Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment - Complete Guide [2024]

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Want to get a feeling for the trickiness of the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment? Try this free Walmart TEA practice test:

Free Walmart TEA Practice Test

What Is the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment?

Walmart’s TEA assessment is used to screen new applicants as well as Walmart employees applying to various managerial and leadership positions, such as Team Lead, Hourly Supervisor, Academy Trainer, and Department Manager.

It's the first step of Walmart's hiring process, right after you submit your application. And it replaces the former Walmart Leadership Assessments, named SLA and TLA, which are no longer in use.

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Get to Know the Walmart TEA Assessment Sections Inside Out (+ Sample Questions)

The Teaming Employment Assessments is comprised of five sections:

  1. Work with Associates
  2. Manage Your Area
  3. Manage Your Day
  4. Tell Us Your Story
  5. Describe Your Approach

Let's describe each of them:


#1 Work with Associates

In this section, you’ll encounter a variety of situations that you could face as a leader at Walmart. You have to choose a response to each situation. To answer the questions correctly, you must only use the information provided. Relying on your previous work experience and what you would have done will often not give you the right answer. Use only what you are given.

Note: Once you choose an answer and move on to the next one, you can’t go back. Also, Walmart suggests working quickly and not stalling on any question.


Walmart's 'Work with Associates' Sample Question

In the past month, one of your employees has shown a major decline in sales performance. Although the decline has been ongoing for a couple of months, it has been particularly steep during the past two weeks. In addition, she has started coming in late and seems very frustrated with her work. Her behavior is influencing the atmosphere in the office as she is a popular employee and has been working for the company for the past two years.


What would you do in this situation?
Rank TWO of the following options, one as the BEST and one as the WORST.

Response Best Worst

Response #1: You meet with the employee and explain that her negative behavior is affecting not only her performance but that of the entire office. You express a sincere desire to help her during her rough patch on the condition that she cooperate with you and improve her attitude.


Response #2: You feel that since she is a very popular employee it is crucial that she be replaced temporarily, or else office performance will suffer. You assign her to back-office tasks for the time being and promise her that once her performance improves, you will re-instate her in her former position.


Response #3: You call a staff meeting to talk about the negative atmosphere in the office. You single out the problematic employee and discuss her contribution to this atmosphere in the hope that her behavior will improve.


Response #4: You decide to let it blow over. She has been a consistently good employee until recently and you feel you need to "cut her some slack". Part of your job is to be sensitive to your employees' needs when necessary.

Check Out Answer and Explanation

There is obviously a problem with this employee and this item examines your ability to manage the situation. Let's examine each response individually:

Response #1: You are empathetic yet assertive. You deal with the situation immediately by talking to the problematic employee, yet you are considerate about her personal situation. This is the best response as you show your ability to manage a team in a sensitive yet productive manner.

Response #2: This response is a bit extreme. Although at some stage you might have to resort to firing or demoting the employee, it is not the most appropriate response at this point as you haven't even had a talk with her. Thus, this is not the best response.

Response #3: This response seems to lack a sense of social sensitivity and empathy. It might achieve your goal of improving office performance, but it will probably hurt your employee while not improving the office atmosphere. Thus, this is also not the best response.

Response #4: This is a passive response and thus, the worst response out of the four. Doing nothing when your employee has been misbehaving for months and office performance is declining is a poor managerial decision.

The best response is 1, the worst response is 4.


#2 Manage Your Area

In this test, you’ll have to work with hypothetical information to figure out what’s happening in your area. This will highly resemble the type of decision-making you’ll do on the real job.

Note: Walmart advises to work quickly and accurately. The less time it takes you, the better. This may suggest that test-takers who spend too much time on a certain question, may get penalized.

Here’s a sample question  similar to what you’ll typically encounter in this section:


Walmart's 'Manage Your Area' Sample Question

Which department had the highest productivity during quarters 1 and 2?

Walmart Teaming Employment Sample Question
  1. Department 1
  2. Department 2
  3. Department 3
  4. Department 4
  5. Department 5
Check Out Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is D.



