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What Is the PELLET B Test?

The Pellet B is an aptitude test that assesses the language skills police officers and correctional officers need to perform their roles. It contains 120 questions to be answered within 2 hours and is considered one of the US's most difficult recruitment exams.

The test is divided into three sections, each further divided into several sub-tests that focus on specific abilities –

  • Writing Ability: an evaluation of your writing skills and fluency through three sub-tests – English fluency, spelling, and vocabulary
  • Reading Ability: an evaluation of your capability to understand and interpret written instructions through two sub-tests –reading comprehension, and a CLOZE.
  • Reasoning Ability: an evaluation of your ability to analyze information through three sub-tests – ordering information, grouping information, and pattern recognition.

PELLET B Writing Ability Test

The writing ability section of the test assesses your basic writing skills and fluency. It includes 45 multiple-choice questions divided into three sub-tests:

  • English Clarity - you will be presented with two almost identical sentences. You need to identify which sentence is written most clearly and correctly. 
  • Spelling - You will be presented with a sentence with a missing word. You need to choose the correct spelling of the missing word out of four options.
  • Vocabulary - You will be presented with a sentence that has an underlined or capitalized word. You need to choose the correct synonym for the marked word.  

PELLET B Reading Ability Test

The reading ability section of the test assesses your reading comprehension and capability to understand and interpret written instructions. It is divided into two sub-tests:

  • Reading Comprehension - You will be presented with a passage of text; the lengths of the passages can vary from a single paragraph to one page. You need to read the text carefully and answer a multiple-choice question related to the information in the text. There are 20 questions in this sub-test.
  • CLOZE -

• What Exactly is the CLOZE Test?

The PELLET B CLOZE test is considered the most difficult part of the test.

The CLOZE includes 40 questions. You are presented with a passage where ONLY the first and last sentences are complete. Aside from that, there are holes or gaps in the entire text. It's your job to fill in the blank words. Typically, every seventh word is removed and you have to choose what word belongs there.

One of the difficulties here is that there are no word lists to choose from- The word choice is up to you. The one clue you are given though is that the number of dashes that replaced the missing word tells you how long the word is. In other words, if there are four dashes, then you have to think of a four-letter word to use. 

Note: There may be more than one correct answer. If that is so, you are given credit for the word as long as it fits the context. 

PELLET B Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning section of the test assesses your ability to discover and analyze information from given data. It includes 16 multiple-choice questions divided into three sub-tests:

  • Ordering Information - you will be presented with a text that contains information. You need to analyze the content to answer a question. 
  • Grouping Information - you will be presented with a list of items that share a similarity. You need to determine which item is the odd one.
  • Pattern Recognition - you will be presented with a series of numbers, letters, or shapes. You need to recognize the pattern and choose which comes next in the series. 

* Please note that we don’t offer preparation for this section yet; it will be updated soon.


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How Do I Prepare for the PELLET B Test?

The key to success in passing the California POST PELLET B exam is practice. The test is challenging, and therefore, it’s imperative that you practice not just the sample questions we offer, but really develop your reading and writing skills.

To help you with that, we created the PELLET B PrepPack™ which includes:

    • Hundreds of questions and detailed answers – cover the reading and writing sections of the PELLET B to ensure you are fully ready. This will give you the experience and practice you need to succeed.
    • A practical PELLET B study guide – will show you all the tips and tricks for quickly and efficiently solving the questions.
    • Specific practice for the CLOZE section – as this section is considered the most challenging section of the test, we have made sure to specifically address it with tailored PELLET B CLOZE practice tests and prep material.
    • Bonus Police Psychological Test Prep – exclusive preparation with a detailed personality profile guide and adaptive report tailored for the distinguished personality traits required from police officers.

Our PELLET B PrepPack has been updated recently to provide you with even more accurate prep materials, and the best practice available.


What Is the CA Police Hiring Process?

Each state in the US has different protocols for its hiring process, and different civil service exams. Thus, below are the commonly used California recruitment process, which can vary depending on which agency or county you are applying for.

  • Physical Test: In most cases, the first process to becoming a California peace officer is to take a physical examination. Contact your local police precinct to find the exact details, but most tests consist of vertical jumping, sit-ups, push-ups, sprints, and 1.5-mile runs.
  • PELLET B Test: If you’ve passed the physical test, you will be invited to take the PELLET B test. The PELLET B exam consists of reading, writing, and logical reasoning assessment. This includes, but is not limited to, CHP, Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, and San Jose.
    Note: San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles do not use the PELLET B test. Each uses its own version of exams.
    If you received a high score on the test, you would move on to the next stage of the hiring process.
    Learn more about the PELLET b test score.
  • Oral Interview: At some point during your recruitment process, you will be asked personal questions to better acquaint yourself to the department to see if you are a good fit to help assist local citizens and uphold the law.
  • Background Check: Next on the list is to undergo an intensive background check. In addition, you will likely be asked to participate in a CVSA or polygraph test.
  • Medical Check: You will be asked to see a local doctor to confirm you are in fit shape to wear the uniform.
  • Psychological Test: During your recruitment process, you will be asked to participate in the psychological evaluation. This can consist of a personality test or talking with a psychologist.

Looking for more questions? Check out our Free Police Exam for further practice!


 Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Fail the PELLET B Test?

Don’t worry – you can retake the test after 30 days have passed (this applies even if you're retaking the exam via another agency or department). Your test results will be invalid, however, if you retake the PELLET B exam sooner than 30 days have elapsed.

Is the PELLET B Test Hard?

Yes! The POST Entry‐Level Law Enforcement Test Battery test is hard and contains complicated questions. With questions focused on writing, reading, and understanding, you have to be on the ball the entire time. Also, the test is long, which means that you have to concentrate the entire time to give yourself the best chance of success.

Preparation is the key to success here, and you have to know what to expect and how to answer the questions to succeed.

What to Wear to Pellet B Test?

Every step of the hiring process for Law Enforcement Agencies in California is actually a sort of interview, even if it's not a one-on-one meeting with a person. As such, you should come to the test as you are going to a formal interview, with a clean and respectable appearance.

What Will Happen After I Pass the PELLET B Exam?

After you pass the PELLET B test, you will be summoned to an oral interview with your recruiter to make sure you are a good fit for the department, and you will undergo a background check and a CVSA or polygraph test. You will also be asked to see a doctor for a medical examination and participate in a psychological evaluation.

What Vocabulary and Definitions Are on the Pellet B Test?

The vocabulary and definitions on the PELLETB exam are common words frequently used in law enforcement work.

What Agencies Use the PELLET B Exam?

Most Law Enforcement Agencies in California use the PELLETB exam, including the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento Police, Oakland Police, San Jose Police, and Santa Barbara Police.

What Is the Age Requirement for a California Post Exam?

You need to be at least 20 years old to take the California Post Exam, and 21 and above to graduate from the police academy in California. There is no maximum aged limit.

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