Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Exam Prep

What Is POST and What Is the POST Exam?

Peace Officer Standards and Training or Police Officers Standards and Training is more commonly known as POST. POST is a board or council of people appointed by the Governor to set the minimum educational requirements for police officers. Since the process of becoming a police officer is highly competitive, the POST selects the police entry-level exam that will best test skills and abilities needed for the job. To better prepare for the exam become familiar with entry-level police exams.


Does Every State Have a POST?

Each State has a POST or POST equivalent, except Hawaii. For example, Michigan's POST is referred to as Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). Knowing more about the police officer POST exam in your state beforehand will help you succeed. 



POST and NPOST are two separate things. NPOST stands for National Police Officers Selection Test which is also referred to as the POST exam. It is an exam provided by Stanard & Associates Inc. Some states POST require you to take this exam to become a police officer. Here is more information on the NPOST exam.


Popular POST Exams

The POST decides which exam will be used as the entry-level police exam. The NPOST is just one of those exams. Other exams they may choose are the LEAB by EB Jacobs, the Nelson Denny Reading Test or tests provided by I/O Solutions. For example, the California POST developed and administers the PELLETB.


How Do I Prepare?

In order to prepare for the Peace Officer Standards and Training's exam, you need to know what will be on the police written exam. Each POST requires an exam to be taken in order to become a police officer. They may refer to the test as 'the POST exam', since it is the exam the Peace Officers Standards and Training board or council requires you to take, but the name of the test can be anything, and varies from state to state.

Here is a U.S. map of police exams by state.

Prepare for the POST

JobTestPrep is here to prepare you for your State's POST exam. We provide sample questions and answers to help you become familiar with the police entry-level exam. Only the highest scorers continue in the police recruitment process. Start practicing today and improve your chances to be one of them.


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