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What's Included

  • Over 400 practice questions and answers
  • Basic Math & Numeracy Skills for "Math Test"
  • Mechanical Aptitude, Reading Measures & Tools for "Mechanical Reasoning"
  • Text-based SJT drills for "Video Human Relations"
  • Written Communication tests for "Reading Test"
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips for all questions
  • Study guides
  • Secured payment

Prep-questions will come in written form on the Human Relations segement as opposed to video clips on the real test.


The Ergometrics FireTEAM test is a firefighter assessment test used by various departments nationwide. Many fire departments use the test as a tool for them to understand who it is that is applying and helps them make the correct hiring decisions.

Our FireTEAM PrepPack™ is customized according to the topics that appear on the actual FireTEAM exam. There is, however, one major difference: the FireTEAM exam is video-based, while our questions are text based. Going over the questions and thoroughly reading the explanations and tips will contribute significantly to helping you pass the FireTEAM successfully.

Fire Stations Who Using Ergo FireTEAM Exam:

Aurora Colorado  Orange County  Juvenile Detention Center 

And more... 


Strengthen Your Skills for the Ergometrics FireTEAM Test

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the FireTEAM assessments. Breeze through your Ergometrics FireTEAM tests with confidence using JobTestPrep’s exclusive PrepPacks™. Begin today and receive dozens of practice Ergometrics tests, study guides, and more!


FireTEAM Entry-Level Exam Format

The ERGO FireTEAM Entry-Level test is one of the most popular firefighter entrance exams. This is mostly due to its interactive nature; the test includes many video-answer components where you watch videos and then answer questions based upon what you saw. The test is made up of four distinct parts:


Human Relations – The human relations section of the test is a situational judgment test which assesses your reaction to different situations that you will encounter throughout your service. The situations can be interpersonal skills; with civilians at the scene of the fire and with your colleagues, or referring to the judgment calls you will make reacting to the scenarios.

  • Note: While our prep-questions will come in written form, the live test will use short video clips. 

Mechanical Reasoning – Firefighting takes basic mechanical aptitude knowledge in order to understand how to fight fires correctly. This means that you will need to understand how electricity works, in order to shut it down correctly, as well as pulleys and levers in order to use firefighting equipment correctly.

  • Note: The test will be divided between elementary and mechanical topics. Both subjects will include short clips to provide you with a background to help you answer the questions. While the videos are integral to answering mechanical problems, videos relating to elementary questions are solely provided for general background knowledge and are not integral to answering the questions. 

Reading Test – The first thing that any firefighter does when responding to a fire is to read the incident report sheet. This can be either on an LED scroller in the firehouse or on the in-vehicle computer. 

  • Note: This segment should not be confused with a reading comprehension test. You will be required to complete sentences by choosing between four words. 

Math Test – Math is a basic component of firefighting due to the fact that you need to know how much water is left in the tank, how much water flows out of a hose, which hoses length to choose in order to fight the fire, and so on. The math required is not too difficult but it is an essential firefighting skill.

  • Note: The questions will be presented as word questions in video format.   

About Ergometrics:

Ergometrics FireTEAM exam is one of the most widespread firefighter exams distributed nationwide. With hundreds of applicants for a few positions, it becomes crucial to study for the FireTEAM test if it is the test being given at your department.

A few main fire departments that use FireTEAM include: San Francisco Fire Department, Tampa Fire Department, Southern Nevada Regional Fire Consortium, Wichita Fire Department, and Salem Fire Department. 

JobTestPrep Advantage

Fire Departments nationwide tend to rank applicants based on their written test ad many other factors. In order to put your name on the top of the list start practicing for it now! JobTestPrep’s FireTEAM Prep Pack will prepare for the ErgoMetrics FireTEAM test with multiple practice tests and FireTEAM test tips. By using our product you will prepare yourself for the FireTEAM test.

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