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The FrontLine Exam consists of a three section, multiple-choice, 2 hour & 20 minute time limit exam. Each section of the exam is timed and administered separately. Passing this battery of tests is required in order to continue on to the next phase in the hiring process. The three sections include:

  • FrontLine National Situational Judgment and Human Relations Video Test- Approximately 50 scenarios of actual situations often encountered by Police Officers, all visualized on screen. You need to select the alternative that you think is the best course of action to take in response to the given situation. The main competencies assessed are: judgment, decision making, common sense, flexibility, public relations and teamwork. You have about an hour and forty five minutes to complete this section.
  • FrontLine National Report-Writing Video-Based Test – this section of the Frontline exam is a video based test, which involves a situation visualized, where you must write a report containing the information presented in the scenario. This portion is limited to 21 minutes. The second portion of the exam is a 10 minute, 15 question multiple choice test which assesses your English usage.
  • FrontLine National Reading Test – is a multiple choice reading comprehension test with a time limit of 15 minutes.

Our FrontLine PrepPack is customized according to the topics that appear on the actual FrontLine exam. There is however a difference, the FrontLine exam has video based sections, our questions are text-based.

FrontLine Exam Competencies

The large number of abilities and skills measured in this Police Officer pre-employment exam reflects the complexity of the job:

  • Judgment
  • Flexibility
  • Human interaction
  • Responding calmly to provocation
  • Unbiased enforcement
  • Ethics, confidence, responsibility and social maturity
  • Handling authority
  • Gaining cooperation
  • Observation and analysis

Through Ergometrics’ FrontLine test, police departments today are focused on establishing a police force that is free of officers who are power hungry, contentious or officious. The goal is to hire law enforcement personnel who are consistently sensitive to the situations and needs of citizens, while remaining appropriately protective of their own safety.

Departments that Administer FrontLine Exams

A growing number of police departments administer the Ergometrics FrontLine Exam while hiring officers.

Make sure that you answer exam questions from the perspective of communication, cooperation and respect. No prior law enforcement experience is necessary to answer any of the items presented in this FrontLine police officer exam. Some of the police departments in the following states use the FrontLine law enforcement test include:

Arizona California Colorado
Illinois Nevada North Dakota
Oregon Texas Washington


Prepare for Ergometrics’ FrontLine Exam

Taking the time and making the effort to succeed in this hiring hurdle can improve your exam result. FrontLine practice tests, study guide, Q & A analysis and exam strategies will all contribute to an optimum testing experience. Police department human resource personnel have observed that candidates who do well on the FrontLine police test usually receive an offer of employment. JobTestPrep offers a FrontLine test preparation pack in order to give you the best chance to succeed.

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What's Included

  • Full personality practice test & study guide
  • Personality test single-trait practice drills
  • Personality professional profile for law enforcement 
  • 2 police forms practice drills
  • 5 police situational judgement tests & study guide
  • 7 memory tests - both text and pictures & 2 extra drills 
  • 2 written communication tests & 2 practice drills
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips for all questions
  • Secured payment
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions

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