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Firefighter Mathematical Aptitude Test

The firefighter math test, also known as the mathematical computation test, is one part of the firefighter written test. It is designed to assess the basic math knowledge, problem solving, and numerical reasoning skills vital to the firefighter position. 

The mathematical skills required in this section of the exam are:

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division
  • percentages
  • decimals
  • fractions
  • simple algebra

Simple drawings of geometric figures, formulas, and equations will also be displayed, as well as a data table which you will need for certain mathematical computations.Calculators may not be used on this test.

Why Math?

Basic math knowledge, problem solving skills, and numerical reasoning skills are needed by firefighters on a daily basis. Firefighters need to determine various things such as what size nozzle and what length hose should be used, the necessary water pressure for a hose and how many gallons of water should be discharged per a minute via various hoses of varying sizes.

Prepare for the Firefighter Mathematical Test

In order to help you review and practice the basic mathematical skills tested on the firefighter test, JobTestPrep offers a firefighter practice test-pack, including both the aptitude and personality test, answers, and detailed explanations to help you improve your scores.

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