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What Does It Take to Become a Deputy?

Candidates for Deputy Sheriff Trainee positions typically undergo a prolonged recruitment process intended to ensure they not only possess the mental and physical traits required for the role, but are also responsible individuals with a clean background.

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What's Included in the Deputy Recruitment Process?

The Written Exam, Physical Agility Test, and Psychological Evaluations.

A candidate for the sheriff's department typically faces similar challenges to those of the police hiring process.

  • A Written multiple choice test - The test measures logical reasoning and reading comprehension as its prime subjects. It also typically includes sections on written communication like spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

    Most sheriff departments use third-party testing like the Pellet B or the POST Exam. Others, like the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) use their own examination, like the LA Law Enforcement Multiple Choice Exam which is also used by the LAPD.
  • A Physical Test - the VPAT or Validated Physical Agility Test is an evaluation of your physical health and fitness. It is identical to the police physical exam. It includes four events: push-ups, sit-ups, a 75-yard run, and a 20-meter shuffle run. Later down the process you may also be asked to take a medical exam and a drug test.
  • Structured Interviews and Personal History - You will be asked about your life story and motivations to join the sheriff's office and asked to fill in a detailed personal history form. As part of this, you will also be appointed an investigator to run a background check, and you may be subjected to a polygraph.
  • Psychological Evaluation - As with many law enforcement agencies, you may be asked to undergo a law enforcement psychological test to ensure your soundness.

Content of the Deputy Sheriff Test

The deputy sheriff test content is similar, often even identical to, an entry-level police exam, with similar sections and topics covered. This is not surprising as both organizations are tasked with keeping safety.

The deputy sheriff exam is different between departments and counties. There are basic subjects that are found on the exam. The exam is a multi-sectional test that may include one or more of the aptitude areas and a biographical inventory listed below.

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What Does the Sheriff's Written Test Cover?

The following are question types that are prominently featured on all or most tests. You can answer full sample questions to see what they look like.

  • Reading Comprehension – Passages are presented. Your ability to read for meaning is being assessed. You will be asked to recall information, summarize, analyze or draw conclusions based on the information contained in the passage.
  • Written Expression – The cognitive skills tested in this portion of the exam include vocabulary, punctuation, English usage, capitalization, spelling and grammar. The reports that you write as a deputy sheriff must be clear and concise. The written expression section presents sentences. Some questions require the selection of the word or phrase that correctly completes the sentence. Other questions involve the identity of the one sentence that is grammatically correct.
  • Deductive and Inductive Reasoning - Deduction is the application of a rule to specific circumstances. It is usually assessed through the presentation of rules and procedures You answer by selecting a course of action supported by the rule. Induction is the extraction of a rule from individual cases. You will be asked to find the commonality between a series of objects, people, or events.
  • Math – The basic math functions tested include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, decimals, fractions, ratios, simple algebraic equations, area, perimeter, the application of given formulas and mathematical word problems. Learn more about law enforcement math questions.
  • Memory – Often termed “Accuracy of Observation”, this aptitude is tested through the presentation of a picture, to be studied for two or three minutes and then removed from view. The questions that follow the removal of the picture involve minute details of people, objects and background contained in the photo. Learn more about law enforcement memory questions.
  • Spatial Orientation - Law enforcement jobs are very mobile. You will need to quickly and efficiently navigate between locations within your county. To this end, many sheriff's departments include spatial orientation sections on their exams.

Prerequisites for Becoming a Sheriff’s Deputy

Deputy sheriff requirements are the same as entry-level police officers throughout the U.S. You will need to have acquired a high school diploma or GED. In order to take a physical abilities test, background check and drug test, you must successfully pass the cognitive aptitude exam (also known as the deputy sheriff written exam). Only after you have passed the exam, and all other tests, you will be considered a candidate for the training program.

Sheriff’s departments are seeking candidates who score within the top level of the pre-employment test and possess excellent teamwork skills, strong interpersonal attributes and good judgment.

Prepare for the Sheriff’s Deputy Test

Test preparation determines the test result. Reviewing our Deputy Sheriff Exam Study Guide translates into an understanding of the overall test format and a view of the focal points behind sections and questions.

Working on our deputy sheriff practice tests gives you the benefit of reacquainting yourself with the cognitive aptitudes contained in the exam. Our sample tests also yield a familiarity with the types of questions you will face. The end result is improved speed and accuracy. We provide a complete test preparation system focused on establishing a successful exam experience.

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