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MCOLES stands for Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. It is similar to the POST, as it sets standards in education, selection, employment, and licensing in law enforcement. The difference is that the MCOLES developed the Reading and Writing Test that is required to be taken by anyone who wants to become a police officer in the State of Michigan. In order to take the MCOLES test you must prepare for the exam. Start preparing for the MCOLES test by becoming familiar with the test format and test sections.

MCOLES Reading and Writing Test

The MCOLES Reading and Writing Test contains 120 multiple choice questions: 60 measure writing skills; 60 measure reading comprehension. The writing skills section includes five different subjects: details, spelling, word usage, clarity, and grammar. The reading comprehension section includes one or two passages followed by questions. The purpose of the MCOLES Reading and Writing Test is to measure your reading and writing skills, both which are needed for the job.

MCOLES Test Sections

  • Details: you will be given two statements. You will have to choose which statement has more useful and detailed information. 
  • Spelling: you will be given sentences with a word missing. You will have to select the correct spelling of the word that is missing in the sentence.
  • Words Usage: again, you will be given a sentence with a missing word. This time, you will have to choose the word that best fits to complete the sentence.
  • Clarity: you will be given a sentence with an italicized phrase. You will be given choices to either, leave the sentence as is or to change the phrase
  • Grammar: you will be given a sentence which may or may not be grammatically correct. You will be given choices to choose from, in order to decide whether or not to leave or change the sentence.
  • Reading Comprehension: you will be given a passage to read. Following the passage, you will be asked questions pertaining to the passage. Typical questions can be what a word means in context to the passage or chose the best sentence that summarizes the passage.

Preparing for MCOLES Test

MCOLES is not only a group of people that set standards in law enforcement but also developed the test required to become a police officer in the state of Michigan. The Reading and Writing test that they provide is to test basic skills that are needed for the job. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the MCOLES test with our online sample questions and practice tests.

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