Free FireTEAM Practice Test and Sample Questions

Mechanical Skills Test

Mechanical Skills tests basic technical knowledge. It's a multiple-choice test that involves everyday tools, equipment, and mechanical principles. 36 questions in 43 minutes.

1. Buoyancy - Sample Question
Look at the image below to answer the question.

Which fluid is heavier?
A. 1
B. 2
C. There is no difference


The correct answer is B. 

The illustration shows two vessels that contain a floating boat in a certain unspecified liquid. Generally, the greater the density of the particles in a liquid (Liquid Density), the heavier it will be.
As a result, a boat will be more inclined to float on top of it.

An example is the difference between oil and water – the oil’s density is smaller than water's, and thus oil will float on top of water.

In this question the boat is floating higher in option 2, so we can deduce that liquid 2 is heavier than liquid 1.


2. Circuits - Sample Question 

 Study the following image to answer the question.

FireTEAM Mechanical Test Q1
What would happen to the television and computer if you turn on Switch A?
A. Television on, computer off. 
B. Computer on, television off. 
C. Both on.
D. Both off.     

The correct answer is C.

They'll be both on. When turning on switch A, the electric power will stream to the television directly and to the computer. If switch A were not on, only the tv would have been turned on.


3. Cogwheels - Sample Question

Analyze the picture to answer the question below.

FireTEAM Mechanical Q2
In which way do you need to turn the RED star, to make the GRAY star move in the GREEN arrow direction? 
1. A
2. B
3. Neither 


The correct answer is 2.

Spinning the red star to the right, will spin the black star to the left, which will spin the grey star to the right.

💡Tip: Remember that when a cogwheel comes in contact with another cogwheel, the spinning direction changes (i.e the direction of the second cogwheel will be opposite to the first).


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Mechanical Skills Set require extensive knowledge in basic mechanic concepts - including cogwheels, formulas, tools, as well as basic electricity. You have just over a minute for each question, meaning that prior practice to be able to perform calculations, eliminate distractors, and understand schematics is essential. You can find hundreds of mechanical questions, with detailed explanations in our Ergometrics FireTEAM PrepPack.

While the Mechanical Skills sections requires extensive prior knowledge, the next section is different. The Mathematics Skills section will measure your speed and accuracy when answering basic arithmetic operations. Previous knowledge like formulas or theory won't be necessary, the focus will be on you ability to execute basic operations under pressure.

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The FireTEAM Test lasts about 2 hours, it's challenging, multiple-choice, video-based, and aligns with firefighting performance. Passing scores vary by department, reflecting competitiveness. Gamiliarize yourself with the test format and question types and make sure you answer the test to the best pf your abilities.

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Mathematics Skills Test

  • 31 Questions
  • Time limit of 25 minutes 

The Firefighter Mathematics section includes questions about essential arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and proportions. The questions are video-based and they all require mental calculations. 

4. Division - Sample Question

A fire extinguisher has enough capacity to extinguish a fire with a total area of 80 yards. How many fire extinguishers are necessary to extinguish a fire with an area of 960 yards?

A. 3

B. 12

C. 10

D. 15

E. 6


The correct answer is B.

960yd ÷ 80yd = 12

Tip: You can eliminate the 0's, the division will be lower and more familiar numbers

960yd ÷ 80yd = 96yd ÷ 8yd = 12


💡Tip: Make sure to practice basic math and arithmetic before the FireTEAM test, since calculators are not admissible. Any formulas you might need will be provided in the instructions or specific questions. 


The FireTEAM Test was developed by Ergometrics, and provided by National Testing Network.


5. Proportions - Sample Question

If a fire has a total area of 23771 square feet, and 1864 of that has already been put out, what proportion of the fire has been put out?

A. 1/10

B. 1/4

C. 1/2

D. 3/4

E. 9/10


The correct answer is A.

The best way to approach this question is to calculate the proportions in advance. Since the proportions may be difficult to calculate without a calculator, we recommend that you round the number to the closest number that you can calculate the relevant proportions from it. For instance, 24000.

1/10 X 24000 = 2400
1/4 X 24000 = 6000
1/2 X 24000 = 12000
3/4 X 24000 = 18000
9/10 X 24000 = 21600

1864 is close to 2400, which is 1/10 of 24000. Therefore, 1/10 is the closest proportion.


6. Multiplication - Sample Question

An ambulance is 14 ft. long from front to back. How long will a line of 3 ambulances parked one in front of the other be?

A. 50

B. 40

C. 32

D. 42

E. 28


The correct answer is D.

3 ambulances parked in a line will make a line that is 42 ft. long.

14 ft. X 3= 42ft.

