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What Is the MCOLES Test?

The MCOLES test is the pre-employment test for law enforcement positions in Michigan.

The official name of the test is MCOLES Reading and Writing test. Like other law enforcement tests, it contains 120 multiple-choice questions: 60 measuring writing skills and 60 measuring reading comprehension.

The MCOLES test has a time limit of 2 hours, which means you'll have 1 minute per question on average.

According to official information, the test dates for 2024 are spread all over the year. The test takes place around five times per month in different education centers around Michigan. You can click here to schedule a test today. 

What Are the MCOLES Test Sections?

The writing skills section includes five different subjects: Details, spelling, word usage, clarity, and grammar. Let's go over them and explain what you'll be asked in each type of question:

  • Details: You'll be asked to read two statements and choose which one has more valuable and detailed information. 
  • Spelling: You'll be presented with a sentence with words missing. Your mission will be to select the correct spelling of the missing word from the three alternatives.
  • Words Usage: Here, you will be tasked with choosing the word that best completes the broken sentence.
  • Clarity: A complete sentence will be presented with a phrase or section italicized. Three alternatives will be presented as optional answers, the first of which is the same as the italicized phrase. Your task will be to review the three alternatives and select the most clearly stated one.
  • Grammar: You'll be presented with a given sentence and asked to decide whether it is or is not grammatically correct. Choose the right answer from the menu. 

The reading comprehension section includes one or two passages followed by questions.
You'll be asked to read and answer questions on various passages, including the context of words and choosing the best sentence for summation. 

MCOLES Free Practice Test

Here, you can find our free practice test, developed by JobTestPrep's experts, where you'll be able to practice all the different types of questions you'll face at the MCOLES test. 

MCOLES Detailes Question:

Which of the following statements is the most detailed and informative?

A.Inspector Jones of the New York Police Department entered 807 Cottage Way at 9:42 a.m. and discovered the remains of a Caucasian male, subsequently identified as Dany Cohen. The victim’s spouse, who was present and living in the apartment, was taken into police custody. She was recognized as Judy Nir Cohen.

B. Irving Kyrie, who lives in L. A was arrested for the November last year murder of Dany Cohen. Dany was Judy's husband, and they lived together in New York.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.As you can see, answer A is much more detailed about the crime, the place, and the people involved,  then B.

MCOLES Spelling Question:

Choose the combination of words that are spelled correctly to fill in the blanks.

The ____ they died out has been a matter of ____ scientific debate.

A. reasson, considerabel
B. reason, considerate
C. reason, considerable
D. reeson, considereble
E. None of these
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C. The reason they died out has been a matter of considerable scientific debate.

Incorrect Answers- A and D have reason spelled wrong. B is incorrect as considerate is not the same word as conservable.  

MCOLES Word Usage Question:

Choose the word which is the most reasonable to fill in the blank.

Major Tom evacuated all the ________ from the hospital.

A. Patience
B. Patients 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B. Major Tom evacuated all the patients from the hospital.

MCOLES Clarity Question:

Select the clearest statement to complete the sentence.

The suspect refused to say who he is.

A. Identify himself
B. Say who he is
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

MCOLES Grammer Question:

Determine whether the sentence is Grammarly correct-

Where did you went last weekend?

A. Yes
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B. The question's grammar is not correct, and should be "Where did you go last weekend"?

MCOLES Reading Comprehension Question

Read the following passage and answer the question below:

Officer Green was on duty and had been observing Mr. Parker’s suspicious behavior for approximately 15 minutes when he decided to stop and question him. He called out to Mr. Parker, produced his badge from the front pocket of his uniform, and asked to see his ID. He told him that he wasn't going to show him his ID and asked him why he wanted to see it. Officer Green responded that he wants to know what he was up to. Mr. Parker said he was not up to anything. Officer Green told him that he doesn’t buy it, and asked him what he has in his pocket. Mr. Parker said it was none of his business and started reaching for something inside his jacket, at which point officer Green pulled out his firearm and told Mr. Parker to stand up against the wall and put his hands up. In his back pocket he found a large number of dollar bills, which amounted to twenty thousand USD and in his jacket’s inside pocket officer Green found only his wallet. Officer Green asked Mr. Parker what was he doing with such a large amount of money and Mr. Parker replied he wasn’t going to talk and that he knows his rights. At this point officer, Green read him his Miranda rights and handcuffed him. He then proceeded to take Mr. Parker with him to the police station to be interrogated.

How much money did Officer Green found in Mr.Parker's pocket?

A. 20,000
B. 5,000
C. 100
D. 50
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The Correct Answer is A. Officer Green found on Mr.Parker's back pocket  a large number of dollar bills, which amounted to twenty thousand USD.

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Want to Practice More?

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What Does the Term MCOLES Mean?

MCOLES stands for The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

How Much Does It Cost to Take the MCOLES Test?

The fee you'll have to pay to take the MCOLES test is 68$.

How Long Does the MCOLES Test Take?

The length of the MCOLES Test is 2 Hours.

How Long Are the MCOLES Test Scores Valid, and How Are They Reported?

Test scores for the MCOLES Test do not expire. For those who pass the MCOLES Reading and Writing Test, a letter grade is reported (i.e., A, B, or C). This letter grade indicates to the employer whether you are in the top (A), middle (B), or lower (C) group. You may access your test results 24 hours after completing the test.

Can I Retake the MCOLES Test?

If you would like to try to improve your results, you may elect to retake the test at any time.




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