The graph presents the productivity levels (by percentages), for 5 departments, during 4 quarters.

To find the department with the highest productivity during quarters 1 and 2, we should look only at the first two quarters.

Then, look for the department whose markers for Quarters 1 and 2 are at the top. You can easily see that Departments 1 and 4 are the top ones, but they cross each other, so we should compare them: in Quarter 1, Department 4 is much higher than Department 1, while in Quarter 2, both departments are very similar. Therefore, the summation of Quarters 1 and 2 for Department 4 is higher than Department 1. Therefore, Department 4 has the highest productivity levels.


The TEA assessment Practice Pack will teach you how to answer such questions quickly using effective solving methods.


#3 Manage Your Day

On this test, you’ll encounter situations that Walmart’s leaders face every day, and will need to prioritize them.

Specifically, you’ll need to review activities, decide how urgent they are, and indicate the order in which you would handle them.

Here’s a sample question (taken from the complete practice pack) that highly resembles ‘Manage Your Day’ questions you’ll see on the real assessment:

Walmart's 'Manage Your Day' Sample Question

Rank the activities from 1 to 4, where '1' is most urgent and should be handled first, and '4' is less urgent.

Response 1 2 3 4

(A) You hear one of your employees giving wrong information to another employee regarding a safety procedure.


(B) Today's tardiness number is bigger than yesterday's.


(C) One of your employees, who has been on your team for 2 years, says he is not content with the working environment.


(D) You need to complete the end-of-the-month report which is due tomorrow.

Check Out Answer and Explanation

The correct ranking is A, B, D, C.

(A) Is ranked first because this situation relates to safety procedures which are very important and must be taken seriously, and they should therefore be ranked high. If a safety procedure violation is not handled immediately, it can lead to injury or death.

(B) Is ranked second because this situation relates to discipline problems. It is crucial for a manager to deal with discipline problems when they appear, yet not as crucial as safety issues.

(D) Is ranked third because the situation relates to productivity. The productivity rate is very important, but in this case, since you need to rank the situation in relation to other situations, productivity is less urgent than safety and discipline problems of this degree.

(C) Is ranked fourth since the situation relates to the working environment, which is an important subject but not urgent and can therefore be handled last.


#4 Tell Us Your Story

This is a biodata questionnaire that will ask you to share your background and work experience. These questions are not just there in order to fulfill diversity rules, they are used as an additional screening tool.

So, pay attention to every question, even if it seems like a no-brainer. But don’t spend too long on any of them as the testing system might flag that.

Walmart's 'Tell Us Your Story' Sample Question

If contacted, how would your recent supervisor describe your customer service skills compared to other team members?

  1. The very best
  2. Among the best
  3. Above average
  4. Average
  5. Needing some development
  6. Needing substantial development
A Useful Tip

It is important to be consistent with your answers and your CV.

Different questions can evaluate the same information. Your personality profile has to make sense. You must make sure to avoid contradictions in your test answers.


#5 Describe Your Approach

This is a 33-question personality test that evaluates your preferred work style and approach. Some of the questions might be tricky and ask the same thing but in a different way.

So, it’s crucial to stay consistent throughout the section, or else the testing system will immediately flag you.

Here’s a sample question from this section:

Walmart's 'Describe Your Approach' Sample Question

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement.

a) I enjoy theoretical discussions and thinking about abstract concepts.
b) Thinking too hard about a problem frustrates me.

  1. Most like (b)
  2. Somewhat like (b)
  3. Somewhat like (a)
  4. Most like (a)
A Useful Tip

The answer to such a question greatly depends on the position you apply to.

For instance, if you apply to an administrative position, Walmart will expect you to have high boredom intolerance, indicated by statement (b).

That is because most clerical work is routine. Tasks require adherence to a company’s provisions and protocols, as well as a lot of paperwork. The job requires a great deal of concentration over time and the ability to meet objectives. It is therefore advisable to emphasize features such as: Perseverance, Thoroughness, and Good Organization. It is also essential to show you have no problem with routine work, so you should get a low score on the Boredom Intolerance trait.

