Police Assessment Preparation Bundle - Cognitive & Psychological

About the Police Bundle PrepPack

Police assessments come in many shapes and sizes, but they share many more similarities than differences. Essentially they aim to measure two main aspects of the police candidate's abilities: their cognitive ability, and the ability to show good judgement.

Through these abilities, police departments can get a good picture of how a candidate will be able to handle important day to day duties, such as identifying suspicious details, accurately implementing procedures, behaving in the manner expected of an officer of the law, and effective communication with colleagues. 

Our Police Bundle PrepPack covers the two central pillars of the police assessment: the cognitive abilities test, and the psychological test. Since each one poses its own unique challenges, our bundle PrepPack offers two unique preparation sections.

The Cognitive Abilities Test contains a variety of questions which measure different capabilities, all directly related to policework frequently encountered by officers. One of the main things this test measures is your verbal reasoning through written expression, reading comprehension, and information ordering.

Our PrepPack will also provide practice for the numerical reasoning sections often found in police assessments, and other sections such as problem sensitivity and spatial orientation. 

The Police Psych Test is an important step of police assessments processes which your recruiters use to gain insight into your values, motivations, and key attributes.

Contrary to what some believe, since working as a police officer requires a certain personality profile the psych test certainly does have right and wrong answers - and to pass it, preparation is key. 

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