FrontLine National Test 2022: Get Accurate Practice

The FrontLine National Test comprises two primary exams:

Entry Level: Technicians, patrol, detective

Supervisory: Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant

FrontLine Test Quick Facts

Sections: 4

Time: 2 Hours and 20 Minutes

Questions: 100

Test Sections: Each section of the exam is timed and administered separately. Passing this battery of tests is required in order to continue on to the next phase in the hiring process.

FrontLine National Situational Judgment and Human Relations Video Test - 46 scenarios of actual situations often encountered by Police Officers, all visualized on screen with a 90-minute time limit. You need to select the alternative that you think is the best course of action to take in response to the given situation. The main competencies assessed are judgment, decision making, common sense, flexibility, public relations and teamwork. It is important to remember that you have about 10 seconds per question and the videos will not stop running.

FrontLine National Report-Writing Video-Based Test – this section of the Frontline exam is a video-based test, which involves a situation visualized, where you must write a report containing the information presented in the scenario. After getting two viewings to take notes, and a sample question, you will be provided with 10 minutes to write a single comprehensive report.

FrontLine National Reading Test – is a multiple-choice sentence competitive exam with 15 questions and 10-minute time frame.

Multiple-Choice Reading Test – This last section contains 30 questions which must be completed in 30 minutes. You will be shown broken sentences and must choose the right word to complete the sentence.

Note: Our FrontLine PrepPack™ is customized according to the topics that appear on the actual FrontLine exam. There is however a difference, the FrontLine exam has video based sections, our questions are text-based.

FrontLine Sample Questions

FrontLine National Situational Judgment Sample Question

Read the following paragraph and decide if officer Jones' behavior was acceptable:

Officer Jones stops a car for a minor violation. She approaches the car, explains the violation to the driver, and asks him for his license and registration. Eventually, she writes him a ticket. After concluding the traffic stop and permitting the driver to continue on his way, the driver asks her if it would be alright for him to take her phone number and ask her out on a date. Officer Jones agrees and hands him her number. 

A. Acceptable. Since the driver was the one who asked her out, there was no inappropriate use of her authority.
B. Acceptable. The non-official interaction took place after the officer issued the citation.
C. Unacceptable. This kind of interaction is unethical and unprofessional.
D. Unacceptable. Officers are not supposed to interact with traffic violators once the traffic stop is complete.
Check your answer
Best response: C

This is a question about ethics. The scenario provides different justifications for a relationship between the officer and the driver – he’s the one who makes the offer, she impartially gave him a ticket, etc. Nonetheless, an officer's interaction with a person he or she has pulled over should be confined to professional duties only. The officer is a uniformed authority figure and the driver could be influenced by this information. Transforming the interaction into anything which is not professional is unethical, as is stated in answer choice C.
Note that response D also claims the officer’s behavior was unacceptable, but the rationalization in this answer choice is less accurate. The emphasis in this question is on ethics and law and the importance of following them without exception.


FrontLine National Reading Sample Question

Choose the combination of words that is most suitable to fill in the blanks.

The ____ they died out has been a matter of ____ scientific debate.

A. reasson, considerabel
B. reason, considerate
C. reason, considerable
D. reeson, considereble
E. None of these
Check if you got it right

The correct answer is C. The reason they died out has been a matter of considerable scientific debate.

Incorrect Answers

A and D have reason spelled wrong. B is incorrect as considerate is not the same word as conservable.  

FrontLine Supervisory Test

Rising to the Challenge:

While many times these tests will be customized by various organizations, they will focus on a range of characteristics and traits needed to get the job done and move into more senior positions.

According to the official site, this includes:

  • Managing Performance
  • Training/Career Development
  • Interpersonal Relations with Staff and Customers
  • Reliability/Integrity
  • Communication
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Changing Role to Supervisor
  • Working with Management
  • Discipline and Managing Difficult Employees
  • Team Development/Delegation
  • Prioritization/Effective Use of Resource

What Is the National Testing Network - NTN?

FrontLine Testing is conducted under the auspices of NTN – National Testing Network, which holds contacts with public safety departments across the United States. By administering and streaming tests, like the FrontLine Test, NTN saves public safety organizations both money, time, and resources. But this also means that with higher professional standards you must up your game to prepare.

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Frontline Exam FAQ

What is a passing NTN Score on the FrontLine test?

You must get a minimum of 65% on the video scenarios and a minimum of 70% on the reading and writing portions. However, it is crucial to aim higher than this minimal score, as it will be factored into the rest of the hiring process.

Can I retake the FrontLine test?

In the event you want to re-take the test, you must wait a minimum of three months to do so. Also please note that your score is kept on file for 12 months from the date you took the test. Once the results are deleted, you must re-start the entire application process anew.

Why are answer time limits 10 seconds?

Well, the 10 second limit is mainly for the National Situational Judgment and Human Relations Video Test section. The test provider has found that 10 seconds is the minimal time needed to make a correct choice because on the job you will have to make quick lifesaving calls.

Do I need prior police experience to pass the test?

The short answer is no. The questions on the test your common sense ability and street smarts. It is less about procedures and more about how quickly you can think and react. The majority of the questions focus on your initial reaction, not long-term solutions. In short, don’t overthink it.

How to prepare for police academy?
  1. Start working out – For instance, you should get up to about 30 pushups or 40 sit-ups in a minute.
  2. Get mentally fit – mentally ready to take orders – Imagine someone screaming in your ear and you cannot respond.
  3. Don’t be shy – You will need the moral support of friends to help you through training. Make friends on orientation day!
  4. Read up – Knowing the law will not only be helpful on tests, but can get you out of sticky situations.
  5. Shoot up – Visit your local shooting range to practice and make you hit the target every time.

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