Walmart Manager Employment Assessment - 2024 Guide

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Want to get a feeling for the trickiness of the Walmart Manager Test? Try this 7-minute free Walmart MEA practice test:

Free Walmart MEA Practice Test

What Is the Walmart Manager Employment Assessment?

The Walmart Manager Employment Assessment (MEA) is a 5-section test used to screen existing Walmart employees and new applicants for various management roles, such as Store Manager, Coach Trainee, Assistant Manager, and Area Manager.

The five sections of the assessment are:

  1. Work with Associates
  2. Run Your Business
  3. Manage Your Day
  4. Tell Us Your Story
  5. Describe Your Approach

Walmart Manager Employment Assessment - Sample Questions and Answers


#1 Work with Associates

This section includes situational judgment questions - that is, you will be presented with hypothetical scenarios an average Walmart manager is expected to encounter and will be required to respond correctly.

Here is a sample question from this section:


Walmart's 'Work with Associates' Sample Question

Your department received a negative feedback email from a customer. You find out that as the email was received, one of your associates contacted the customer and gave him a corrective service experience. The customer later sent a positive note for her excellent service.


What would you most and least likely do?
Rank TWO of the following options, one as the MOST likely and one as the LEAST.

Response Most Least

Response #1: Thank your associate for the way she dealt with the situation, and both try to figure out if there is any problem that can be fixed to prevent such complaints from coming up again.


Response #2: Thank her for her professional attitude. Tell her that you want her to show everyone the positive note that the customer wrote in the next team meeting.


Response #3: Realize that this way of handling situations might not work every time, and ask your associate what can be done to avoid future complaints.


Response #4: Let your associate know that she acted ideally in the situation. Ask her to define the steps she treated the disappointed customer so she could learn for similar situations in the future.

Check Out Answer and Explanation

Most: Response #1

Least: Response #2

Response #1 – By this response, you express appreciation for your associate and try to learn from the situation and improve. Since customer service is a significant value, it is essential to conclude the problem itself instead of how the associates acted in this specific event. This will help improve the store's reputation and customers' satisfaction, and therefore it’s the best answer.

Response #2– By this response, you empower your associate on account of the other employees and learn nothing from the situation. Showing the team's positive note may encourage them to act similarly in the future, but they will not have the relevant tools. It's your responsibility to provide them with tools by an apprentice. On the contrary, it might also cause them to feel bad regarding their work and envy the associate who got the note.

In the complete Walmart Manager Employment Assessment Prep Course, you will learn how to answer ANY such question:

  • Know what Walmart expects from its managers, so you can answer any question, even if you have never seen it before.
  • Get an insight as to the most desirable traits of Walmart managers, so you can outperform your competition.

#2 Run Your Business

In this section, you will be required to make managerial decisions based on business data, usually presented in tables and graphs. You will normally need to do some basic math to reach the final answers.

Yet, the most crucial point of this test is not the math, but what to base your decisions on. The right calls will depend on Walmart's own criteria, so common sense is usually a bad guide in these questions.

Try out this sample question to get an idea of how this test might mislead you:


Walmart's 'Run Your Business' Sample Question

During your next appointment with the Shift B supervisor, on which field will you focus your conversation?



Shift A

Shift B

Shift C

This quarter









Safety Awareness








Last quarter









Safety Awareness








Note: Scores are on a scale of 1-100.
A score of 80 or above is the goal for all categories.

  1. Quality
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Safety Awareness
  4. Contentment
Check Out Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is A, Quality.


The conversation should focus on the field that has the most decrease or has reached beneath the goal (score of 80). Therefore, in each field in Shift B, we should subtract this quarter’s score from last quarter’s score. A positive answer means an increase in score, while a negative answer means a decrease in score.

Quality - The score decreased by 3 points and is indicated in red. Although this is not the most significant decrease, this is the most severe one and therefore is the correct answer.

Effectiveness - The score decreased by 6 points but is still above the goal.

Safety Awareness - The score increased by 7 points.

Contentment - The score increased by 3 points.

Another method for solving the question would be relying on colors. If the score of any of the categories is indicated by green (meaning above the goal), this is not the field that should be taken care of first. The Quality in both quarters is red, which is a good clue for realizing that this category should be addressed soon.

In the complete Prep Course, you will get the most valuable, proven guidelines to ace the 'Run Your Business' section:

  • Know how Walmart prioritizes decision-making to make the right choices every time.
  • Learn how to locate the most crucial data so you make quick decisions

#3 Manage Your Day

On this test, you’ll encounter situations that Walmart’s leaders face every day, and will need to prioritize them. Specifically, you’ll need to review activities, decide how urgent they are, and indicate the order in which you would handle them.

As in the previous section, your prioritization and Walmart's will not always be aligned. That's why it is crucial to know here, too, what Walmart expects of its employees to score high.

