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First Things First - Do You Have to Take the PELLETB Test?

The PELLET B (POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery) is considered America’s most rigorous police test and it's important that you prepare what you actually need to. Please note that this test differs from agency to agency. Thus, be sure to check with your department before you begin your practice.

The PELLET B Test Breakdown

The test consists of 105 questions split over reading, writing and logical reasoning. Note that each of these sections are broken into further detail. Therefore, the reading and writing section consists of English clarity, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and CLOZE – a final mixture of English comprehension, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Learn more about each section below.

 The POST PELLETB Test Writing Ability Section Explained

This section has three sub-sections: clarity, vocabulary, and spelling. Each section contains 15 questions.

Clarity: In this section, you are given two sentences. You must be able to identify which sentence is most clearly and correctly written.

Spelling: This section uses multiple-choice questions. You are given a sentence with a missing word. You will have to choose the correct spelling of the word.

Vocabulary: This section also uses multiple‐choice questions. Here you will find a single word underlined in a sentence and be asked to choose an alternative synonym or definition.

The words included in the spelling and vocabulary sections are common words that are likely to be used on the job.

Try the Following Sample Questions:

Question 1 - Spelling

The following sentence has one or two words missing.
Choose the answer choice which provides the best options to fill the gaps.
1. The suspect was released on ______ after two nights.


Question 2- Spelling

The deadly shooting of a suspect who ______ rocks at officers during a disturbance call in Washington has sparked calls for a federal ________ and weeks of protests.


Question 3 - Vocabulary

The notions of freedom and liberty were conceived during the revolutionary war.


How long has this taken you? I'm guessing a bunch of time. Now that's just a sampling of what you're going to have to go through on the real thing. And to top it off, you have to do it under extra pressure of the exam conditions.

With the PrepPack™ that you can purchase here you'll get to grips with the content, get full explanations explaining every part of the test, and gain the confidence to succeed. 

 What is the Reading Ability Section of the PELLETB Test?

This section has two sub-sections: reading comprehension and the CLOZE test. We'll go through both of these sections below:

Reading Comprehension: In the reading comprehension section, you will have to answer 20 multiple choice questions. This will likely entail different passages about or alluding to policy or reports. One of the difficult aspects to this test is the fact that some of the texts are short whilst others are long, perhaps an entire page in length.

The reason why this particular aspect is so demanding is that your time is limited and it's easy to get lost in the length of a long text. Have a look at the sample question below and you'll get a glimpse of what we mean. 

Try This Reading Comprehension Sample Question:

Wild species of bees are said by researchers to be responsible for pollinating around one-third of the world's crop production, performing an important role in preventing world starvation. Lately, there has been great concern across the country about the demise of bee populations.

American Food Safety Association (AFSA) scientists have identified a number of risks posed to bees by the chemicals used in some pesticides. The AFSA has found that these pesticides have acute and chronic effects on bee colony survival and development.

Although the federal government is adamantly pushing towards restricting the use of toxic chemicals for crops not attractive to bees and other pollinators, many farmers and crop experts argue that there is insufficient data to make such drastic restrictions. They argue that the report published by the AFSA specifically stated that in some cases it was “unable to finalize the assessments due to shortcomings in the available data”.

Which one of the following statements is definitely correct in light of the text?


The CLOZE Test

The second section of the reading ability PELLETB exam is called the CLOZE Test. Although you may think that the CLOZE test stands for something or is perhaps some kind of abbreviation, the truth is that it's just a shortened form of the word closure in Gestalt theory. (If you don't know what that means don't worry about it, it's just for the nerds among us!

What Exactly is the CLOZE Test?

The CLOZE test is considered the most difficult part of the PELLET B test. CLOZE is a block of text with missing words replaced by dashes. Each dash represents a single letter of the deleted word.

You must use contextual clues to determine which word would logically complete the passage. You will not be given a list of words, rather the purpose is to test your knowledge of context, good grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

Note: There may be more than one correct answer. If that is so, you are given credit for the word as long as it fits the context.


