MCOLES Test 2022: Reading and Writing Test Prep

The MCOLES Test - Reading and Writing Test

MCOLES stands for Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

Similar to POST, MCOLES sets standards in education, selection, employment, and licensing in law enforcement.

The difference is that the MCOLES developed a Reading and Writing Test that is required to be taken by anyone wanting to become a police officer in the State of Michigan.

The purpose of the MCOLES Reading and Writing Test is to assess reading and writing skills, which are needed for the job.

To pass the MCOLES test, preparation is vital, and the best place to start is to become familiar with the test format and sections:

The MCOLES Reading and Writing Test contains 120 multiple choice questions: 60 measuring writing skills and 60 measuring reading comprehension.

The writing skills section includes five different subjects: Details, spelling, word usage, clarity, and grammar. The reading comprehension section includes one or two passages followed by questions.

MCOLES Test Sections

  • Details: After reading two statements, choose which one has more useful and detailed information. 
  • Spelling: Select the correct spelling of the word missing in the broken sentence.
  • Words Usage: Here you will be tasked in choosing the word that best completes the broken sentence.
  • Clarity: Decide whether the italicized phrase should be changed or left as is.
  • Grammar: Look at the given sentence to decide whether it is or is not grammatically correct. Choose the right answer from the menu. 
  • Reading Comprehension: Read and answer questions on various passages, including the context of words and choosing the best sentence for summation. 

MCOLES Practice

MCOLES is not only an entity that set standards on law enforcement but also developed the test required to become a police officer in the state of Michigan.

The Reading and Writing test they administer tests elementary skills needed for the job. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the MCOLES test with our online sample questions and practice tests.

MCOLES Practice Test Sample

Get a taste of the real thing with this sample question and explanation (taken from the complete PrepPack™):

Word Analogy Practice

Please select a pair of words that have a similar relationship

decrease : increase

strech: enlarge
beauty : ugliness
sitting : walking
square : triangle
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

'Decrease' and 'increase' are verbs that are opposites. 'Beauty' and 'ugliness' are nouns that are opposite. However, these are the only pairs of opposites because sitting is not the opposite of walking.

The answer is 'beauty' : 'ugliness'


vineyard : grapes

laboratory : bacteria
field : mango
wild : wolves
orchard : oranges
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

'Grapes' grow in a 'vineyard' just as 'oranges' grow in a 'orchard '. 'Mangos' do not grow in a 'field' but rather in a grove or orchard. 'Bacteria' may grow in a 'laboratory' but they are also present in a host of other environments.

The answer is 'orchard ' : 'oranges'.


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What is MCOLES?

MCOLES stands for The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

What is the MCOLES Test?

The MCOLES Test is a Reading and Writing Test that is mandatory for anyone wanting to become a police officer in the State of Michigan.

How much does the MCOLES Test cost?

The cost to take the test is $68.00.

What does MCOLES Testing include?

The MCOLES testing process include The MCOLES Reading and Writing Test, The MCOLES Pre-Enrollment Physical Fitness Test, and a drug test.



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