The Mathematics Skills section of the test requires you to complete basic arithmetic functions like multiplication,. division, and proportions under pressure. Answering as many questions as you can correctly under the time restraint will be the real challenge. The best way to ace this sections is studying with questions similar to those you will face in the test. You can practice with hundreds of sample questions with our FireTEAM PrepPack


You can find more Mathe Skills questions on the CPS Firefighter Test, FCTC Test, and the FDNY Firefighter Exam. Find your Firefighter test by location, or take a look at our Civil Service Exam guide for information on other positions across the US.

The following sections presents its own challenges. Besides also having a tight time constraint, the Teamwork and Human Relations Skills Test is usually the most challenging for candidates. This is because most people are not familiar with this type of test and are not sure how to answer. With our expert tips you will learn what departments are looking for so that you can develop an answering strategy and ace the test!

Teamwork and Human Relations Skills Test

  • 2 Parts
  • Includes 28 different scenarios represented and 76 questions.
  • Time limit of 57 minutes

This section is a video-based Situational Judgement Test. You will be presented with a short video with a specific scenario, followed with questions regarding actions you could take. You will have to choose the best action out of 4 options. To choose the correct answer you must study the position requirements and expectations

*Please note that in the real FireTEAM Test, the situation will be presented in a video clip with real actors, not as a written story.

7. Interpersonal Skills (Teamwork) - Sample Question

Read the following paragraph and decide what the most acceptable behavior is:

You are planning to go to the gym straight after work. You have been assigned to clean the break room, and you want to do this chore now so that you can leave work early as you prefer the early spin class to the later one. You enter the break room where you find your colleague in tears. She is on her phone and asks if you can give her privacy while she finishes a personal phone call.
What would you do?

A. Apologize and explain to her that you need to clean the break room.

B. Refuse her request. She should not be taking personal calls while on duty.

C. Accept. However, tell her that she needs to be quick as you want to complete your chore in time for your spin class.

D. Accept and politely wait until she finishes her personal phone call before you start cleaning. 


Best response: D
Competencies/practices: Interpersonal skills (teamwork).
Explanation: In this scenario, you need to decide between your personal needs (completing the task now and leaving early) and your colleague's needs (privacy).

The best response here is D. There is no urgent reason for you to leave work early. You can still attend a spin class, although not your preferable one. This response shows sensitivity toward your colleague's needs as well as flexibility on your part.

Response A is not a good response. Although it seems polite, as you are apologizing, you are actually putting your own needs first. This shows a lack of sensitivity toward your colleague's needs. It also shows a lack of flexibility, as you are not willing to delay your schedule and attend the later spin class.

Response B is a very negative response. It shows a complete lack of understanding toward your colleague.

Response C may sound like a good response as you appear to be balancing your needs and your colleague's. However, this response caters to your needs more than your colleague's and is therefore not a good response. Your colleague may need time to collect herself. Telling her to be quick means that you are rushing her, and you are therefore not being sensitive to her needs.


8. Professionalism - Sample Question

Read the following paragraph and decide what the most acceptable behavior is:

You have been invited to attend a one-week firefighter safety course. Your colleague attended the same course several weeks ago and tells you that it is pointless and that you should decline as it’s a waste of your time.
What do you do?

A. Politely decline the invite as you do not wish to waste precious time.

B. Attend the course as you may find it interesting and useful to your role. 

C. Attend the course. This will give you a break from the demanding field work and enable you to reenergize.

D. Decline the invite. Surely your manager would prefer you working emergency incidents rather than attending the course.


Best response: B
Competencies/practices: Integrity and professionalism (professionalism).
Explanation: In this scenario, you are invited to attend a course that will assist your development as a firefighter. You are told the course is pointless. You need to decide what the best course of action is.

Continuous development is crucial for all firefighters. This course could enrich your knowledge and allow you to improve as a firefighter. Response B shows your commitment to development and is therefore the best response to this scenario.

Response A is not a good response. You should not rely on another person's opinion here. You may, in fact, find this course to be interesting and relevant to your position. It is therefore in your best interest to attend the course rather than dismiss it based on someone else's subjective opinion.

Response C may appear to be a good response as you do attend the course. However, the rationalization provided is a negative one. This response makes it seem as though you are tired of your job, as well as that you are trying to avoid your work-related responsibilities.

Response D is not a good response. Although it may seem that you are considering your manager's priorities in this situation, you are in fact sabotaging your own personal development as a firefighter. This response shows a lack of commitment to your own development and is therefore not the best response.


9. Decision Making - Sample Question

Read the following paragraph and decide what the most acceptable behavior is:

You are on your way to extinguish a fire that has broken out in a Jewish synagogue. You notice three young men running away from the scene. You are certain these men started the fire as a hate crime.
What would you do?

A. Suggest that you and another two firefighters chase these suspects while the remaining team members focus on extinguishing the fire.

