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What Is the Fireteam Test?

The “FireTEAM National Exam” is a test built by Ergometrics and utilized by The National Testing Network as the entrance exam for Firefighter officer positions.

Some central fire departments use FireTEAM, including the San Francisco Fire Department, the Tampa Fire Department, the Southern Nevada Regional Fire Consortium, the Wichita Fire Department, and the Salem Fire Department. Etc.

The NTN FireTEAM National Exam takes approximately two hours and contains four sections that assess crucial skills for your success as a future firefighter!

Go to our Free FireTEAM practice test page to study with sample questions and explanations.


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What Does the Fireteam Exam Consist Of?



 Teamwork and Human Relations
skills Test

  contains two parts, including 28 scenarios and 76 questions, with a time limit of 57 minutes. This section aims to assess your human relations skills and ability to work in a team.



Mathematics Skills Test

 Includes 31 questions with a time limit of 25 minutes, which concerns the kinds of math skills firefighters use to solve problems in their everyday working flow.



Reading Skills Test

  It includes 27 questions with a time limit of 15 minutes. This test aims to assess your ability for the ongoing study of complex and technical materials which is required from a firefighter.


Mechanical Skills Test

This part includes 36 questions with a time limit of 43 minutes. This test aims to assess your basic mechanical skills. 


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Teamwork and Human Relations Skills Test

The Teamwork and Human Relations skills test contains two parts, including 28 scenarios and 76 questions, with a time limit of 57 minutes.
In the first part, a video of situations will be presented, and you will be required to choose the best course of action in a multiple-choice format. During the first part, you will be instructed to pay attention to the behaviors of the individual firefighters and supervisors. You will need to answer questions about those characters in the second part.

FireTEAM Human Relations Skills Test Sample Question

Read the following paragraph and decide what the most acceptable behavior is:

You are sitting around the dining table at the station when you hear a fellow firefighter complain about the cleanliness of the plates and cutlery. "Whoever washed these dishes must be blind," he exclaims. You washed the dishes last, and you are certain you cleaned them thoroughly. After all, no one else has complained.
What should you do?

A. Tell the firefighter that you washed the dishes, but you won't be offended if he wants to rewash the ones he plans to use.

B. Tell the firefighter that the problem must lie with him as no one else seems to have any complaints.
C. Ask your team to be relieved of this duty in the future.
D. Tell him that he can wash his own dishes from now on as obviously he has higher standards than everyone else.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A. Response A is the only non-defensive response, and it is the only one that demonstrates your ability to get along with others in a communal living situation. Firefighters share accommodation, and therefore they need to be able to live together and solve any interpersonal problems that may occur.

Response B is not a good response as in it you shift blame onto your team member. This could cause the situation to escalate or cause friction in your relationship later on. This firefighter is not a temporary roommate; it is best to overlook his comment rather than jeopardize your relationship with him.

Response C is not recommended. By asking to be relieved of this duty, you are being unfair to the rest of your team members. This response also indicates that you easily take things out of proportion, especially as only one person has made a complaint about the way you clean dishes. This response also shows a lack of problem-solving skills.

Response D is a very negative response as you are singling out this team member. This response is most likely to lead to an escalation of the situation.

Mathematics Skills Test

The Mathematics Skills test includes 31 questions with a time limit of 25 minutes, which concerns the kinds of problems presented in the everyday working world of firefighters.
The test includes questions about essential arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and proportions. The questions are video-based and require all calculations in the head. 

FireTEAM Math Skills Test Sample Question

You need to rescue a person from the roof of the building right to the one on fire. You know that the space between the edge of two windows is 10 ft. What is the height of the top of the building (Approximately)? 


A. 100
B. 2000
C. 200
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A

Reading Skills Test

The Reading Skills test is designed specifically for firefighters, a job requiring an ongoing study of complex and technical materials. It includes 27 questions with a time limit of 15 minutes. In the Reading skills exam, candidates must choose a word that best fits the blank spot. This segment should not be confused with a reading comprehension test. Instead, you will be required to complete sentences by choosing between four words. 

 FireTEAM Reading Skills Sample Question

Choose the combination of words that is most suitable to fill in the blanks.

The ____ they died out has been a matter of ____ scientific debate.

A. reasson, considerabel
B. reason, considerate
C. reason, considerable
D. reeson, considereble
E. None of these
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C. The reason they died out has been a matter of considerable scientific debate.

Incorrect Answers- A and D have reason spelled wrong. B is incorrect as considerate is not the same word as conservable.  


Mechanical Skills Test

The Mechanical Skills test is a video-based test, multiple-choice test that involves everyday tools, equipment, and fundamental mechanical principles like valves, water pressure, etc. This part includes 36 questions with a time limit of 43 minutes.

FireTEAM Mechanical Skills Test Sample Question

In which way do you need to turn the RED star, to make the GRAY star move in the GREEN arrow direction? 

1. A
2. B
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 2. spinning the red star to the right, will spin the black star to the left, which will spin the grey star to the right.

Fireteam Test Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Practice Time

1. Set time aside to practice - Creating a practice schedule will help give you enough time to practice before your testing date. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of improving your test scores and landing the job in your desired department. It is crucial to remove all distractions while you are practicing for your assessment. 

2. Practice your math skills - The ability to perform mathematical computations quickly and accurately can help demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Basic math knowledge is also crucial for many areas of your daily firefighting career, including the dosage of medications, determining proper nozzle size, calculating water pressure, and more.

3. Improve your verbal abilities - Effective communication is critical when working in a high-stress environment with the general public. Improving your verbal skills before your test date will help demonstrate to the employer that you have the sought-after communication skills needed for the job.

4. Work on your observing skills - Many aspects of the FireTEAM assessment come down to how well you observe certain situations and scenarios. Being able to spot issues and predict future problems in the field is crucial to being a firefighter. This skill applies to your workout in the area as well as your interactions with colleagues and the general public.

5. Work on your human relations and teamwork skills. Part of being a firefighter is working closely with your colleagues and the general public. By enhancing your communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork skills, you will further demonstrate that you possess the desired qualities for a role as a firefighter. 

What Is the Best Way to Prepare for the Fireteam Test?

Passing all test sections is crucial to continue to the next phase in the hiring process as a future firefighter. As with most tests, preparing and practicing test simulations and questions are essential for success in the NTN tests.

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What Is the Difference Between Ergometics and National Testing Network?

The National Testing Network is a test provider. NTN Provides recruitment, administration, screening, and evaluation services for job candidates specializing in public sector jobs and public safety departments.

In contrast, Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research, Inc is a test developer. Ergometrics is a human resource management firm specializing in building personnel selection processes and video-based job simulation testing programs, which works mainly in North America. 

Although mistakenly considered as the same company, NTN and Ergometrics are different organizations that collaborate to provide public safety organizations with the best candidates' assessment process. If so, the tests provided by NTN are developed mainly by Ergometrics, like FireTEAM, FrontLine National, etc.

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