Virtual Job Tryout Preparation: Samples, Tips, & More!


On this page, you'll get all the information you need to know about the Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) assessment, and the tools to master the test.

Specifically, you’ll learn what the Virtual Job Tryout is, what type of questions to expect, which companies use the VJT tests and how to prepare for your upcoming VJT.


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What Is A Virtual Job Tryout?

The Virtual Job Tryout Assessment (VJT), formerly known as the “Shaker Assessment”, uses predictive modeling to assess a candidate's job-related performance. The Tryouts give candidates a chance to see what the job is like, while the results help employers measure what type of worker the candidate might be.


Virtual Job Tryout Questions - What to Expect?

The Virtual Job Tryout includes several sub-tests, each of which should address a different aspect of the work you are applying for.

The length of each section can vary as the questions are job-related. Someone in the education field might encounter more text and excerpt related questions, while someone in banking might encounter more multiple-choice questions.

However, the general format usually remains the same and consists of:


Situational Judgment Test – The SJT will present you with hypothetical scenarios related to the job you are applying.

Almost every company using the Virtual Job Tryout assessment tests includes some sort of a SJT sub-test. First, you’ll be presented with a work-related scenario, followed by four statements. After reading the scenario and the possible reactions, you’ll be asked to choose what you’d be Most or Least likely to do. The type, length, and number of questions you’ll get depend on the nature of the job you applied to.

Ranking Activities Test – On this sub-test, you’ll need to review four activities that you’ll probably encounter in your applied job, decide how urgent they are, and rank the order in which you would handle them (from 1 to 4).

Data Analyzing Test – This sub-test is very common for managerial or analytical roles. It is designed to measure your ability to process and analyze data. You’ll be presented with data in tabular or graph formatting, and to answer the questions that follow, you’ll need to scan and analyze the data.


Biodata SectionEvery VJT includes a section usually called “Tell Us Your Story.” You’ll be asked about your work history – previous experiences and background.


Personality Test – Every VJT includes this sub-test called “Describe Your Approach,” and examines your preferred style and approach to work. On every question in this section, you’ll see two statements, and you’ll need to compare them and deduce which is most like you.


Important Note: The VJT assessment tests are untimed, and the system will show you the approx. time needed to finish every section before you start it. However, if you answer the questions too slowly, it will affect your score.

That’s why our PrepPacks™ have many timed practice drills – to help you improve your performance under pressure.


Though some sub-tests always appear in the VJT (in some format or another), every company uses additional sub-test variants according to the job requirements, and the company’s values.
Let’s have a closer look at some of the most dominant companies that use the VJTs:


Amazon Virtual Job Tryout

Amazon’s assessments differ greatly between positions, but the two positions that require a VJT assessment are the Manager in Operations position and the Warehouse Team Member. The Amazon Ramsay Test, required for maintenance positions, will often be preceded by a VJT test as well.

Here's a short video that dives into this test:

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 The manager in Operations virtual job tryout includes five sections:






Note: the Warehouse Team Member VJT includes a gamified test that we are currently developing, so stay tuned. 

Walmart Shaker Assessment

Walmart is the world’s largest employer, with thousands of daily applicants. The Walmart hiring process is as one of the most competitive out there, while the Walmart’s online assessment is the most challenging part of the application process.


Here's a short video that dives into this test:

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Here are the assessments used by Walmart:

Each Walmart assessment includes different Virtual Job Tryout sub-tests, so I recommend checking our dedicated pages for the most accurate info and free practice questions

USPS Virtual Entry Assessments

As of April 2019, the USPS launched four new exams, named USPS Virtual Entry Assessments (aka VJTs), which replaced the old Postal Exam 473. the passing score for the USPS VJTs is 70, but the USPS ranks candidates by their test scores. That’s why you’ll need to not only pass the test but achieve a high score to be considered a top candidate.

Note: the internet is full of 473 Postal Exam practices that are outdated. Make sure you practice with new and accurate study materials. 


Here's a short video that dives into this test:

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 Let’s get to know the different VJT sub-tests of each USPS test:


Virtual Entry Assessment MC (474)

The Virtual Entry Assessment – MC (474) exam is used for Mail Carrier jobs. Here’s an overview of the structure:






Virtual Entry Assessment – MH (475)

The Virtual Entry Assessment MH 475 exam is used for Mail Handler or Mail Handler assistant jobs.

Note: it is highly recommended that you take the exam on your computer rather than your smartphone to avoid technical issues.

Here’s a breakdown of the test sections:






Virtual Entry Assessment – MP (476)

The USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 476 (MP 476) is used in the screening process for many roles, including those for Mail Processing Clerk, PSE Mail Processing Clerk, Casual Mail Processing Clerk, Data Conversion Operator, PSE Data Conversion Operator, and Casual Data Conversion Operator.

This online exam is similar to the 475 assessment and includes the same test sections:






Virtual Entry Assessment – CS (477)

The Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) 477 is used to evaluate candidates interested in the following USPS roles: Sales Service & Distribution Associate, PSE Sales Service & Distribution Associate, and Casual Sales Service & Distribution Associate.

Here's an overview of the test's sections:





CVS Virtual Job Tryout

The CVS Virtual Job Tryout includes different sub-tests for various positions. Some of the most popular positions at CVS are:

Note: our experts are still working on CVS's virtual job tryout PrepPacks, we expect to launch it in the coming months.



The pharmacy positions at CVS play the most integral role in the company, and due to Covid-19, CVS is on hiring spree for thousands of pharmacy workers.

But that also means that the competition is fierce, and if you want to get a CVS pharmacy position, you’ll need to ace the VJTs.

Pharmacists will encounter these VJT sub-tests:

CVS Pharmacist virtual job tryout

Pharmacy Technician

With the Pharmacy Technician position you’ll use your knowledge and skills to help thousands of people get the medications they need. CVS is hiring thousand of Pharmacy Tech workers due to Covid-19 vaccines, so this is a great time to apply.

On this VJT test you’ll get these sub-tests:

CVS Pharmacy Tech VJT



The typical responsibilities of CVS cashiers include stock, customer service, and sales duties. The cashier position requires these VJT sub-tests:

CVS cashier VJT

Store Manager

In the store management team, you’ll be supervising and managing the store team, sales, inventory, and lead the customer service in your branch.

Note: the VJT test for this position includes the same sub-tests as the SMIT program positions.

The store manager VJT includes:

CVS store manager VJT

Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) Virtual Job Tryout

Bank of America (aka Merrill Lynch) uses the VJTs for three major positions: Client Service Positions, Relationship Banker and Relationship Manager.

Our experts are still working on BOA’s virtual job tryout PrepPacks (stay tuned), but these are the major VJTs that Bank of America uses:

Client\Service Positions

Bank of America uses a specified Virtual Job Tryout assessment for most client related positions. That includes customer service representatives or specialists, relationship specialists and SB service positions (card core, depositing servicing, priority services etc.).

This type of VJT is also used as the “Universal Fit Assessment” of Bank of America, so if you are asked to complete the Universal Fit Assessment - this is the test you’ll get.
This VJT includes these sub-tests:


Bank of America - Client Service

Relationship Banker

As a Relationship Banker, you’ll be responsible for introducing and processing various banking choices for your clients.

On this VJT assessment, you’ll get these sub-tests:


Bank of America VJT - Relationship Banker

Other Companies That Use the VJTs

There are many other employers that use the Virtual Job Tryout system to assess candidates, like Capital One, Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans, AT&T, Kimberly Clark, and more. We're currently working on creating accurate PrepPacks™ for these assessments. We expect to launch it in the coming months.

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