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Public Safety Sector Fields

Pre-employment public safety tests administered by the National Testing Network involve a wide range of positions.

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NTN makes use of the various exams that are constantly being created by testing companies.

Law Enforcement Frontline National Exam

The National Testing Network utilizes FrontLine National tests as the entrance exams for law enforcement positions. This is a three-section exam that contains:

  • Human Relations encompasses teamwork, enforcement and public relations. A total of 46 scenarios are presented within a timeframe of 90 minutes. The object of this multiple-choice exam is to select the best course of action based on the information contained in each scenario.
  • Reading Ability is assessed through the presentation of written material commonly encountered by police officers. Multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank questions require the selection of the word that best completes each sentence.
  • Report Writing involves a scenario that you will view. The tasks consist of taking accurate notes on the scenario and then writing a 10-minute report. A total of 15 multiple-choice questions follow the written report. Use your notes to answer the questions.

Firefighter FireTEAM National Exam

NTN administers the FireTEAM Test as the entry-level exam for firefighting. The four basic skills assessed include:

  • Teamwork and Human Relations are measured in a multiple-choice format preceded by the viewing of a video. Based on the information presented in the video, select the alternative that is either the “best” or “worst” action to take, depending on the specifics of the question.
  • Mechanical Aptitude is a video-based, multiple-choice test that involves everyday tools, equipment and fundamental mechanical principles. Base your answers on common sense and your understanding of how simple objects such as valves operate.
  • Mathematics Ability testing concerns the kinds of problems presented in the everyday working world of firefighters. Expect to find basic arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and proportions. The questions are video-based and require all calculations to be performed in the head.
  • Reading Skills are assessed through a fill-in-the-blank format. Select the word that best completes the sentence.

Emergency Communications/Dispatcher ECOMM Exam

ECOMM is the testing mode used by the National Testing Network to predict how effective each candidate would be in the performance of vital dispatcher tasks. Through answers based solely on a presented video simulation of radio transmissions and dispatch calls, NTN assesses many skills that are essential in emergency communications. The highlighted abilities include note-taking, listening, communicating, handling stressful situations, analyzing scenarios, prioritizing, public relations, problem-solving, teamwork and a sense of responsibility.

Corrections Officer REACT Exam

NTN has selected REACT exams as the means of assessing job performance potential in the field of corrections officers. If this is the job for you, then you will encounter a test battery that includes four basic aptitudes:

  • Reading Ability is evaluated through the same types of questions as found in the reading portion of the FrontLine national law enforcement test.
  • Mathematics is tested through questions involving the movement of inmates. You will find a computer-based format allowing only 10 seconds per question. You will need to have a basic understanding of math.
  • Incident Observation & Report Writing begins with the video of a scenario. The task involves a written report that is evaluated with a focus on organization, basic writing skills and content.

Far-Ranging Use of National Testing Network Tests

NTN test results play a large role in the hiring process of many public safety departments nationwide. Some of the hiring entities that utilize the testing services of NTN include the Washington Fire & Rescue departments and Ohio police departments as well as many other states and departments.

Practice for the NTN Public Safety Test

National Testing Network test prep is comprised of NTN practice tests, a study guide, Q & A analysis and testing strategies. By working on National Testing Network sample tests, you become familiar with the types of questions and overall exam format. Knowing what to expect takes much of the anxiety out of the exam experience. Through the study guide and analysis of questions and answers, you gain a better understanding of the underlying focus of questions and expected answers.

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