FireTEAM Test Practice 2022: Prep & Tips to Master the Exam
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The Ergometrics FireTEAM test is a firefighter assessment test used by fire departments nationwide. These departments use this test as a tool in understanding the abilities of those applying, ultimately assisting them in making proper hiring decisions.

Our FireTEAM PrepPack™ is customized according to the topics that appear on the actual exam. There is, however, one major difference: the FireTEAM exam is video-based, while our questions are text-based. Regardless, the written materials have been shown to be just as effective in stimulating the learning process and improving test scores overall. Using our practice tests, answer explanations and tips will contribute significantly in helping you pass the FireTEAM successfully.

FireTEAM Entry-Level Exam Format 

The FireTEAM Entry-Level test is one of the most popular firefighter entrance exams. This is mostly due to its interactive nature; the real test includes many video-answer components where you watch videos and then answer questions based upon what you saw. Our exclusive FireTEAM-style PrepPack™ comes in a written format to give you the most comprehensive practice possible.  

The test is made up of four distinct parts, each is detailed below:


Human Relations 

The human relations section of the FireTEAM is a situational judgment test used to assess your reaction to different scenarios often encountered during firefighter service. Your responses can measure a variety of interpersonal skills, e.g. how well you deal with civilians and colleagues at the scene of a fire, or the judgment calls you will make reacting to the scenarios you find yourself in.

Math Test 

Mathematics are fundamentally used to calculate how much water is left in the truck’s tank, how much water flows through the hose, what length of hose to use, and so forth. The math you are tested on will be basic, however, making calculations and problem-solving are both sought-after firefighter skills.  



Reading Test

Prior to leaving to the site of a fire, you must read and understand the initial incident report. This report will either appear on an LED scroller in the firehouse or on the in-vehicle computer. 
This segment should not be confused with a reading comprehension test. Instead, you will be required to complete sentences by choosing between four words. 

Mechanical Reasoning

Firefighting takes basic mechanical aptitude knowledge to understand how to fight fires effectively. For example, mechanical and electrical skills can also help you recognize and solve certain issues that may arise while using firefighting equipment.





About Ergometrics:

Ergometrics’ FireTEAM exam is one of the most common firefighter tests distributed nationwide. With hundreds of candidates applying for the few positions available, it is crucial that you study for the FireTEAM test.
Studying prior to your test day will allow you time to familiarize yourself with the concepts and questions you will encounter during the actual test.
A few main fire departments that use FireTEAM include the San Francisco Fire Department, the Tampa Fire Department, the Southern Nevada Regional Fire Consortium, the Wichita Fire Department, and the Salem Fire Department. If your fire department is not on this list, be sure to double check whether it uses the FireTEAM test.

How to Pass the Ergometrics Test

There are many tips and tricks for passing your FireTEAM assessment. The most obvious of these tips is to practice for each subject you will be tested on. The FireTEAM test assesses crucial skills needed to be a firefighter, including your penchant for teamwork, your mechanical aptitude, reading ability, and basic math skills. It is essential for you to build up your skills in each of the areas that appear on the test.
To do this, we recommend using materials mimicking the subject matter and question types you will face on the actual exam. You should also set ample time aside prior to your testing date to practice. Knowing what to expect during the FireTEAM assessment will make all the difference regarding how you prepare and approach it.

Additional tips for preparing for your upcoming FireTEAM exam have been broken down in further detail below.

FireTEAM Test Tips


Below you will find many useful tips for passing the Ergometrics FireTEAM exam.

1. Set time aside to practice. Creating a practice schedule will help give you enough time to practice prior to your testing date. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of improving your test scores and landing the job in the department you want.

2. Remove distractions. It is crucial to remove all distractions while you are practicing for your assessment. This will help make the most out of each practice session by consistently stimulating your learning process.

3. Brush up on your basic math skills. The ability to perform mathematical computations quickly and accurately can help demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Basic math knowledge is also crucial for many areas of your daily firefighting career including dosage of medications, determining proper nozzle size, calculating water pressure, and more.

4. Improve your verbal abilities. Effective communication is key when working in a high-stress environment with the general public. Improving your verbal abilities prior to your test date will help demonstrate to the employer that you have the sought-after communication skills needed for the job.

5. Be a better observer. Many aspects of the FireTEAM assessment come down to how well you observe certain situations and scenarios. Being able to spot issues and predict future problems out in the field are crucial to being a firefighter. This skill applies to your work out in the field as well as your interactions with colleagues and the general public.

6. Work on your interpersonal skills. Part of being a firefighter is working closely with your colleagues and the general public. By enhancing your communication, conflict resolution and teamwork skills, you will further demonstrate that you possess the desired qualities for a role as firefighter.




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