In the CLOZE test that is part of the PELLETB test, you have to answer 40 questions. You are presented with a passage where ONLY the first and last sentence is complete. Aside from that, there are holes or gaps in the text. It's your job to fill in the blanks. Typically every seventh word is removed and you have to choose what word belongs there. 

One of the difficulties here is that there are no word lists to choose from. The word choice is up to you. The one clue you are given though is that the number of dashes that replaced the missing word tells you how long the word is. In other words, if there are four dashes then you have to think of a four letter word that fits in with that. 

Let's take a look at an example question so you get the idea:

CLOZE Sample Question

 Some countries have two or more levels of police forces. For example, most (1)-------- in Australia is carried out by the six state police forces, but there is also the Australian Federal Police who police the (2)----- country. Germany has a similar system. The United (3)------- and Switzerland have many local police forces and several national agencies, but no (4)------ national police force. In Canada, local governments can choose to (5)------ run their own police force or (6)---- the job to a bigger one. So most Canadian cities have their own police, while most rural areas are policed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which is also the national police.

Click to find out the Answers
  1. policing
  2. whole
  3. Kingdom
  4. actual
  5. either
  6. give


 What Is the CA Police Hiring Process

Remember that each state has different protocols for the tests and hiring process. Thus, below is the commonly used California recruitment process which can vary depending on which agency or county you are applying for.

  • Physical Test: In most cases, the first process to becoming a CA police officer is to take a physical test. Contact your local police precinct to find out the exact details, but most tests consists of vertical jumping, sit-ups, push-ups, sprints, and 1.5 mile runs.
  • PELLET B: If you’ve passed the physical test, you will be invited to take the PELLET B test. The PELLET B consists of reading, writing, and logical This includes, but not limited to, CHP, Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, and San Jose. Note: The San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles do not use the PELLET B test. Each use their own version of exams.
  • Oral Interview: At some point during your recruitment process, you will be asked personal questions to better acquaint yourself to the department to see if you are a good fit to help assist local citizens and uphold the law.
  • Background Check: Next on the list is to undergo an intensive background check. In addition to this, you likely will be asked to participate in a CVSA or polygraph test.
  • Medical Check: You will be asked to see a local doctor to confirm you are in fit shape to wear the uniform.
  • Psychological Test: During your recruitment process, you will be asked to participate in the psychological evaluation. This can consist of a personality test or talking with a psychologist.
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What Is a Pellet B Test?

The PELLETB test is a combination of tests that examines your reading and writing skill and if you are a good fit for the police force. There are 105 questions and you have two hours to complete the test.

What to Expect on Pellet B?

Hard questions! There are questions focusing on writing, reading, and understanding and you have to be on the ball for the entire time. Preparation is the key to success here and you have to really know what to expect and how to answer the questions in order to succeed on the test.

How Long Does Pellet B Exam Take?

It normally takes two hours to complete.

How Is the Cloze Portion Scored on the Pellet B Test?

As with all aspects of the POST PELLETB test, a T-score is used. This is a A T-score is a standardized score that places an individual’s performance on the test into a distribution (bell- shaped curve) with a midpoint (average) of 50 and a standard deviation of 10.

If the individual’s score falls around 50, his/her performance is considered “average” when compared to other applicants who have taken the test. Scores of 40 or below are considered “below average.” Scores of 60 or above are considered “above average.” Research shows that the likelihood of successful academy completion increases for every point scored above 42.

How Long Does It Take to Get Pellet B Scores?

The standard time taken to receive your results in about two weeks. However, you should definitely have your results of your exam within 30 days.

How Often Can I Take the Pellet B?

You can take the test every 30 days. However, in theory, the results last forever so if you have done well in the past, this will count for now as well.

What Is Maximum Pellet B Score?

The maximum PELLETB score is 77.8. Look above for the question about the scoring of the test.

How to Get Ready for Pellet B Test?

Preparation, preparation, and more practice. The test is long, you have to concentrate the entire time to give yourself the best chance of success. Therefore it’s imperative that you practice not just the sample questions in and of themselves, but also the ability to sit down and concentrate for that length of time. Our PrepPack™ ensures you are fully ready. Once you start an test in test mode, you can’t stop it. The reason for that is to give you the experience and practice you need to succeed.

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