a reference when constructing your resume according to the aforementioned KIT Protocol.

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from a job description for an assistant manager trainee position at Walmart:

walmart resume keywords

The underlined words are all keywords to consider when writing your resume. These mostly include skills, related experience, and job requirements.

It can indeed be rather difficult customizing your resume for each and every job you apply for but doing so will greatly increase your chances of passing the initial screening.

Consider Walmart’s Core Values

Each company has its own set of core values – the norms and principles according to which the company sets its vision. Walmart is no exception. Getting familiar with Walmart's values can assist you in understanding which type of employee the company is seeking, and which strengths to emphasize in your resume.

These are important to know even if you apply for a job in which a resume is not required. Understanding Walmart's expectations of its employees will help you better present yourself in an interview and emphasize your skills which are most valuable for your employer and position.


Service to the Customer

Being first and foremost a brick-and-mortar retailer, customer-focus runs through Walmart's veins. This quality is crucial for front-end positions like cashiers and sales associates.

Most required in positions: all positions, but mainly front-end positions such as cashiers, sales associates, and fresh food associates.

Suggested keywords for your resume/interview: support, service, customer needs, listening, communication.


Respect for the Individual

When it comes to workplace relationships, Walmart holds the following in high regard: your ability to cooperate with other employees, an openness to learning from and teaching others, as well as good personal relationships in the workplace. Walmart views each as a critical component in its organizational culture.

Most required in positions: junior management positions such as department and associate managers, HR positions.

Suggested keywords: guidance, collaboration, honesty, trust, feedback.


Strive for Excellence

Let's face it, after all, is said and done, Walmart is a for-profit business. Can you create value for the company? You're hired. Show them that you are capable of high-level performance, responsibility and strategic planning.

Most required in positions: junior and senior management positions, professional corporate positions.

Suggested keywords: goal setting, decision making, responsibility, own, flexible, success.

Take an Assessment Test

This stage is probably the most daunting one. Based on the position you applied for, you will be requested to pass one or more job assessment tests. These are meant to evaluate your fit for the position and are mostly behavioral in nature. Some positions, however, will require other types of tests.

The assessment will usually be available to take right after your application. However, it is not recommended to rush and start it right away.

walmart assessment test

Since the assessment requires time and concentration, you should only take it under optimal conditions:

  • Set aside around 30 minutes.
  • Take the assessment in a quiet, distraction-free environment.
  • You will often require a calculator and scrap paper for the numerical section.
  • It is highly recommended to take this test with a desktop/laptop and not a mobile device.


Don't Leave the Preparation to Your Competition

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The following types of tests are usually conducted to Walmart applicants:

Personality Profiling

This test is one of the basics of pre-employment testing. It is intended to assess your personality traits and to predict whether they can predict success in the position you apply for.

You will be presented with short statements and will need to determine the extent to which they describe you.

personality sample question walmart

Understanding the format of personality tests and the psychological theory behind them can help bring forth your maximum potential and pass the test successfully.

SJT (Situational Judgement Test)

This test will usually come together with the personality profiling test. It will present you with everyday job-related situations in the position you apply for and will ask you to choose the way you are most likely to react. While personality profiling assesses your personality traits, this test evaluates your behavior.

sjt sample question walmart

Since these tests are often job-specific, we offer a variety of SJT practice tests for roles such as supervisor, customer service and management SJT.

In the SJT, employers want to make sure you understand what is expected of you, and that you behave accordingly. Understanding the underlying theory behind the SJT and getting prepared in advance will help you pass this often confusing stage.


Numerical Reasoning Tests

These tests require you to analyze and interpret numerical data presented in tables and graphs. The use of a calculator is permitted.

During the test, you will be presented with either a table or a graph. One or more multiple-choice questions will follow each of these datasets. An example can be found below:numerical sample question walmart

Preparing for numerical reasoning tests is absolutely crucial. Even if your math skills are sharp, the rigorous time constraints make it essential to know the test format in advance and to experience solving as many questions as possible under actual timed conditions.

