Police Officer NYPD Practice Exam
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Similar to other New York City civil service exams, the police exam carries a pass/fail result. Candidates who pass the NYPD exam continue through the application process. As such, candidates scoring below the passing threshold are not considered.
The best way to ensure you obtain a passing result is to practice beforehand. Continue reading to find out more about what the NYPD exam entails and how JobTestPrep can help you prepare.

Benefits of Joining the New York Police Department

There are many benefits that come with serving your community as an officer with the NYPD. These benefits include stable employment, an above-average starting salary, holiday, longevity and sick pay, a uniform allowance, compensation for night shift differential and overtime, plus the possibility to earn up to $100,000 a year. On top of this, officers have many promotional and educational opportunities to further their careers.

Given that the NYPD is looking for recruits who exhibit high levels of responsibility and integrity, the strictness of the recruitment process should come as no surprise. The NYPD recruitment process is as much about proving yourself physically as it is mentally. The NYPD assesses the cognitive abilities and mental fortitude of all new applicants through a series of written exams. It is quite easy to fall short of the necessary benchmarks for these exams without properly practicing beforehand.

This is where JobTestPrep comes in. Our practice materials can help familiarize you with all the different test formats and answering styles, thus improving your answering speed and accuracy. Our NYPD Police Recruit PrepPack™ includes all the practice you need to face even the most confusing question types found on the actual exam.

You can also take your tests in two different modes: step-by-step and timed. In the step-by-step mode, you have access to all answer explanations, helping you to learn as you go. Additionally, since the NYPD police officer exam is a timed test, our timed testing mode allows you to practice under real test conditions. Having a structured practice plan can put you ahead of other applicants, thus improving your chances of being selected to join the NYPD.

Format and Content of the NYC Police Recruit Exam

The NYPD exam is a timed computer-based test given in a multiple-choice format. The scenarios and passages contained in the exam reflect on-the-job activities of police officers.

The NYPD exam evaluates ten specific competencies. These include:

    • Memory Booklet – The memory section of the test is considered to be the most difficult part of the entire exam. You will have 10 minutes to carefully study the details of a photo. You may not take notes; and once the viewing time has elapsed, you may not look back at the picture. Expect the questions to cover the tiny and remote aspects of the photo.
    • Spatial Orientation – Not only does this part of the assessment evaluate your relative (left-right) and absolute (north-south) directional skills, it also requires a degree of reading comprehension, attention to detail, and problem-solving. Many questions in this section will provide you with a map and ask you to find the fastest route between two places. Other questions may be presented in the form of a written scenario where you need to determine the last known direction or location of a person or object.
    • Written Comprehension – Simply put, a written comprehension test determines your ability to read and understand written information. In this section, you are presented with several passages pertaining to police-work (e.g. a sample crime report). After each passage, you will be asked a series of questions regarding details from the text.
    • Written Expression – In this section, you are tasked with restating information from a document (e.g. an incident report) so that it can be easily understood while retaining its original meaning. Having strong grammar and writing skills is a must when completing this section.
    • Information Ordering – This section involves sequencing rules or actions. The questions can include letters, numbers, pictures, words, procedures, sentences, and mathematical/logical operations to be placed in order.
    • Inductive Reasoning – The assessment is on the ability to use particulars to form a rule or conclusion. Offense classifications are presented. The task is to identify the crime committed within a specific scenario. Some items will involve witness statements, requiring you to indicate the statement that is most likely to be accurate or inaccurate.
    • Visualization – This skill measures your ability to identify an object after it has been superficially altered or re-positioned. You will encounter diagrams, geometric shapes, floor plans, and pictures of human faces.
    • Deductive Reasoning – This section involves applying a rule to specific problems to come with the most logical answer. This test section involves maps, tables, picture matching, and lists of detailed information.
    • Problem Sensitivity – In this section of the test, you are evaluated on your ability to assess whether something is wrong or likely to go wrong

NYPD Hiring Process

The NYC Police Department is interested in hiring only the best-qualified individuals. You may be one of those individuals who earn a NYPD badge and uniform. It takes a thorough test preparation program and success at every stage of the application process in order to fulfill your employment goals.
Expect an extensive hiring procedure when applying for the position of police officer. The process is comprised of nine elements:

  • Minimum application requirements – 60 college credits at an accredited university or college; at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average; at least 21 years of age; U.S. citizenship; NYC resident; and valid State of New York driver’s license
  • Written entrance exam administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)
  • Pre-hire interview in the Medical Division
  • Medical exam - Hearing, vision, height, weight, dental health
  • Standardized written psychological test
  • Physical test
  • Oral interview
  • Character investigation
  • Police Academy training
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