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CVS Test Prep

Let’s take a deeper look into the CVS hiring process and start getting some CVS VJT answers.

The CVS Virtual Job Tryout

CVS maintains two separate CVS VJT tracks. The first is called the Retail Virtual Job Tryout, and the second is called the Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) Virtual Job Tryout.

The content within each test section slightly varies between the tracks, as every track relates to a different set of roles at CVS.

Nevertheless, the structure of the Virtual Job Tryout for both of these tracks is essentially similar. It takes between 20 to 60 minutes to complete and consists of the following test sections:

Read on to learn more about each of the CVS VJT sections, or click on one of the links above to quickly navigate to a specific test section.

Realistic Job Preview

Both the PBM and Retail tracks begin with a realistic job preview as part of the larger CVS assessment. In this session, your future co-workers will detail for you the ins and outs of the job, including the work environment, procedures, customer relations, and the pace of the job. You have the opportunity to find out what they like or dislike, and decide if the job is something that you are truly interested in.

Situational Judgment Test

This is a standard test section that everyone vying for a position at CVS must take. This CVS SJT Test essentially examines how one might respond to a wide range of situations when on the job. The test can be seen as a sort of character test.

How does the SJT test work?

For every question, you are presented with four different responses, ranging from most likely to less likely.

While bearing in mind that there is no right or wrong CVS assessment answers, you must choose two answers, most and least, from among the four possible answers.

While it is important to answer honestly, JobTestPrep will show you how to analyze the various presented scenarios so you can best highlight your skills, thus providing a better representation of yourself.

CVS VJT Data Accuracy Test

The next stage in the process is the data test. The purpose of this CVS assessment is to ensure that you can accurately enter and cross-reference between sources.

You will look at insurance cards, credit cards, databases, and more and ensure that cross-data matches to a tee. However, Retail and PBM will demand to transmit and check different types of data.

The Data Accuracy Test content differs between the tracks:

  • Retail Track – Prescriptions and inventory
  • PBM Track – Insurance Card or Database

Here's a Data Accuracy sample question (taken from our complete PrepPack™) that highly resembles question types you'll likely encounter on the actual retail CVS Virtual Job Tryout:

CVS Virtual Job

CVS Assessment Test Drivers

This section of the CVS assessment test may be slightly different between the retail and PBM hire tracks. Your future employer will learn what motivates you and what you want out of the job.

  • Retail Track – Each question consists of two statements, and it is your job to choose which is most applicable to you. Please note that while statements may repeat, statement pairs do not.
  • PBM Track – Here, you will be provided with multiple sourced information, mimicking the job experience. After reading the provided material, you choose one answer from among a number of multiple-choice options.
CVS Test Prep

CVS Online Test Work Styles

This is very similar to the driver section, where you have to choose from two of four statements that most suit you. It is important to note that sentence pairs do not repeat, even though single sentences will repeat throughout.

Keep in mind that this section is the longest segment on the test, so since the test is untimed it might be a good idea to take a short break before beginning the section.

CVS Virtual Job Free Test

Tell Us Your Story

This assignment is another part of the CVS job assessment test.

It's a type of Bio-data multiple-choice questionnaire, in which you have to describe your work history or school and hobbies (if you don't have previous work experience). This section of the pre-hire is the same for both Retail and PBM.

The CVS Interview - Questions and Answers Tips

After the vetting process, which primarily aims to disqualify potential employees lacking service orientation, you will be interviewed. Here are a few CVS interview questions you may be asked, according to recent interviewees with some tips on how to best answer them.

  • What is your shift availability? – A good tip is to avoid a straight answer. Talk about what you can do and not when you can do it.
  • What do you know about the company? On this one gather as many useful facts about the company as you can. For instance, what CVS stands for(put the answer here), the company’s history going back to the 60s.
  • What do you handle disgruntled customers? Do not make up your own policy; try to look up company policy beforehand or “I will learn and implement company policy.”
  • Why is CVS right for you? Here you want to draw upon your prior experience, talk about your love of medicine, and helping others. Also, do some research and let them know that you are proud of how CVS takes care of its employees.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Find the golden road… talk about how you are going to learn and even mentor in the future. Focus on training and opportunities and not how you are going to be a manager in two years. This could be seen as a threat by the interviewing manager.
  • Your Question: It is important to ask questions at the end. For instance, you might ask your interviewer what he looks for in an employee. Then you can use his answer as a launchpad to explain how you fit the bill.

How to Pass CVS Assessment Test?

There is only one answer, and it's an easy one: practice.

But there are only limited resources online, like the CVS virtual job tryout Quizlet and answers.

While flashcards might be helpful to some extent, they do not provide the same in-depth insights, timed practice testing, and accurate structure of the real test as JobTestPrep's resources provide you.

Why Prepare for the CVS Virtual Job Tryout With JobTestPrep?

Since 1992, JobTestPrep has been on a non-stop mission to offer an exhaustive prep opportunity (created by test experts and certified psychologists) that you will not find anywhere else.

Our practice pack makes sure you'll get EVERYTHING you need to ACE your CVS Assessment Test:

  • Completely online and interactive CVS Virtual Job Tryout. No downloads, no ebooks, no headaches
  • Clear answers and thorough explanations for each question!
  • A personalized score report, highlighting your score, areas needing improvement, and question-by-question analysis.

You can definitely make sure you'll pass your test with this complete PrepPack.

Can I even prepare for the Interview?

For sure. The assumption you can't or you shouldn't prepare for the interview is completely false.

On this page, you can find CVS interview questions you may be asked, according to recent interviewees with some tips on how to best answer them.

But, as much as the interview is important, in order to get to it - first you'll need to ace your CVS Assessment. With our PrepPack, you can make sure you will continue to the next step.


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