Leadership Tests

You will encounter these tests when applying for management positions at Walmart. These tests are a combination of management-level personality profiling, SJT, and numerical reasoning. They come in two (2) forms:

  1. Supervisor Leadership Assessment (SLA) – taken for hourly management positions such as department manager and assistant manager trainee.
  2. Technical Leadership Assessment (TLA) – taken for salary management positions such as developmental manager and emerging store manager.

The TLA is normally more difficult than the SLA, and its score will precede the SLA score in case you take them both.


Mechanical Tests

This type of test is required mostly in technical positions such as those for technicians, maintenance workers, and tech support. Walmart’s mechanical tests come in two main forms:

  1. Mechanical aptitude tests – these assess your ability to understand and apply simple mechanical and electrical concepts. They require very little (if any) prior knowledge. Usually, these tests are conducted for entry-level positions and apprenticeships. Learn more about mechanical aptitude.
  2. Vocational knowledge tests – these assess your knowledge and expertise in mechanics, electricity, and troubleshooting. These tests require previous knowledge and practical experience. They are usually taken by employees with previous experience or vocational education. Walmart’s most common test in this category is Ramsay.

mechanical aptitude sample question



ramsay test sample question

The interview is your time to shine and show that you are more than a resume on a computer screen. You can prepare for your interviews by:

Doing some research

Walmart’s recruiters expect you to understand the company, as well as the role you are intending to take. You should go over Walmart’s website and view the LinkedIn profiles of the interviewer panel. Feel free to ask your recruiter who will interview you, if that information wasn’t provided to begin with. you may also find it beneficial to visit a store and take notes. This type of research can benefit you greatly in the long run.

That said…

Being communicative and original

Although in the earlier stages of recruitment it is recommended to stick to traditional formulas and practices, your interview is somewhat different. It is ultimately about YOU.

Never go into an interview expecting to get away with the typical generic answers. Think about how you fit into the company.

As one of Walmart’s recruiters has put it:

“We often ask candidates “Why Walmart?” and the most common response is a list of Walmart facts and excerpts of our mission statement… a better response is to tell how the company resonates with you personally…”

Knowing how to present your strengths and weaknesses

According to Jimmy Prencipe, a director in Walmart’s Talent Acquisition Department, it is very likely that you will be asked about both your strengths and weaknesses. Think carefully about both of these areas and prepare yourself for the following questions:

Strengths – what accomplishments can you provide to exemplify this strength?

Weaknesses – what measures are you taking to improve that weakness?

Be honest when asked about your weaknesses. Don’t provide the million-times-heard-before “I’m a perfectionist” weakness. As Prencipe says: “A candidate that shows professional maturity in being self-aware is highly desired in the team dynamics.”.

Engaging your recruiter

The role of your recruiter is, first and foremost, to identify the top candidates for each position.

“You’re in essence a representation of our own recruiting skills”, as says one of Walmart’s recruiters.

Help your recruiter feel confident in your fit and preparation for the job by asking them questions such as:

  • What does the position’s day-to-day look like?
  • What’s the team dynamic like?
  • What career path can the position offer?

Asking the interviewer panel questions as well

Although it seems counterintuitive, an interview is not one-sided. Walmart’s panel is interviewing you, sure enough, but you are also interviewing Walmart. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything the job entails, both before and during the interview. Doing so has several positive effects:

  • It creates a more balanced conversation and maximizes your relationship with the interviewer.
  • It reduces uncertainty and alleviates stress.
  • It shows you are interested and prepared.

Some examples Walmart gives for such questions are:

  • What skill sets would most benefit your team at the moment?
  • What advice can you give me if I wish to succeed in this particular area of the company?
  • What is the most important quality on your team, and why?
  • What are the current objectives and strategies in your team?


Walmart’s recruiters conduct behavioral, situation-based interviews, and recommend using the S.T.A.R method while answering interview questions. Learn what the S.T.A.R method is, as well as prepare yourself for common interview questions to make the best of your interview.

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