The Ramsay Test Scoring Guide 2024 - Passing Score and More
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What Is the Passing Score on Ramsay Test?

This is the most common question on Ramsay test scores among candidates, and it has a short and a long answer.

Short Answer

There is no definite score for all Ramsay tests, but it is safe to say that a score of at least 80% is required to pass.

Longer Answer

The passing score on Ramsay tests depends on three factors:

  • The specific Ramsay test you take (Ramsay has a variety of tests)
  • The position you apply to
  • The standards set by your specific employer


However, based on Ramsay's official technical manual, we can estimate the passing score of Ramsay tests.

  • The Ramsay MultiCrafTest, one of the company’s most popular tests, has an average score of 37/60.
  • For most technical positions, the passing threshold is a score at the top 20% of candidates, which is one standard deviation above average.
  • The standard deviation of the MultiCraft test is 10.4, so you should score 47-48 correct answers out of 60.
  • That number is around 80% correct answers.

Note that it is not always the case that the 20% top scorers score higher than 80.%

So, to sum it up, you should aim at a score of at least 80% on your Ramsay test to move on to the next level.

How Are Ramsay Tests Scored?

Ramsay Mechanical Tests are scored in three stages:

  1. Qualification Score - Whether you passed or failed
  2. Local Score - Your score compared with other candidates for the same job
  3. National Score - Your score compared with ALL test takers EVER


Ramsay Test Qualification Score


Any candidate with an "unqualified" score on the Ramsay mechanical test will be immediately disqualified from the selection process


As soon as you get your test score, Ramsay Corporation will determine one basic fact:

Are you qualified for the job?

The criteria for qualification are based on a minimum score determined by Ramsay and the employer, based on the job requirements and candidates' past performance.

Ramsay Mechanical Test

Source: Ramsay Corporation's Technological Solutions Brochure

Any candidates with an "unqualified" score will be immediately eliminated from the screening process.


Ramsay Test Local Score


Only the top 20-30% of qualified test-takers will be called for an interview. The candidates with the highest scores will be contacted first.


Employers typically shortlist applicants who score in the top 20-30%. This means that 70-80% of applicants will not be considered for an interview. After the assessment process, employers often contact the shortlisted applicants for additional steps in the recruitment process.

If a suitable applicant is not found from the employer’s top picks, they will rarely reach out to lower-scoring candidates for interviews.

After you have been deemed qualified, Ramsay Corporation will provide your prospective employer with a score report, showing your score in relation to the scores of other candidates. The higher you are on the list, the more likely you are to pass the initial screening and land an interview.

That is your local score.

Ramsay Mechanical Test Prep

Source: Ramsay Corporation's Technological Solutions Brochure


Ramsay Test National Score


Ramsay's database contains scores for all the candidates who have ever taken their exams. Scoring high in regard to this national data can open many doors for you in terms of job offers.


Your national score data will be shared with prospective employers, showing where you fall relative to all candidates who have ever taken the exam.

This is your national score.

You have scored high on the national level? Now, THAT can open some doors for you.

Ramsay Mechanical Test Guide

Source: Ramsay Corporation's Technological Solutions Brochure


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