On the other hand, you are not expected to easily create relationships (indicated by statement (a), as a customer service rep would.


The practice pack contains a professional study guide to teach you the best ways to answer Biodata questionnaires and how to avoid common “traps.” Make sure you check it out!


Not Just a Pass or Fail Assessment: The Truth About the TEA Scores

The score you get on each section has a crucial impact on the hiring decision and the opportunities that Walmart will open for you.

Here’s the deal:

The TEA has four score bands that are used behind the scenes, similar to the Retail Associate Assessment: Poor, Good, Competitive, and Excellent.

Candidates who score in the ‘Poor’ band for a certain position will not be eligible for hire for that position.

Now, the TEA scores are shown differently for applicants that come from outside as opposed to current Walmart employees, as detailed below:

Current Walmart Employees

After you complete the TEA assessment, you’ll get one of the following scores:

  • Non-Competitive: this means you didn’t pass it and that you’re ineligible to apply for any management position. In other words: you have to remain in your current position and unfortunately, have to wait another 6 months before retaking the assessment.
  • Competitive 6 Month Expire – Tier 1: you passed it, but you can only apply for Academy Trainer or Current Department Manager positions.
  • Competitive 2 Year Expire – Tier 2: you passed it and you can apply for all positions, including Cap, Support, Team Lead, Coach, and higher.

Scoring high on each of the test’s sections ensures you get into Tier 2 and unlocks the most rewarding Walmart management jobs.

Note: You’ll also have to take the VR (Virtual Reality) Assessment if you want to apply for Academy Trainer, Team Lead, Coach, or Store Lead.

New Applicants Outside of Walmart

Once you finish the Teaming Employment Assessment, you’ll see a screen showing you if you failed or passed it.

If you fail the assessment, it will show you the date you can retake it. It will be 6 months from the day you first took it.

But here’s the thing no one tells you:

You can pass the TEA but still get rejected.

That’s because Walmart rates each of the five sections separately. And if you score poorly on one of them, you won’t pass the assessment even if it says you did, as it’s Walmart’s stone-cold policy.

Numerous applicants think they’ve passed the assessment and wait for a long time to get a call from Walmart, but it never comes.

Now that’s frustrating.

To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you prepare in advance for ALL sections of the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment, even sections that seem easy and simple.

How to Pass the Teaming Employment Assessment with a High Score

Beating the TEA assessment is all about knowing exactly what to expect and how to answer it the best way.

As most of the test sections consist of personality and behavioral questions, they’re naturally tricky. And to the untrained eye, it’s hard to tell what the most appropriate answers are.

This is where we come into play.

Out test experts have worked hard to provide you with an accurate practice pack that simulates every section of the real TEA.

Here’s what you get:

  • Realistic TEA practice tests – SAME format, difficulty, and question types as the actual assessment.
  • Detailed explanations for all questions to ensure you know how to answer every question, no matter what.
  • Extra training for the personality & behavioral parts – you’ll learn how to dominate the trickiest sections of the assessment.

Get the Complete Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment Practice (2024)

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Walmart's VR Assessment - Who Needs to Take It and What’s It Like?

Walmart uses the VR assessment to screen new Academy Trainers, Team Leads, Coaches, or higher positions who passed the TEA assessment with a competitive score.

The VR assessment is used to weigh you against final candidates, and you’ll be evaluated for your decision-making and leadership skills.

During the assessment, you’ll face various scenarios that Walmart’s managers handle on a daily basis, such as angry shoppers, messy aisles, and underperforming workers.

You’ll be presented with realistic situations while doing a tour across a virtual Walmart store. Once you encounter a situation, you’ll see a question with multiple choice answers to choose from.

Here’s an example:

Walmart VR Test Sample



By getting familiar with all 5 sections of the Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment and practicing them in advance, you dramatically increase your score of passing it and getting the position you want at Walmart.

Remember that it is not enough to simply pass the assessment. You must gain a high score in each and every section to be considered for employment.

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