Here’s a sample question that highly resembles ‘Manage Your Day’ questions you’ll see on the real assessment:

Walmart's 'Manage Your Day' Sample Question

Rank the activities from 1 to 4, where '1' is most urgent and should be handled first, and '4' is least urgent.

Activity 1 2 3 4

(A) It’s Wednesday, and you notice that many employees didn’t show up to work for the last two days for various reasons.


(B) When you left the office, you noticed that your associates are not keeping the common area clean and organized.


(C) You notice one of your associates is busy on the phone while a customer\member is looking for a product nearby.


(D) An employee that has recently moved to the team finds it difficult to keep up with the team’s rate.

Check Out Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is: C > A > B > D

Situation C should be prioritized first. This situation deals with reputation, as there is an incident happening that is damaging the store's service nature. The indifferent associate creates a negative impression on the customer nearby when he ignores them and prioritizes personal time above that of the customer’s. The customer service and the customers’ wills should be in top priority.

Situation A should be prioritized second. This situation deals with discipline and the company’s productivity and sales. First, to maintain order, employees should inform their manager when they will not be at work. By not doing that, they disrespect their manager’s authority and discipline. Second, their absence damages their work and productivity. The week is not over yet, so you can still talk to them and make sure they arrive for the rest of the week and complete their weekly tasks.

Situation B should be prioritized third. This situation deals with the organization and the working environment. All employees are expected to keep the common spaces clean and organized. It is more hygienic and pleasant for everybody. The solution is simple; it requires talking to the team, reminding them to keep the areas clean, and even explaining the importance and logic.

Situation D should be prioritized fourth. This situation deals with the productivity levels of only one employee. Since this employee is new to the team, it is reasonable that he needs time to adapt and keep up with the rest of the employee’s rates. As a manager, you should help him improve. You can allow leeway this time and postpone this task a bit.

In the complete Prep Course, you will learn how to show the prioritization skills Walmart looks for in the ideal manager:

  • Know what Walmart holds most valuable, so you can answer exactly as Walmart expects you to.
  • Scenarios adapted from the actual assessment.

#4 Tell Us Your Story

The test is designed to examine personality traits related to work through questions about your previous workplaces. Some of the questions are technical and straightforward, and some of the questions examine personality traits. These questions are not just there in order to fulfill diversity rules, they are used as an additional screening tool.

So, pay attention to every question, even if it seems like a no-brainer. But don’t spend too long on any of them as the testing system might flag that.

Walmart's 'Tell Us Your Story' Sample Question

If contacted, how would your recent supervisor describe your customer service skills compared to other team members?

  1. The very best
  2. Among the best
  3. Above average
  4. Average
  5. Needing some development
  6. Needing substantial development
A Useful Tip

It is important to be consistent with your answers and your CV.

Different questions can evaluate the same information. Your personality profile has to make sense. You must make sure to avoid contradictions in your test answers.

In the complete Prep Course, you will learn how to ace Walmart's biodata questionnaire:

  • Present an ideal employee profile while remaining consistent and reliable.
  • Questions and answers based on the real Walmart criteria.

#5 Describe Your Approach

The “Describe Your Approach” test is designed to provide insight into your unique work style. Every person has their teamwork or management habits and occupational approach. This test is your place to show who you are.

Walmart knows that many candidates are actively trying to present a better profile of themselves in this section, so you should beware of exaggeration or inconsistency in your answers, or else the testing system will immediately flag you.

Here’s a sample question from this section:

Walmart's 'Describe Your Approach' Sample Question

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement.

a) I usually define realistic goals.
b) I usually define goals that are hard to achieve.

  1. Most like (a)
  2. Somewhat like (a)
  3. Somewhat like (b)
  4. Most like (b)
How to Answer Such A Question

Although it seems wise to present yourself as someone who aspires high, remember that setting realistic, measurable goals is an integral part of a manager's daily life, done to promote their team and company.

If you recall my recommendation from earlier - don't exaggerate. Present yourself positively, but not in a way that might eventually be detrimental to your success.

In the complete Prep Course, you will learn how to be the employee Walmart dreams of:

  • Understand the ideal Walmart employee profile for the specific position you chose.
  • Remain consistent in your answers so the system does not fail you.

How to Pass the Walmart Manager Employment Assessment with a High Score

Beating the MEA assessment is all about knowing what Walmart expects from its managers. Even in the seemingly objective math questions on the 'Run Your Business' section, the trick is not the calculations, but Walmart's decision-making preferences.

In short, you need to know how Walmart's robots think, and how they interpret your test score.

That is why the Complete Walmart Manager Employment Assessment provides you with an accurate practice pack that simulates every section of the real test.

Here’s what you get:

  • Realistic MEA practice tests – SAME format, difficulty, and question types as the actual assessment.
  • Detailed explanations for all questions to ensure you know how to answer every question, no matter what.
  • Extra training for the personality & behavioral parts – you’ll learn how to dominate the trickiest sections of the assessment.

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