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You can apply and schedule a reservation for the Special Officer exam through the Online Application System (OASys). The pre-employment tests for New York DCAS Special Officer and New York City Hospital Police are administered toward the end of each month and are expected to be given throughout the year depending on available positions in DCAS and HHC agencies. Exam reservations are accepted on specific dates, approximately one month prior to the test.

Format of the Special Officer Exam

The Special Officer Exam is a multiple-choice, computer-formatted, aptitude test. You must receive a passing score of 70% on the exam. The civil service test involves job-related skills that are used in the daily tasks performed by NYC Special Officers.

Content of the DCAS Special Officer Exam

There are nine basic skills that are assessed in the Special Officer test:

  • Written Comprehension – The goal of this section of the exam is to measure your ability to understand what you are reading in work-related material such as incident reports.
  • Written Expression – This section assesses your ability to write material so that others will be able to quickly comprehend your sentences and paragraphs.
  • Memorization – This section assesses how well you can remember informational details such as numbers, words, pictures, and procedures.
  • Problem Sensitivity – As a Peace Officer, you will be required to detect problems and dangerous situations that necessitate immediate action. On the other side of that same coin are incidents that are best served by a simple warning or empathetic ear.
  • Information Ordering – You will be assessed on how you determine the correct order for each element of a set of actions, procedures, or rules. Expect to encounter a wide range of disordered information involving facets such as mathematical operations, sentences, words, letters, pictures, and numbers.
  • Spatial Orientation – The skills measured through Spatial Orientation items is your ability to determine your location in relation to specific streets, buildings, and objects.
  • More test topics are Visualization, Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Special Officer vs. Special Officer (HHC)

The NYC Special Officer position exists under the authority of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). In contrast, the Special Officer (HHC) position is an arm of the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation (HHC). DCAS hiring agencies are distinct from HHC hiring agencies.

These two positions, however, involve pretty much the same tasks. As to educational requirements, DCAS Special Officer applicants must have a high school or equivalent diploma. While those who have applied to become a Special Officer (HHC), can possess an Individual Educational Program (IEP) diploma as an alternative to high school or GED, plus six months of full-time work experience.

In order to begin employment, NYC Health & Hospital Special Officers must graduate from the NYC Hospital Peace Officer Academy. DCAS Special Officers are required to pass the DCAS Computer-based Training and Applications Center program.

Both groups are tested at the DCAS Computer-based Training & Applications Center during the initial phase of the hiring process.

NYC Special Officer Civil Service Exam Preparation

JobTestPrep has developed an NYC Special Officer practice test to prepare you for the exam. By practicing for the exam, you can gain a higher score on the exam which can get your name on the agency’s eligible list. Our practice tests, study guide, question & answer analysis and exam strategies all contribute to increased scores and a successful exam experience. Our preparation packs are accessible 24/7. Once you purchase the civil service Special Officer PrepPack™, you can start practicing right away. In addition, each question in our preparation pack is accompanied with detailed explanations. 

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