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What Is the Walmart Supply Chain Associate Assessment?

The Walmart Supply Chain Associate is a test used to screen applicants for a large variety of positions, such as drivers, freight handlers, administration positions, maintenance technicians, and more. The test is administered online by VJT (Virtual Job Tryout).

The assessment contains 5 sections:

  1. Work with Associates
  2. Check Your Pallet
  3. Working with Information
  4. Tell Us Your Story
  5. Describe Your Approach

Walmart Supply Chain Associate Assessment - Sample Questions and Answers


#1 Work with Associates

This section is basically a situational judgment test - that is, you will be given scenarios the average Walmart employee encounters during the job and will be required to respond correctly.

Here is a sample question from this section:


Walmart's 'Work with Associates' Sample Question

Your schedule is full, and you must complete all your tasks today. However, you cannot start one of the tasks because you don’t have the necessary tool. One of your colleagues tries to get it for you.


What would you most and least likely do?
Rank TWO of the following options, one as the MOST likely and one as the LEAST.

Response Most Least

Response #1: Take a much-needed break until the colleague gets you the tool.


Response #2: Ask the colleague what you can do to help him get it faster.


Response #3: Continue working on the other tasks until you receive the tool.


Response #4: Let your manager know that you’re waiting for the tool, thus causing a delay in your other tasks and the team’s productivity.

Check Out Answer and Explanation

Most likely: Response #4

Least likely: Response #1


Response #1 – This response is not proactive and doesn’t show initiative. Although you need the break, your tight schedule requires you to not think about yourself and put aside your own needs until all tasks are completed. If you sit and wait for the tool, you waste a lot of expensive time, which could have been utilized to proceed with the other tasks that do not depend on the tool. The missing tool not only delays the schedule but now your break delays it as well. Additionally, you may not be seeing the bigger picture; taking a break must be approved by your manager.

Response #4 – With this response, you demonstrate responsibility and don’t make decisions by yourself about projects that involve more than one person. You show your manager that he can trust you to inform him if any delays are expected, so he can re-plan the schedule if needed.

Note that after informing your manager, you should proceed to the other tasks and not neglect them.

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#2 Check Your Pallet

This section assesses your ability to perform basic calculations under time pressure and contains mostly division questions. You will be asked to check a pallet of products before delivery and decide the number of cases required.

The main difficulty here is not the calculations, rather the very short time given to solve as many questions as possible.

Here's a sample question that resembles the actual test:


Walmart's 'Check Your Pallet' Sample Question

walmart check your pallet sample question
Check Out Answer and Explanation

The correct answer is 4 full units, 8 additional items.


Dividing 52 by 11, we get:

52/11 = 4 + 8 (remainder), since:

11 x 4 + 8 = 52.


As mentioned before, the calculation itself is pretty simple (although calculations get more complicated as the test progresses). The main challenge is the need to solve a large number of questions in a short tim.

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#3 Working with Information

This section focuses on your attention to detail and short-term memory. You will need to compare two lines of text and numbers and decide whether they are identical or not. Similar to the 'Check Your Pallet' test, this section requires high solving speed.

Check out a sample question to get the idea:


Walmart's 'Working with Information' Sample Question

Walmart working with information sample question
Check Out Answer and Explanation

The elements on lines 1 and 3 are identical:

Line 2: 13549870 vs. 1354860

Line 3: 235875457543 vs. 235875457545


Here, too, the main challenge is the required speed and not the difficulty of the questions.


In the complete Prep Course, you will get used to solving these questions lightning-fast:

  • An infinite number of questions to perfect your skill.
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#4 Tell Us Your Story

This test explores your past working experience and attitude. Although it seems like a completely harmless biodata questionnaire, this test is a screening tool just like the other sections. Your answers should therefore be thoughtful and given with care.

So, pay attention to every question, even if it seems like a no-brainer. But don’t spend too long on any of them as the testing system might flag that.

Walmart's 'Tell Us Your Story' Sample Question

If contacted, how would your recent supervisor describe your customer service skills compared to other team members?

  1. The very best
  2. Among the best
  3. Above average
  4. Average
  5. Needing some development
  6. Needing substantial development
A Useful Tip

It is important to be consistent with your answers and your CV.

Different questions can evaluate the same information. Your personality profile has to make sense. You must make sure to avoid contradictions in your test answers.

In the complete Prep Course, you will learn how to ace Walmart's biodata questionnaire:

  • Present an ideal employee profile while remaining consistent and reliable.
  • Questions and answers based on the real Walmart criteria.

#5 Describe Your Approach

This section is a personality profiling test. It will aim to assess your behavioral traits, and if you are a match for the job.

Walmart knows that many candidates are actively trying to present a better profile of themselves in this section, so you should be consistent and reliable with your answers, or the system will immediately flag you.

Here’s a sample question from this section:

Walmart's 'Describe Your Approach' Sample Question

Please indicate to which extent you agree or disagree with the following statement.

a) In stressful times, I have trouble keeping calm.
b) I am at my best in stressful situations.

  1. Most like (a)
  2. Somewhat like (a)
  3. Somewhat like (b)
  4. Most like (b)
How to Answer Such A Question

Supply chain employees work under a lot of pressure and overload. Therefore, Walmart expects its employees to show resilience to stress in these positions in particular.

The best response to this question will, therefore, be Most like (a).

In the complete Prep Course, you will learn how to be the employee Walmart dreams of:

  • Understand the ideal Walmart employee profile for the specific position you chose.
  • Remain consistent in your answers so the system does not fail you.

How to Pass the Walmart Supply Chain Assessment with a High Score

Beating the Walmart Supply Chain Associate Assessment is about two things:

  • Know what Walmart expects of its employees.
  • Work and solve questions FAST.

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Here’s what you get:

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