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To become a pharmacy technician at CVS, you must complete and pass an application, assessment tests, and interviews.

CVS Pharmacy Technician Hiring Process

The first step in the CVS hiring process is the application. It's important to note that your application is going to be screened by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for keyword-specific phrases, so be sure to align your resume, CV, and application answers with the job description. Learn more about applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how to beat them with JobTestPrep's dedicated ATS page.

CVS Pharmacy Technician Assessment Tests

Once you apply, the next step is assessment tests. Typically, the pharmacy technician assessment test includes a personality assessment and situational judgement tests (SJT). 

CVS Interviews

If you passed the assessments, the next step is the interviews. Just like any other employer, CVS wants to be sure it is hiring the most qualified candidates. That said, you can expect to encounter several interviews. 

Each phone interview or in-person interview is a chance for you to expand upon your application as well as for the employer to see that you are a great match to the company.

Background Check and Drug Test

Remember to remain patient during background and drug tests as getting the results can take time. These tests are required to ensure that your credentials check out and to make sure that CVS is hiring solid employees who will promote general safety throughout the company and their work. Only if you pass these tests (in addition to the previous phases) will you be offered a job.


CVS Virtual Job Tryout

Shaker Virtual Job Tryout is utilized during CVS's assessment portion of the hiring process. 

The Virtual Job Tryout Assessment uses predictive modeling to assess your job-related performance and behavior. It introduces you to the job-related skills you will need, in addition to job-related situations. The results of the assessment are then passed along to employers, where they are able to measure what type of worker you might be.

The Standard Virtual Job Tryout Assessment is an online, interactive pre-employment test that is composed of eight sections. It contains multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, and short excerpts. Each section's length can vary as the questions are job-related.

Prepare With JobTestPrep

Our PrepPack™ provides tailored practice material for the personality and SJT. We do not offer practice materials for the Virtual Job Tryout portion of the hiring process.

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