B. Focus on extinguishing the fire. It is none of your business how the fire started.

C. Continue extinguishing the fire, but inform the police so that they can come handle the suspects.

D. Only call the police after you have extinguished the fire and found evidence that it started deliberately.


Best response: C
Competencies/practices: Cognitive skills (decision making).
Explanation: In this scenario, you need to extinguish a fire. However, you are certain that the individuals who started the fire are running away. You need to decide what the best course of action is.

The best response is C. You are a firefighter and your main responsibility is to put out the fire you have been called to. It is not your place or responsibility to start running after alleged arsonists. Furthermore, catching the youth who started the fire is police responsibility, and thus you should notify them as soon as possible. However, your immediate concern is to tackle the fire.

Response A is insufficient as you are suggesting that three firefighters focus on catching the alleged arsonists. This would therefore mean that not all the manpower dispatched to extinguish the fire is available. Your main role and duty is to put out the fire, not to chase the youth.

Response B may sound like a good response. In it, you go to tackle the fire rather than focus on those who started it. However, response C is better. You tackle the fire and request police to investigate the issue of who started it.

Response D may sound good as you are first dealing with the fire, which is your main task. However, by not reporting the incident to the police beforehand, you are compromising their chances of catching the suspects. You are better off informing the police, and allowing them to chase these men in real time, even if they are not guilty for starting the fire. Once the men are detained by the police, they can investigate and decide how to proceed.

💡Tip: For this section of the test, the answer should reflect traits and values commonly associated with Firefighters. Our PrepPacks provide answers with an explanation that aids in understanding said values and answering appropriately.


The Teamwork and Human Relations Skills section presents its own unique challenges. Knowing how to answer and what fire departments are looking for is key to ace the test. Having an answering strategy and understanding the purpose of the test will help you ace the test. Our FireTEAM PrepPack will provide you with sample questions, expert tips and timed practice to help you get familiar with the test format. 

The Reading Skills will face you with different challenges. This section will examine different abilities related to language proficiency and verbal reasoning. Knowledge in spelling, grammar, punctuation and text interpretation will be essential to answer these questions. 

What Is the Best Way to Study for the FireTEAM Test?

The main difficulties of the FireTEAM Test arise because you probably never took a test similar to this before.
The Human Relations section can be especially challenging since it examines your behavioral traits through unique question types.

Studying with our FireTEAM practice test will ensure you are well prepared and confident when you take the actual test. Understanding the questions and developing an answering strategy beforehand will highly increase your chances of beating the competition and ensuring your place in the Fire Department of your dreams! 

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Reading Skills Test

  • 27 Questions
  • Time limit of 15 minutes 

In the Reading skills exam, candidates must choose a word that best fits the blank spot. This segment should not be confused with a reading comprehension test. Instead, you will be required to complete sentences by choosing between four words. 


Reading Skills - Sample Question

Read the statement below and then answer the questions choosing the words that are most suitable to fill in the blanks.

Firefighters are trained professionals who are responsible for ___________ fires and conducting rescue operations. They often work long hours and face physically demanding conditions, including exposure to high levels of ___________ and extreme temperatures. Alongside their emergency roles, firefighters also engage in ____________ to educate the public about fire safety.


10. What is the missing word in the first blank?

A. Painting

B. Extinguishing

C. Planting

D. Banking

The correct answer is B.

Extinguishing is the only options that describes an action related to firefighting. 


11. What is the missing word in the second blank?

A. Boredom

B. Water

C. Danger

D. Comfort


The correct answer is C.

Firefighters face physically demanding conditions, including exposure to high levels of danger such as fires, hazardous materials, and other emergency situations.


12. What is the missing word in the third blank?

A. Sports

B. Cooking

C. Outreach

D. Banking


The correct answer is C. 

Alongside their emergency roles, firefighters also engage in outreach activities to educate the public about fire safety.

You can find more reading ability practice questions in the FACT Test.

💡Tip: Remember to pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and context when answering these questions. 

Firefighter Hiring Process

Successfully completing the FireTEAM Test is just one part of the hiring process. Although each Fire Department establishes their own process, they will all include a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) to examine your fitness abilites related to the job. 
Some departments will also require completing a Firefighter Personality Test and even an interview. It is not an easy process, however, it is achievable if you study and prepare. JobTestPrep is here to help you with every step of the way!

Ergometrics FireTEAM Practice PrepPack

What's included?

  • 4 FireTEAM dedicated study guides.
  • Teamwork and Human Relations section: 6 Situational Judgment practice tests.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Skills Section: 3 Tools practice tests and 9 Mechanical Aptitude practice tests.
  • Mathematics Skills section: 4 Math practice tests.
  • Reading Skills section: 3 reading Comprehension practice tests.

**Please note that while actual FireTEAM exam includes video-based questions, our prep pack does not include video questions**



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